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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jhbjhb Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a recent '04 LE purchase experience and price to share? I'm considering purchasing a '04 LE with Side Moldings, Micro Filter and Floor Mats. MSRP = $34,850 and Invoice is around $31,700.
  • edgerockedgerock Posts: 1
    I bought my 05 LE with nav. with tax and tag 36,500 dollars. that is in maryland
  • gutsguts Posts: 2
    I'm looking for any purchase prices for Canada. I'm looking at the SE with premium package. MSRP is $43744 plus taxes. Starting point with dealer $41,500
  • I picked up my 05 4WD LE with Side Moldings, Micro Filter and Floor Mats for $33,200 including destination charge (ttl extra) from Billings, MT Nissan. I was happy with that price since I bought it on short notice while on vacation when my Isuzu Trooper engine seized. Nothing like being 1000 miles from home and buying a new truck w/o any invoice information.
  • I bought my 05 Silver LE 4x4 with Navi, side moldings, cabin filter, floor mats and splash guards for $34,000 OTD. I think i got a good deal! What do u guys think?
  • jager32jager32 Posts: 15
    That's the same configuration I'm looking to get, and that's the best deal I've seen so far. According to the Consumer Reports Price report I have that's just ~$123 over invoice.

    What part of the country are you in and what dealer did you use?
  • Jager32,

    I live in Wilmington, Delaware. I bought mine from Concorville Nissan in Concordville, PA. I live right on the border and they are the closest dealer to me. DE has 2 nissan dealers and they couldn't even come close to that price.

    I'm a business owner and most the guys that work at Concordville [sales/service] come to my store, so i guess that also helped in getting an awesome deal.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    Can you tell me what dealer you used?


  • robfinflrobfinfl Posts: 1
    I almost had the same trouble, went to 4 dealers in South Florida late February before finally finding one who would honour the Nissan website offer. I ordered the 2005 Pathfinder LE 4X4 with Navi and DVD, $429/mo, 39 mo, 12k/yr, $1999 down, which works out to about $2000/$2500 off the $39k MSRP. Reasonable. They didn't have my preferred color, and wanted me to accomodate to their inventory, or order, without a pricing guarantee. I politely stated, "no written contract, no Woodland Bronze, then no order." My vehicle comes in May 10 at the above price. Dealers always want to move exisiting inventory, their problem here was lack of availability and demand in South Florida for 4X4.
    (Note, Company lease, excellent credit, it does matter, and I am also coming off of an Infiniti (Nissan product) lease, so they have history with me.)
  • Greetings,

    I believe purchasing a car via negotiating with a salesman in a dealer is a thing of the past. After researching the SUV market, test driving the two vehicles my wife and I narrowed down our search to (Pilot/Pathfinder) and sending a bid request fax to every Nissan fleet/internet manager within a hundred mile radius (thirty dealers), my wife and I our proud owners of a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4WD.

    Here is the details...
    premium pkg
    comfort pkg
    micro filter
    splash guards
    side molding
    floor mats

    MSRP: $31,920.00
    Invoice: $29,315.00
    Sell: 28,900.00 (+tax/tag/title)

    I feel we did pretty good. Sure wish some rebates were out there!
  • aurandbdaurandbd Posts: 1

    I'm in Chester county and have purchased a Pathfinder from Concordville Nissan in the past. Can you email me the exact specs and price paid? I'd like to try to work the same deal with them. Thanks
  • 2001 Pathfinder SE with 24,500 miles, one owner, off lease in January '05 - Nissan dealer started at $18,495 - get it out the door at $15,700!!!
  • lucky9lucky9 Posts: 2
    i am in the market for an 05 le 4wd with navigation. i am in the monmouth county area in nj. i know ur purchase was a few months ago, but i was impressed that you were able to get ur pf for 600 below invoice. any chance u can pass on the dealer who gave u the gr8 price? thanks.
  • jarozijarozi Posts: 4
    Just purchased an 05 LE 2WD with everything but NAV and DVD. Paid a hassle-free invoice price, just emailed the dealer and told them I was looking for invoice, got an email back a few minutes later agreeing to the deal. This particular dealer also advertises that they don't charge dealer add-on's. Also, if you buy with them, their service department gives free oil changes for as long as you are the owner (on any new car they sell). Pretty good deal overall. Yes I had a trade, they gave me KBB "trade-in" for it, which was fine with me.

