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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    No one should have ever pay an extra penny over Invoice. I got my OTD at invoice price (SL 4X2).. I got my own choice of color and package.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    When I was going through negotiating, I had dealers drop out of the negotiation process when I would tell them the price another dealer was offering me. Why can some dealers sell you the car for below invoice and other cannot? Or is it that they can, but they won't?

    I began my negotiating with 5 local delaers. In the end only 2 came down to the same price. The others said (1) there's no way they're selling you an SL for that price; (2) they're just telling you that price to get you in the door; (3) the deal will fall through - and when it does, call us back.
  • Hard to say exactly, but there are lots of ways dealers make money, including rebates, dealer handling, holdbacks and volume incentives from the manufacturing (so called "two-tier" pricing or stairstep pricing). I think this made the news last year with Honda.

    I heard the same story with our recent sales negotiations ("they must be hiding something, that would lose us money") but the guy we went with (best service, best price) told me they prefer to offer best price up front to get the money from Nissan via volume. Thinner margins, perhaps, but probably more predictable...and you make very happy customers.
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Posts: 104
    The dealer gave me approx. $2000 more for my trade than any other dealer and he reduced the doc. fee by $200. Also I called Nissan Canada and they advised me that at the Vancouver International car show they will be handing out coupons for $1000 off for any 2013 Nissan product. So I won't be paying list price. None of the dealers would drop their prices close to there is a shortage of new Pathfinders here. I will be waiting about 3 months to get ours.
    The US dealers seem to be more likely to discount a new vehicle than Canadian dealers. I may sell my vehicle privately and then negotiate a better cash deal. I have had a few dealers offer a 1500. discount for a cash deal.
    Not a great deal bujt better than list.
  • Just put an order for a Nissan Pathfinder SL Premium in Central Jersey area. Delivery by 3/7/13.

    Dark slate, almond leather interiors, Premium package (primarily Bose+dual sunroof)

    MSRP: 40470
    Final negotiated price: 36500
    Acquisition fee: $595
    Registration: $390
    Doc fee: $350
    Tax: Approx $1450
    Down payment: $2880
    36 mo lease: $465/mo for 12000 miles per year

  • js1116js1116 Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    So, I thought I got a great deal until I saw this forum!

    MSRP: 45,270
    Black w/ Charcoal
    Roof Racks
    Cargo Package
    Carpeted floormats
    Maybe one more thing - can't recall off the top of my head.

    Negotiated price: $41,500 (w/ recording fee of $220 included)

    I did get KBB value for trade in on my 2010 Traverse. :)

    Will pick up on Friday.

    I see people on here getting 5-6k off MSRP! Please share your secrets! WDYT? Good, Bad or Neutral?
  • Look up, if you haven't already. Very good site that offers average prices paid by others in your area for the car you are watching. If it finds dealers in your area that have signed up with TrueCar, you will also get "certificates" from those dealers for a really good low price. Caveat is that they will claim the car has to be on their lot (i.e. they will not offer Truecar price on something they have to locate outside). Having said that, I still got my dealer to agree to a price only slightly over the Truecar price. Pretty good deal, I thought.

  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    edited March 2013
    Agreed. Truecar is a great place to start! In the end I got mine $2,000 BELOW what the Truecar certificate said (before TTL) - from another dealer that did not participate in Truecar pricing. Everything is negotiable...keep pushing to get what you want for a great price!
  • js1116js1116 Posts: 2
    According to Truecar, I got the truecar price on a car they had to locate. They said the target price was 41,532. So, I guess that is really not too bad. There was one person who purchased one in my area for a lower price, but I guess you can't feel to bad about that. I'm just wondering what area of the country it is that people are getting the really good deals! I'm midwest - invoice or slightly below seems about all you get here. :shades:
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    I'm in the Northeast.
  • waterddwaterdd Posts: 1
    Blue SL Prem FWD with floor mats, splash guards, wheel locks, nitrogen in tires, and free service for a year.

    MSRP: $38,695
    Negotiaged price: $34,300 (including $500 discount for 2-year financing)
    OTD price: $36,880.75 plus one very satisfied customer :D

    If you are in the Atlanta area, go to Town Center Nissan and ask for Rick Mackrell. Tell him David Waters sent you and he'll take good care of you.
  • cpegues3cpegues3 Posts: 1
    Has anyone been able to still get the $500 cash card 30 days AFTER they submitted the request? Meaning - I signed up for the offer 1/27 and we weren't able to get a deal done. Well the 30 days have past and I still have the email with the offer but worry I'll get denied as the initial 30 day window has past. We want to go purchase the car tonight and would really like to know if we can put an extra $500 down and have that card as well.
  • drdrakeramoredrdrakeramore Posts: 43
    edited March 2013
    No secrets, I don't think - just a lot of email. We sent a lot of communications and did a lot of negotiating. We paid a couple thousand under what TrueCar is predicting for our area, so I tend not to trust it, but I'm sure it varies wildly.

    SL Premium 4WD w/ carpeted mats, splash guard plus cross bars, all weather mats, aftermarket WeatherTech cargo liner (behind 2nd row) and 6 oil changes thrown in for
    • MSRP: 39,895
    • Sales Price: 35,029
    • Lease Cash: 650
    • Net Cap: 34,379
    Plus the $500 edmunds card.

    We paid acq fee up front so as not to pay finance cost and tax on that, but that's it - no downpayment. Same dealer gave me a quote on a Platinum (base) for ~$37K on a $42K MSRP.
  • I'd probably try to resubmit for the gift card before I went to purchase. Use your wife's email this time, for instance...

    I wouldn't put any money down regardless, tho. Most folks do not recommend tying up any of your capital in a car that you don't you have to pay sales tax on any downpayment (at least, in a lot of states you do) = double whammy.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24

    I bought the same Pathfinder SL FWD Premium Pkg but RED color. I got illuminated kicks, floor mats, splash guards, nitrogen in tires, bumper protector, cross bars, cargo pkg OTD 36600 (including Silver Maintenance pkg 1 and 2) from Nalley Nissan...

    I'm waiting for $500 edmunds gift card...

    congrats on your Pathfinder... We are lovin' it esp the Sounds system.. I'm pounding my Pathfinder whenever I get a chance.
  • Just heard on the news yesterday of a factory recall for 2013 Nissans which include the 2013 pathfinder. Anyone experiencing these issues with the weight sensor for the passenger airbags?

    Just bought our white platinum 4x4 the day before too! 43650 out the door with roof rails and mats. 9% tax! oh well
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    I knew it! One I test drove had the airbag issue going on! Luckily I have not experienced the problem with the one I ended up purchasing though.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Does anyone know - is that light supposed to be lit when there is no one in the seat???
  • daveddddaveddd Posts: 1
    Pittsburgh PA, Dealing with 1 Dealer (through work)

    SL Premium 4x4
    Arctic Blue Metallic

    "Roof Rail Crossbars $300
    Splash Guards (4-piece set) $150
    Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector $200
    Dual Head Restraint DVD Monitors $1,850
    Carpeted Floor Mats (4-piece set) $200
    Cargo Package $200
    Illuminated Kick Plates $275
    All-season Floor Mats (4-piece set) $135"

    MSRP- $43,255
    Offer price $38,532 (Plus Taxes (7%)and Tags) $41,447
    $4,723 off I though was great until I started reading some of the deal on this forum?

  • I wanted to buy a 4WD SL with no additional accessories, what do you all think I should be paying out the door? Do you all know if dealerships cover the shipping costs to ship to new Orleans?
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