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Ford Focus Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Fiction! I bought a ZX5 SES 10 days ago for $200 below the asking price, which included $4000 off already.

  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    I just test drove'em all (SE & SES) over the weekend & fell in love w/ the SES, which neither Mazda nor Volvo can match this final tuning. My God, for just over $14k, I can have an "ultra comfy yet sporty" SES w/ ABS & audiophile.

    Even if price is no object, where else are you gonna find a car that handles & rides this good w/ compact length, width & turning circle. Not the Civic, not even the C-class or the 3-series!

    As an ST owner, I'm jealous of the comfy-riding SES. :(
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I wasn't impressed at all with the handling of the SES. My Intrigue and Bonneville can corner much faster and with more confidence than the Focus. Besides, the Pirelli P6 tires suck in wet weather...
  • I wish there was more serious price posting in this thread but here is mine:

    18,060 sticker
    16,187 (after emplyee discount)
    -2500 (rebate)
    13,687 (before trade-in)
    -1687 (trade in of 1995 Ford Windstar with 118K)
    12,000 (plus ttl)

    I feel I should have sold the trade-in outright and maybe got another 200-400 off the 13,687 price but it seems like that is no-haggle overall I am happy witht he deal (esp. with gas prices climbing)

  • igor2igor2 Posts: 148
    Options: Side airbags, Sunroof, Automatic:
    just over 13K, with tazes in PA 14.5k.

    and no haggling.. I was gonna wait a counple of months to save up for good down payment and all.. but with such discounts.. I got almost 30% off that is something to mention...

    The only thing i don't like is that there was no car with ABS available when IWas looking: I would trade the sunroof for abs anytime...

    Yeah the Family PLan does not allow haggling, but as edmunds said, you would most probably get this low only with LOTS of haggle, and this way, the sales guy is still my friend :-) and i closed the deal with ease and comfort...

    Lastly: I too liked the Mazda, and was lookking elswhere, but I dilike sedans greatly, and for the value no one beats Ford (other reall need to look and stop bundling big engines and appearance packages with hatchback... ).

  • With a Kia (2001) not sounding particularly good I went in and got her a focus too (3 door coupe with jet black - it a ZX3 - very nice looking, super sporty looking - my daughter loves it).

    Anyway I was able to 'haggle' the price down another $237.00 off the FFP...I think it all depends on the disposition of your sales manager. But it takes a lot of nerve to try to ask for much more off the price they have on these, for sure...
  • javnerjavner Posts: 23
    Someone in another Focus thread mentioned Ford will match a downpayment upto $500? Anybody know anything about this?

  • Just bought 2005 ZX4 SES with following options:

    . Traction Control
    . ABS
    . Side Airbags
    . Heated Seats and outside mirrors
    . Auto. transmission

    The SES comes with many standard features. Its not the best compact car out there, but at these price they offer a great value. The closest compact car with some of these features are Civic and Corolla and they run around $18K and still not get all of these features. I also looked at Accord EX-L which you can get around $21.5K and have all (except traction contro)l I wanted traction control, heated seats and ABS for safety and comfort during winter.

    Ford MSRP: 19100
    Ford Family Plan Price: 14723 (including 2500 case rebate)
    - 523 additional discount
    + 299 doc. fee

    The dealer was Quirk Ford in Quincy, MA. I have bought from there before and I bought through their internet sales guy. We worked out the price via email. They tried to push the warranty, but I was not interested. I did not argue much about the doc. fee as they would have simply reduced the additional discount. Plus, at these price I just felt that this was a fair deal for everybody.

    I really like the way it drives. It feels more sporty than Civic or Corolla. The engine is more popowerfulhan Civic/Corolla. The standard radio in SES is 6 CD-MP3 in dash changer with duplicate audio control on the steering wheel. There is no option to get power seats, but its kind of thing you adjust only once in a while. The back seats are comfortable for kids or adults for short ride. The trunk is big for a compact car. I will see if it gives 34 MPG as advertised. At high speeds (70+) you can hear the engine and road noise.

    Overall this is a good commute car with decent gas mileage and fun ride.
  • The Civic and Mazda price probable isn't as good as focus but not as bad as you think, I've been getting internet quiotes. The option I want Power (windows, doors) and auto. Anyway the quotes thus far for those options on a Honda was 14,900 and on a Mazda 15,800.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Its not the best compact car out there..."

    Than what is?

    The Accord may be a slightly better car overall, but who sez it's a compact? Except when comes to resale, it sure digs into your wallet in a rather compact way.

    At under 67" width, the Focus evades Japan's wide-car tax, which should start at 170cm.

    I bought the fun little narrow-&-tall BUT STABLE Focus ST b/c these wider Mazda3 & S40 actually got a narrower rear-glass visibility to offer instant safe passing to the right, plus the new electro-hydraulic steering assist hurts steering feel. Other "telephone booth" cars w/ high chair tend to feel tippy over high-speed corners b/c their platforms aren't German designed.