    The only kicker was in the finance department, I cashed in on the "College Grad" rebate. The finance guy said I had to finance with Nissan to get the rebate, I took his word for it but don't remember reading that. He then offered me a ridiculous 5.99% "recent grad rate" to get the credit, which was of course really high compared to my current credit union rate. Regardless, after suggesting I would use my credit union with the lower rate, he brought his rate down below the CU. Those were the only shenanigans where I felt like I was back at a typical dealership.

    Other than that it was easily the most hassle-free new car buying experience I have experienced and completely recommend this place.

    The dealer:
    Champion Nissan
    Katy, TX
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    he is right - you can only get the college grad rebate if you finance through NMAC (nissan motor acceptance corp.). It doesn't even work for leases. you will find that the finance guy will try to make a point or two in the finance department (the point of the place is to make money, right?) but if you show them a competitive rate, most if not all dealers will bring their rate down to match or even beat! as far as i know, dealers are only allowed to mark up the buy rate (interest rate at which we buy it from the bank) a certain amount - like 2% or something. at least in CT it's like that....

  • Just got a dealer who said he could get us a Pathfinder (SE RWD) with comfort package, side body molding, micro filters and splash guards for $25,500.

    He immediately said he could get it to me for invoive but the documentation fee is anotehr $599 which is ridiculous. He admitted they pad this to add to their profit and get an additional 3% holdback from Nissan. I told him he could have either the $599 doc fee OR the 3% holdback but I wasn't giving him both.
    He said he'd give me $400 off the invoice.

    Does this seem fair? He agreed VERY quickly so something tells me there is room here.
    We are in Atlanta and there are lots of dealers here so I will keep looking but wanted feedback if anyone had pricing for similar model and options.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    so he is giving you $400 below invoice, plus you still pay the $599 doc fee? so essentially you buy the car at invoice, and you only pay a $199 doc fee - doesnt sound bad at all - i guess it comes down to what you want to pay OTD. just because a dealer is quick to accept a deal doesnt mean there is tons of money left on the table. maybe he just realizes this is what it takes to sell a car, and it seems fair enough to him (meaning it isnt so much of a loser deal that he really has to think about what it will do to his bottom line).

    if you are comfortable with the price (and it seems to be a good one - though i cannot effectively price a 4x2 pathfinder in the northeast - we cant sell them up here) i'd say go for it. do what you feel comfortable with. if they treated you well at this dealership, i say go back and give them the may only save another $200 or so if you really search. again, it depends on what dealerships want to do, and how many cars they want to move. i think you are getting a pretty fair deal though if they give you $400 below invoice to compensate for the high dealer conveyance fee. (hey, at least he was honest and told you its padded for profit!)

    let us know how it goes!

  • cysperuscysperus Posts: 5
    I was looking at an SE 4 x 2 No Option Added, in another Houston Dealer. My offer of US$25,891 (Drive Out/OTD) was rejected. I just wonder what other fees did your dealer charge you on top of your negotiated selling price. I already factored in the 6.25% sales tax and the destination charge in my offer.
  • jarozijarozi Posts: 4
    The only extra charge was a $50 "documentation fee". When I mentioned no charges for add-on's earlier, I meant to bundle this in as well, "no crazy fees". At their dealership, they have some stickers from other Nissan dealers cars, showing how they have crazy mark-ups (ie. $1000 protection package that gets you some Scotch Guard and the VIN etched on your windows). Unless I was just fortunate, they didn't give me much BS with the deal. They have only been there a year, and they aren't in a very prime location IMO, maybe because of these factors they are more eager to deal.
  • cysperuscysperus Posts: 5
    I went to Champion Nissan Katy which is besides the Katy Mills Mall, but I found them to be more difficult than the first one I went to (Baker). At least on the first one I knew that I was about $428 off in order to seal the deal. I may have been pushing them too much since I only factored in a 3% dealership profit in my negotiated price (which is about $200 below invoice). I agree about the fees though, they are very vocal about their practice of not charging crazy fees. Btw I received an offer from them for basically the same unit I saw at Baker but they are about $500 higher.
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