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Hybrids in the News



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    They seem to really like the Prius, they gave it car of the year if I remember correctly. So many of these articles rehash stuff. I don't care for all the minute details and formulas. I liked the Aussie driving the Prius 5300 KM. He told it as he saw it. It was a fun read.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    Haven't you noticed how the SUV market is collapsing?

    Further clarification on the SUV market. So far this year 129,942 more SUVs were sold than last year at this time. GM of course leads the pack with 615k SUVs sold this year to date. Beating their last years sales by about 41K SUVs. During this same period Toyota sold 256K SUVs a distant 4th place after GM, DCC & Ford in that order.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    I dropped enough hints. They were obviously completely missed. How many times have I pointed out vague references require detail? Perhaps, when it is to your advantage...

    Anywho, not once was the meaning of "SUV" ever defined.

    Do you know what vehicles are really included?

    They very well could be counting all the hot new wagons too!

    No matter, any of those sales below intended market value pulls in too little profit for all the manufacturing bills to be paid.

    Remember, even though Prius is currently sold at a loss, it is still at the intended market value. Toyota is establishing an expectation. They will continue at that same price once the high-volume production kicks in. Profit will then be achieved... which isn't true for the already establish SUV market. They are giving discounts just so the stock doesn't pile up.

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    We may have a point of agreement. The vehicles that are called SUV's are mostly wannabe's (see list on website). To me an SUV is a Suburban, Land Cruiser, Excursion & maybe a Hummer2. Although it is not very practical which eliminates the U for utility. I did not make up the list of so called SUVs it is a very broad brush that is used to describe them. I have no doubt the Prius will eventually make Toyota money. They are going to have to get the suppliers lined out before that can happen.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    You are never going to get John from being vague on his own answers and then yelling "vague" when he sees something he doesn't like. He's not really objective and tired of posting follow ups to his remarks when I find proof they are wrong.

    On the other hand, he spurs lively conversation and since Hybrid powered (yes John, all "hybrids" even if they are not Toyota) vehicles are an exciting topic we need the conversation and, since internet content is not censored for accuracy, it's each person's own responsibility to take each comment or claim and do their research to find out if it is valid or not.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    LONG-TERM goals interfere with the "in the now" arguments presented here. Too bad. With strong sales continuing and routine award winning, HSD will become a very popular choice as time goes on.

    Get over it.

  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Hey folks, let's not start the week (and month) out with personal snipes.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    GM: _id=8369

    529 Million from auto sales...

    Ford: _id=8365

    However, Ford did only make 83 Million before special pretax charges, and actually lost 57 million after special charges. I think they are still working out the pension problems. The former headine of 1.2 billion referred to all units, including credit.

    So, 50% correct ain't all that bad..

    Haven't seen the numbers on DC yet.
  • kalmikeykalmikey Posts: 17
    Hmmm, try that when you have to make a trip to Home Depot or Sears and come back with slightly outsized cargo.

    Home Depot offers their own trucks for spot-rental, cheap.

    Sears delivers -- at least, they used to. Maybe they're lamer, these days.

    Next case?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    I guess I'm old fashioned, I don't consider $50 (sears delivery) or $40 (home depot) cheap...

    Not to mention taking the lawn mower in for repair, helping friends move appliances, etc...
  • kalmikeykalmikey Posts: 17
    How often do you have to do it?

    If you have to do it two or three times a year, than three Home Depot truck rentals are $120.

    Tell me you wouldn't save $120 in car payments alone -- forget the gas -- by buying a car that fits what you actually do with it *every day*, instead of sizing the car you buy to fit what you do a few times a year?

    I'm not saying that nobody should own SUVs or trucks. I'm saying that more people should think about what they actually use their vehicle for *most* of the time.

    As it happens, we *own* a truck. We bought it when we did a lot more hauling-of-stuff, a lot more often. We keep it because it's paid for, and we do still have occasional uses for it...

    But we don't commute in it...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Funny how most folks in Europe seem to get by just fine owning one car, typically a hatchback, instead of a SUV or truck. And they need to visit home supply stores and haul appliances and lawn equipment too. Gas at $5 a gallon and limited space for parking probably have something to do with that.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > I don't consider... $40 (home depot) cheap

    Fortunately, it doesn't actually cost that much.

    It's just $19.95 for 75 minutes of use here.

  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    Thanks John, guess prices have gone down... since I got my SUV and haven't looked at them... ;-).

    Yes, I would suspect that $5 a gallon would do a lot towards making people use smaller cars. However, for the record, Europe also has excellent mass transit, and does not have the large real estate problem we have here in the (western) US, i.e., it is spread out a lot and not condusive to mass transit...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    What does being "spread out" and the lack of mass transit have to do with SUV ownership? Are you suggesting they haul their appliances on the underground, or a bus? Even in those areas of the European countryside not served well by mass transit, drivers seem to make do with smaller vehicles. If gas gets to $5 a gallon in the U.S., watch those SUVs start disappearing and the small hatchbacks start filling the roads just like in Europe.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    I'm with you, convenience is worth a lot. For you Anti-SUV folks there is a great forum that always has interesting debate on the subject of whether SUVs are good or bad. Those against could always use another voice, as they are losing the battle.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    Have you lived in Europe? I have...

    "Countryside" is no more than 5-8KM from the next villiage, and the villages tend to have their own groceries and shops. Many europeans don't even own a car. Also, the vehicles are taxed based on engine size, which tends to reward smaller cars. But just like here, the rich drive what they want, and those large cars are just that - large, and not very fuel efficient (difficult to get fuel effeciency in a 10 cylinder)!

    They have their appliances delivered, unless one of the farmers has a truck (a real truck, not a pickup), which is more likely.

    My point was about the differences between Europe and the western US. And anyway, for much of the rural west, more rugged suspensions and higher ground clearances are required to drive the unimproved roads. You could do it with a small sedan - if you wanted to have to rebuild it every year or so...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Well, the rich will always drive what they want. No news there. But I had no idea that Los Angeles had so many unimproved roads.

    I know a lot of Americans who have their appliances delivered also. The store I like to use has a perk of no-charge delivery and setup--so I can use their truck instead of owning or renting one.

    This is not about "SUVs are bad." It's about making most efficient use of resources.

    And it's not about Hybrids in the News either, so I guess we need to get back to that...
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "Well, the rich will always drive what they want. No news there. But I had no idea that Los Angeles had so many unimproved roads."

    Hmmm, I didn't mean to mention LA in my posts. I travel around the west several times a year.

    But actually, your comment is not far off. The main roads in the San Fernando valley are OK, but the back streets can be down right bad, depending on where you live. You practically need that extra height and ruggend suspension...

    And now back to our regularly scheduled board...
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