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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kosta1kosta1 Posts: 11
    You guys helped me a lot so here is my experience. I got the Platinum 4X4 with the platinum plus package (sunroof and dvd) mats and roof racks. I live in Southern California. It was hard to locate the dark slate color in the platinum here. Finally, I located one with Surf City Nissan. After agreeing on a price of 43,500 otd, I drove for 3 hours in California traffic and once I arrived they try to jerk me for few hundred dollars. I am a man of principles and left. Drove to Palm Springs Nissan few days later after agreeing on 42,950 OTD, I had absolutely no problem, came signed the papers and left. Drove 1000 miles round trip to Mammoth a day later with my family and the car was great. Just applied for the $500 cash rebate from edmunds that would bring it down to 42,500 OTD. Let me guys know what you think or any questions, I will monitor the board for few weeks. Forgot to mention,I'm coming off from an Infinity QX 56, the car had 70,000 miles on it and never had a problem with it. Nissan is a little smaller, but the power and handling is great.
  • matn1943matn1943 Posts: 2
    I have seen several references to $500 from Edmunds. Can anyone tell me what that is and how to access?
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • matn1943matn1943 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the link. I see the Nissan incentive, but no Edmunds incentive.
  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    Just got off the phone with my dealership. I posted this note before but got no responses. Now it seems there will be a recall on this new problem with the 2013 PF.

    When I open the trunk I hear a loud clunk or bang as it gets about 1/4 of the way up. Come to find out it is the back hatch/door hitting the roof of the car. Seems there's not enough space between the hatch door & the roof & the hatch hits the roof when you open it & then bangs when it forces its way open. (Hope this makes sense.) In the process of the hatch & the roof rubbing each other, my paint has started to chip away.

    Dealer said this is a NATIONAL problem with the new PF and they are working on a solution, but I shouldn't expect a solution for at least a month.

    So, now 2 recalls to be had on the car... first the passenger airbag sensor and now the trunk/hatch. I love my car, but have to admit I'm slowly getting discouraged.

    Anyone else noticing this problem with their trunk opening?
  • sstarrx3sstarrx3 Posts: 4
    I have had no problems we with my trunk. It must be on certain VIN numbers. Sorry you are having issues.
  • I have heard a snapping sound.. I originally thought it was that little piece of plastic, but might need to take a really close look tonight...

    Other issues I have seen with mine are:

    Rear passenger door requires alot of force to close.
    Rear Climate occasionally thinks 90 is the ideal temp.

    Perhaps we should have a separate forum for the 2013 possible issues.. This really isnt related to buying experiences..
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,872
    Choose Nissan Pathfinder from the drop down menu on the right, and you'll get a whole list of Pathfinder discussions..

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  • I noticed that it takes a lot of force to close rear those as well. Wasn't sure if it was only my car. Can anyone comment on their rear door issues?
  • kosta1kosta1 Posts: 11
    I have the power door and if you choose to close it manually it takes a lot of force. I think it is normal my QX56 was the same. On the other hand I remember when I had the RX330 the manual function was very easy if you chose not to do the mechanical one. To answer the previous post, my hatch clears fine, but I feel like the driver's door needs more power to shut than the other 3.
  • Yeah. I was mentioning my Rear Passenger door seems to take a bit more effort to close then the rest.. Hopefully a simple adjustement.
  • kosta1kosta1 Posts: 11
    So my check engine light would not go off, so they have to order a new gas cap. My driver's door would not close as smoothly as the other 3, it requires more force. They don't know why, so they give me the run around about pressure, but rest of them don't do it so it can't be the pressure. It is pretty annoying, if they cannot correct it does anyone know what are your options? I don't want a car with 1500 miles on it that has a difficulty closing a door. I'm going have to live with it for a long time.
  • ebutashebutash Posts: 7
    Just snagged a great deal in RI for:

    2013 Nissan Maxima SL Premium, Tow, & Crossbars.

    $35,770 + 1.9% NMAC financing for 72 months. I could have save another $500 but I opted for the financing.
  • jlwii2000jlwii2000 Posts: 6
    edited May 2013
    I don't mean to be rude, but this thread should stick to prices paid and buying experience like it's titled. I was purchasing my pathfinder last night and needed my memory refreshed. I tried to access this thread from my smart phone and had to dig through people talking about recalls, etc to find what people paid. By the time the dealer came back with the offer it was too late.

    With that said, I think I got a good deal.

    My Pathfinder was loaded out Platinum Premium White exterior tan interior with tri climate and DVD in the headrests. It also has illuminated door sills, roof rail cross bars, carpeted floor mats, interior accent lighting, illuminated kick plates, and cargo area protector. Total for the car was 39,000 out the door. This includes $1380 in taxes and another $300 in title and license. I put $2k down. So I ended up paying $39320 for the car itself. MSRP is figured at $43,780. I also did my own financing at better rates than Nissan. Math worked out to take the financing from my federal credit union over any incentives for using Nissan Financing.
  • jparn80jparn80 Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase an SL and want advice on if the price is good or if i could do better...

    here is the best quote i got:

    Base SL 4WD $31,800
    Cross Bars $246
    All Season Floor Mats $114
    Premium Package $2,410
    Total $34,570

    + Document Fee $75
    (no other destination fees, etc.)

    The price does include $1000 cash incentive and $500 captive cash for financing through Nissan. I haven't negotiated interest rate yet but I don't plan to finance much and plan to pay down in the next several months, so it's not a huge factor - as long as the $500 incentive is worth more than the interest payments.

    I would really appreciate any advice for those that have been through the process... is this a great, decent, bad deal???

    Much thanks
  • thegman230thegman230 Posts: 17
    I purchased a new SL Premium 4X4 the last day of April. It came with carpeted floor mats, 4 pc mud flaps,rear bumper protector and cross bars. MSRP was $40,795. The price I paid was $34,588 + $699 doc fee(they rip you off on that here but nothing you can do about it) + tax and tags and was also inclusive of $500 cash incentive(at that time) and an additional $500 cash for financing(I plan to pay the whole thing off in a month anyway). I also traded in a 2008 highlander limited with 73k miles and got $22,500 for it. which was the KBB trade in value for excellent condition. The tax rate here in NC is only 3% on new cars so I only paid the difference in the prices from my trade in to the new car so save a bunch of tax there as well.

    That is the best price you will find. I did my homework including looking at fitzmall and carmax new car sales out of state but my local dealer beat them and I was ready to go there for their great no haggle price).

    Hope this helps
  • ltrazorltrazor Posts: 1
    Just got my 2013 platinum Premium 4wd with mud guards, carpet mats, lighted door sills, led illumination package, DVD, sunroof, etc for $39,500 with 1.9% @ 72 months. Msrp was $46k+
  • momokawamomokawa Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    I walked out on a Platinum Premium 4x4 with splash guards and floormats. The sticker was at $44, 870 or so. The price offered to me was $38, 999. This is after the $1000 rebate. Can I get better?
  • jlwii2000jlwii2000 Posts: 6
    Something is fishy about that MSRP. My pathfinder has every possible option other than the tent and snowplow and its not close to that MSRP you stated. I paid 39k out the door with taxes included so you can do better.
  • momokawamomokawa Posts: 4
    I was incorrect on the MSRP. It is actually $44645. This is for the Plat Premium 4x4 with floor mats and splash guards.

    According to Edmunds, the Invoice on this, exactly as equipped is $41118. At $38,999, It seems that I am at $2119 below invoice which would include $1500 in Nissan Incentives.
    If my math is right, I am looking at $619 below invoice.
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