    By the way, how many compact cars rides as smoothly as the Focus SES?
  • What was the additional discount for. Is there further discounts to be gotten over the Family price and the 2500 rebate. I know I pulled up a car that matches my needs on the Ford site. But it comes up to 13850 or so there. If I could add Traction Control
    , ABS, and Side airbags for onl 700 more I'd do that.
  • I looked at Civic and to get ABS, you have to get EX trim ($17K), and you still would not get traction cotrol. Also, heated seats, 6 CD in dash changer and duplicate audio controls are not available in any Civic trim. I liked the quiet ride of Civic and interior quality, but I would be paying lot more ($3K) and get lot less in a Civic.
  • Some dealers would not go below the Ford Family Plan, but Quirk and few others I talked to were ready to discount below the Family price. In my opinion, dealers with huge Focus inventory (20+ focus on lot) were ready to discount below the family plan price, while others with little inventory (<5 focus on lot) were not willing to discount. In New England region, I did not find many 2005 Focus SES left over. Many dealres had the S or few SE trim, but only few had SES trim
    Add $150 for heated seats and you would get Family price of $14723.
  • I should qualify my self when using the tem "best". Focus is "best value" in compact car and that is why I chose it. There are better compact car in terms of build quality and interior material quality. e.g the arm rest between front passanger is so small and fixed that you can barely rest your arm on it. Honda make it a sliding arm rest so that you can position it the way you like it. The ride is much quieter in Civic/Corolla. The hood and the trunk are both padded with insulation in Civic/Corolla while Focus leaves them unpadded. The sound of closing doors on Focus gives you "hollow" feeling, using the swicth for the front map light sounds like it is going to break soon.

    What Focus lacks in the material and build, it make up in features and value. I looked at Accord EX-L because that was the next higher level car that offered everything I wanted in the Focus. Even in Accord, you get traction control in EX-V6 only. Even Focus' big brother Taurus did not offer all these options in a car. You would have to get the Ford Five Hundread to get them.

    I could not believe that Focus offers all modern options except side curtain bags for front and rear. And you can mix and match options; only choose what you want. I did not care for sunroof and leather, so I got one without it. In Civic, you cannot mix and match many of these options.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    last year i bought a focus too. you are right about the materials and quality of build. it could be better. my wife and i still enjoy the heck out of it, although we don't have to drive it if we don't want to. it has tons of features. i looked at corollas/civics too. to get abs on a corolla, the only ones i found were 's' models which stickered at about 20g's.
    based on what i paid for the focus, i could only get a 2 door civic 'vp'.
    i have a moonroof and heated seats, so i'm happy no matter what the climate. :)

    i just washed the focus and parked it in the street. a couple of people on their walks, were giving it looks that seemed like envy, to me. i know one of them drives a big buick. ;)
  • Yes your right about the Civic and ABS. also the same on the Mazda it's pretty expensive. I'm in Southern California so am willing to pass on the traction control and ABS. Also I don't care that much about the 5 disk CD. But still would go for the SES since I want the cruise control, leather steering wheel and 16 inch tires.
    Anyway so far didn't find anyone willing to nogioate from the Family price + rebate.
    In fact I get that price anyway because where I work gives me an x-plan price (i think thats whats it called) and was told that its the same as the f-plan price. Anyway been exchanging emails with an abnoxious Ford internet sales guy, went to the ford site found a car and emailed him to find out if he had a local discount above the Ford family and rebate. He emailed back and said he'll give me a special internet price and I can only get it if I see him. Then next email sends me an invoice with the same price the Ford web site gives you and says its his special deal and he's only around 3 days a week. When I mentioned I could get the same price by just walking in the door and seeing anyone, he emails back that he expected loyalty for all the work he did for me (an email giving me the Ford family price) and was outraged that I'd be so disloyal as to buy the car from someone elese there. Anyway I'm still waiting to see what happens with the Fplan after the 6th. I heard it's mostly will be extended. If not I wonder if they will increase the rebate, I which case I already get the X-plan so that would be to my advantage.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    You're right about the Focus' interior material. I got to warn all of you before buying an '05 Focus -- the air coming out of the vents of my charcoal interior kept giving me (& everyone else) a nauseating plastic smell, & I had this '05 ST since Oct '04.

    I don't lower the seat all the way, so my right elbow feels just right & relaxing resting on that high center armrest while shifting the stick.

    Other than that, the Focus' elastic ride & responsive handling is like a dream, & the Civic/Corolla can't even come close.
  • Sorry I didn't see any Zx4 forums or really anywhere to ask this..

    I'm either buying a New Focus Sedan or a used. So far it seems like the new is only like 20-40 more than the used.

    I was thinking instead, maybe go with a used LX which would be even cheaper. But I can't find too much online about the LX's. Are these the ones with themost problems and to stay away from? I guess it was anything before 2004 that's bad because of the recalls?

    Or are focuses better in general new, less problems? I hear a lot of problems iwth these cars so I'm kind of worried. I really like the focus though so..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    You should check out this thread.. Ford Focus ZX3/ ZX5 Owners: Problems & Solutions .. to get an idea about problems on a previous model..

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  • Five Star Ford here in North Richland Hills TX has told me that they are "having a sale" this weekend (yeah yeah) and all 2006 Focuses are $4000 off sticker. So I'm wondering, would that work? The cars I am looking at are various ZX4 S sedans, AC and auto, no other options, MSRP of $16020. So that's $12,020 plus tax/title/plates. The Simple Plan price accoring to Ford is $15,333 ($687 off sticker) less $1500 rebate for a final price of $13,833 and this dealer is $1813 under that? Am I in for a gimmick sales tactic or are others finding basic Focus sedans down around $12K?
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