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Chevrolet Colorado Prices Paid and Buying Experience

lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
Hello, and welcome! Share your buying experiences here!


  • ajaxbroajaxbro Posts: 5
    Has anyone purchased a colorado lateley using the GM supplier discount. Specifically a Z71 LS 4x4 Extended cab.
  • banjoecbanjoec Posts: 5
    Just factory ordered a '04 Canyon. 4WD Z71 SLE W/3.5L engine & 5speed. Paid $21,499 before rebates. Can anyone that really knows the answer, tell me why the GMC's sell for $600-700 more than the Chevy's. Lots of reasons floating around out there.
  • tkotko Posts: 1
    Was at a dealer and told him that I only wanted to pay $400 over invoice - handed me a dealer search report with the MSRP, DIP and GMS figures on it. Told me that GMS is below invoice and reserved for employees or current GM owners. Is this the case? Much obliged.
  • madridjoemadridjoe Posts: 28
    I sell Chevrolets in Fl. Here is the scoop

    DIP = Dealer invoice price, what the dealer pays not counting holdback

    Supplier price = price reserved for employees of large companies like Disney that have an arrangement with GM. Usually around invoice, sometines below.

    GMS is reserved for current, and retired GM employees. It will always be below invoice, but GM makes it up to the dealer
  • I just took delivery on '04 Colorado Z71 4X4 in blue, crew cab with every option but Onstar. Paid invoice price ($28488) plus body molding add-on (nicer chrome $100) minus $3000 (rebate plus GMAC bonus). Came out to be a little above $27K with taxes. Plan to pay it off as soon as the payment book comes from GMAC. Did not really want XM radio, but man is it nice! Like the truck so far. Anyone have any advice on bed covers that look nice on the crew cab? How about bedliners?
  • Check with your dealer, you have to make at least 3 payments or lose the GMAC bonus on that rebate.
  • Are you sure about that? One dealer told me to wait 90 days before paying it off, or the title work would get screwed up, which makes a little sense. The dealer I bought from told me that I could pay it off the minute I got my payment book. It's probably worth a call to GMAC.....I have to get the pay off amount from them anyway.
  • I sell Chevrolets in Florida, and unless it is state regulated, you will find that to avoid a penalty you need to make the first 3 payments before you pay it off.
  • walletwallet Posts: 38
    In MA, several dealers told me I could pay the note off as soon as I got the paperwork in the mail. One single dealership told me I had to wait 90 days lest GM somehow bill me for the rebate.....
  • We bought a 2004 Chevy Colorado today at a dealership in Northern California: extended cab, 4x4, 5cyl, 3.5L, auto, 3800mi for $19,500 cash before taxes & fees. Has premium sound, CD, XM radio, OnStar, alum. whls, power windows & locks, sliding rear window. Dealer price was $23,995. Purchase experience was easy.
  • Supplier discount $26,014. Got some front tint and a bed liner for $100 to close deal. Dealer fee (couldn't negotiate it away) $150, so $26,264. Less $4k in $22,264 plus tax and license.(I am active duty military so got another $500 in rebates). Dealers agent was good, dealership management a pain. Used GMAC financing for one month, then paid off with credit union (4% for 5 years 50% loan to value) The credit guy at the dealership said it was a convenience issue with title work; no penalty for early payoff.
  • 05 Colorado 4WD LS Crew Cab Z71 1SE 3.5L I5 Automatic w/ Heavy Duty Trailering Equipment ($270), Body Colored Wheel Flares ($100) & Body Side Moldings ($100) $28,355-MSRP. Paid $22,943.85 after GM Employee Discount and $2000 cash incentive. Tax, Title, License and Dealer Fees were extra.
  • Why did the employee pricing change from end of July to September on Colorados? It appears GM is still advertising employee pricing but is it truly employee pricing since prices decreased approx. $700 - $1000? Employee pricing is usually a percentage off of invoice and the invoice price did not change on the colorado. Is this false advertising?
    I paid approx. $800 more in July than the current employee price in September even though I purchased with a dealership that participated in employee pricing.

    I do not think I paid what GM employees paid as there advertising goes.
  • I got the employee price after reviewing my contract.

    The #14 posting is in error. No wrong doing by the dealership or GM.
  • Hi, my brother just bought a 2006 Chevy Colorado Regular cab, 2WD, 5-speed manual Transmission, 2.8 liter/4-cylinder. He was telling me over the phone that the MSRP on the truck is $15,330 and the Invoice price is $16,260. when he said this, i got a very bad feeling that he got taken by the salesman. I looked over my papers from the purchase of my 2004 Silverado that i bought new back in mid-2004. It had an MSRP $27,260 and the Invoice price of $24,096. I believe that the Invoice for my brothers truck includes the Factory Holdback and possibly other in-valid charges. Can anyone on this forum tell me if i am reading these numbers correctly? Should the Invoice price always be quite lower than the MSRP? I read this really good site that is very imformative. The Factory Holdback is not supposed to be included in the buyers price as it is given back to the Dealership once it sales the vehicle. Please contact me if you have any information on this issue.


    Juan, Tampa, FL
  • I sell Chevys not that far from you, Invoice will always be lower than MSRP, I suspect your brother did not have his figures right. Holdback is not reflected in either MSRP or Invoice pricing, it is listed separately on the invoice. For the record, if you ask to see the invoice and the salesman refuses, you are in the wrong dealership. Today, since everyone has access to this info anyhow on the net, there is no reason not to be up front with all of this information.
  • c0mc0m Posts: 5
    Does $24,000 with $26000 OTD sound like a good price on a left over 2006 Canyon SLT 4x4 with an MSRP of about $32,000?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Check the used price of your vehicle 06 with 100 miles on, and Take the average of the 2 lowest prices and add 1000-1500. The car is almost 2 years old. I'm assuming around $21000 is what you are looking at (closer to 20-21 if the build date on the drivers door well is in 05). Otd is not very descriptive as sales tax is 300- $2000 depending on State.

    Do check into the 07 Nissan Frontier (they sell for 3500-4000) off MSRP or the Tacoma. (5000-6000 off MSRP). The quality differential, power and features are too good to mess with colorado/canyon as GM really screwed the pooch with it.

    You are probably talking about 24-$27000 for a 07 crew Frontier or Tacoma with features of the SLT. The Honda Ridgeline may also be something you want to check out. (5000-6000 off MSRP)

    If you want to go GM the Silverado Full size is the way to go. If published turning circle is correct, a Chev Silverado is the same as the Canyon in a fullsize truck, and much higher quality and power. Last summer the Silverado sold for 9-10k off MSRP and will probably do the same this year putting you in the 22-24000 range for a 07 Silverado (with the new 100k warranty).

    Happy Hunting

    Does $24,000 with $26000 OTD sound like a good price on a left over 2006 Canyon SLT 4x4 with an MSRP of about $32,000?
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    The Colorado is the only midsize truck I can find with a powerful 4cyl, double cab, and automatic. Anyone recently get one in that trim, and what did you pay?

    Ford, Nissan, and Toyota don't seem to want business, so why is this forum so dead?
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