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Ford Focus Prices Paid and Buying Experience

lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
Welcome! Post your Focus buying experiences here!


  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    sedan in september. MSRP was $16375. i get the d-plan, so it was $14869 less $2500 rebate. my buying experience was PHENOMINAL!!! my salesman (me) went out of his (my) way to ensure total satisfaction! i even gave him (me) top marks on the survey!
  • Thanks for the headsup. I'll make sure to stay away from that salesman. He sounds like a real loser. If he was any good as a salesman, he wouldn't be buying a Focus, that's for sure!
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    I just purchased Two 05 foci ZX4 SES for $4,000 off sticker. This was a better deal than the X-plan I am elegible for. There is a dealer just outside charlotte NC that is offering 5,000 off sticker on all their in stock Focus Wagons
  • eddief1eddief1 Posts: 13
    My 1987 civic1500 has a very high idle that does not kick down. This causes the car to bang hard in to all gears what can be the problem? The car has the original carb and has 130.000 on the OD.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    This discussion is only for topics relating to prices paid and buying experience. Your question is better suited for another forum. Try the Maintenance & Repair forum:

    or the Problems and Solutions forum for Honda Civic owners:
    fmbob, "Honda Civic Owners: Problems & Solutions" #1, 3 Jan 2000 5:58 am!make=Honda&model=All&ed_makeindex=.ee995b8
  • barczykbarczyk Posts: 5
    I bought my 2000 Ford Focus SE in July 2003 with 47k miles on it for $5000. Since then I have driven back and forth across the country and just passed the 70k mark last week. The only money I have put into the car aside for changing the oil has been $450 for new tires and then a couple bucks for new brakes. I plan on keeping this car as long as it'll run.
  • zintharzinthar Posts: 2
    I just bought mine 04 / 5spd / 2.0 / nothing fancy, pretty basic with 8100 miles for $8900
  • mindaugusmindaugus Posts: 20
    I went down to the local dealer in Upstate New York and was surprised to find they had no manuals. The salesman tells me 99.9% of Americans buy autos. I thought he was full of it. Anyway his only bright idea was to order one and didn't find it strange to have just autos. I wonder if this is a large problem with ford. On other brands lots I've never not found manuals. Anyway the closest dealer is several miles away and I'll see if I can at least test drive one there.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Manual is for pleasure. That's why Ford builds the '05 ST sedan Focus just for you -- stick only!
  • rwhaugenrwhaugen Posts: 1
    Just bought a new 05 Focus (base model, only option was the air conditioner, manual transmission) - for $9125 plus TTL, etc. Drive out was just over $9900.

    Sticker price was approximately $15,250.

    The dealer had an ad in the paper for $8980 for the base models with AC but when I got to the dealership they had only this one for $9125.

    Has anyone else have info on a recent base model purchase?



    Is this price reasonable?
  • snwyvernsnwyvern Posts: 2
    Hi there -- There's a '04 focus at my local Ford dealer I'm unsure what incentives, rebates, holdbacks and marketing cash this vehicle has already soaked up. If anyone has any ideas.. Oh--

    Car was made in late '03, It's a ZX3 (2 door hatch) Power everything was included in the base (ford sticker) price, with the only options being ABS, 6 disc and premium sound before the 8,000 add for the roush sticker... It's at the Ford store as a "make an offer!!!" car, I'd like to be armed with some intelligence as to what's reasonable to offer (for a three year old new car)

  • wrabbitwrabbit Posts: 1
    I visited a couple of ford dealers, since I plan to buy a focus wagon. The best drive-out price I got is $15000 (SE). Is it reasonable?
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    There is a dealer here in charlotte nc that is offering 25% off of MSRP. That means you should be able to get a loaded SES with auto,for about 15,500. If this dealer can do this your dealer should be able to do the same.
  • pdanapdana Posts: 19
    I recently tried to purchase a new ZX3 under the ford family plan. The price for the car was just over 10,000, but when calculating the final purchase price for the vehicle the salesman added the dealer fee which was over $500. This was all before he added the document fee, which was almost $300 and taxes. I was just wondering if this was normal. I live in a small town in Alabama and they're the only ford dealer around, the next one is about 90 miles away.
  • I just was curious if anyone had recently bought a 05 Focus ZX4 SE with the ford family plan discount and what they ended up spending?

    In the end my out the door price (including tax, title, docs fees) with added sport package, automatic trans, and added cruise control for $14,300. (oh originally they wanted to charge aprox $2000 for some really expensive paint job, rust proofing, sound proofing which they knocked off the price because I told them I wasn’t willing to pay for it).

    So Focus owners did i get a good deal?
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I just got one for $15500 out of the door. The only option was the automatic transmission, but I'd have paid and extra $500 for ABS and TC.

    I was actually shopping for a used car, either hatch or SW, and the cars I was looking at were between $13000 and $14000, so an extra grand for a new car with warranty was a bargain.

    The shopping experience was OK, but whenever I buy a car I'm left with the feeling that I should have haggled more. :)
  • nweilernweiler Posts: 2

    My local Ford salesman says FMC will not allow price haggling on a new Focus ZX5, which already has $2500 cash back, and $1500 "Employee Price Discount". Now, while these discounts are great, I assumed that there would be a like reduction in the dealer invoice price, and that there would still be some room for haggling. His reply, "Absolutely not -- we're not allowed (by FMC) to sell for one dollar more or one dollar less than the sticker, with these incentives applied". Is this correct, or is this just a line to keep me from talking down the price any more?

    Norm in NJ
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    Dude, $4,000 off MSRP on ANY Focus is a good deal!!
  • nweilernweiler Posts: 2
    No argument there, and I acknowledged such at the beginning of my post. I'm just curious if his statement is fact -- handed down by FMC, or fiction.

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