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Ford Focus Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This board is apparently in hibernation, but here goes:

    06 Focus SE XZ4 with these two options:
    auto trans
    safety package (ABS & side airbags)

    MSRP: 16725
    Price: 15792

    Total: 13792 + TTL

    Your thoughts?
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    The best price on a Focus tend to drift between 3k and 4k off MSRP. While not a bad price you need to shop every Ford dealer around you to verify the best price.
  • I just bought a red ZX4 SES with Automatic. MSRP was $17,135. After 2500 rebate, 500 college rebate, 500 auto show rebate & 500 rebate when financed through FORD, final price was $12,239. Not a bad price for a car with all these features. :)
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    sounds like you got a sweet deal. about 2 years ago, i bought a focus to keep mileage off our other cars. it is a much more enjoyable vehicle than i expected to get.
    the $500 college rebate would had to get extended way back to have me qualify. :)
  • Got sport package, convenience package and safety package.
    MSRP $17125, vehicle price $11695, OTD price $12874.
  • tdepoalatdepoala Posts: 9
    I know it's not an available option, but has anyone been able to talk their dealer into adding the heated seats (weather package) to their '06 SE?

  • tdepoalatdepoala Posts: 9
    Automatic, Safety package, Convenience package.

    MSRP $16,950
    Neg price $15,542
    Rebates $3,000

    Final Price $12,542.

  • huey4417huey4417 Posts: 1
    I found a single owner, pampered, 2002 Ford Focus ZTS w/Mach Audio sound system, 51,000 miles in outstanding condition, new tires, etc. It is not a true Mach edition Focus but sort of a "mock Mach" if you will. The owner is asking $7900 which appears to be a pretty fair asking price based on Edmunds valuation. The problem is I live in Michigan where unemploymrent is bad and getting worse everyday and the only things that are selling are at rock bottom prices i.e. homes, boats, cars. So I'm trying to figure out how much the "experts" would tell me I should pay for this car? Edmunds lists the trade-in value at approx. $7100 so it appears the car is somewhat priced to sell at $7900, but who knows anymore. Thoughts anyone? What would YOU pay for a car like this? It really is in outstanding condition. Thanks.
  • tdepoalatdepoala Posts: 9
    You could probably offer $7000 or even low ball at $6500 and see what they come back with. But if money isn't a huge issue for $5k more you can get a brand new car.. perhaps not a fully loaded ZTS, but a ZX4 for sure (see my post above). I'd just be concerned buying a car who's warranty is soon to expire.
  • mospacemospace Posts: 1
    I bought my ST in Michigan at Jack Keller Ford while on vacation! I paid about $17,500 receiving about $4k off the list price. It is nicely equipped only lacking a few items such as side impact airbags, perimeter security and some other small doo-dads. It has leather seats (heated), moon-roof, and the Appearance package with a wing. I love it. The buying experience was good. It took awhile because the dealership was actually quite busy. So far, I'm pretty pleased. Check out ClubFocus for lots of information on upgrades etc.... (
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Anyone know of any good dealerships in the Boston area to get a focus?
  • hunnydewhunnydew Posts: 26
    Came over here to see if anyone has bought a 2006 ZX3 lately. What did you pay? What trim/options did you get? I'm just doing my research. :)
  • skaneskane Posts: 1
    2006 ZX3 SE 5 speed

    after 3000 in rebates and haggling(not enough, probably) It was just about $12800

    1 ABS/side airbags
    2 tilt/telescope wheel, cruise
    3 Sport package (leather wheel, fog lights, alloys)
    Still, a very good deal considering the price of the Korean cars in its class. I am most impressed with the Mazda designed engine now used. It sounds something close to sporty when pushed. Fuel economy in mixed driving has been about 28.5 MPG which is ok.
  • jluffjluff Posts: 2

    I just bought a 2006 Ford focus sedan at Herb Chambers in MA...there is one in Braintree on the quincy line. I got a base SE sedan model for $11,311.00 after the rebates! I got $4,249 of sticker!!!! I have power locks, windows,power mirrors, center console, Remote keyless entry and AC!!! They were great and the cheapest deal I could find. They even gave me the "hold back" of $450 from Ford which the dealership gets to help with costs. I negotiated online first by sending out 25 quote requests and emailed them all back with the best offer thus far before going to any dealership or calling them back. The dealership experience was like "wham bam thank you mam" because of it. 20 min the first time, then 40 the second to fill out the paperwork and show my wife the I will never ever go into a dealership before doing this again. Great experience when they fight and compete for your business instead of the other way around.

    Good luck if you havent bought already. Please let me know what you think..

  • huntleyhuntley Posts: 14
    Hi -

    At Wayside Ford in Marlborough, Massachusetts, I just purchased a 2006 Ford Focus ZX4 SES, with heated leather seats, automatic transmission, sunroof, 6-CD player, anti-lock brakes, and alloy wheels, for an amazing $15,100. With the rebates on the vehicle, how can you beat that? This seems to be the perfect choice during this critical gas time. Driving it is a pleasure so far even though I think the exterior looks rather anonymous and dated. How on earth can you beat this price for a car, fully equipped, in today's market? The victims moaning about the high gas prices for their SUV's, need to re-adjust their thinking. Jim, congratulations! You got a great price on a great vehicle. Take a look at Consumer Reports sometime and you will see the Ford Focus ZX4 is at #2. I drove the #1 choice, the Civic, and found it to be too low, plus the price would have been full MSRP (close to $20,000, no leather, no heated seats). The Focus is a better choice, a better deal and even better to drive.
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Wow...I am very impressed with your deal..Did you get a manual or automatic?
  • huntleyhuntley Posts: 14
    Cargirl ... I got the Focus with the auto transmission.

    Initially I was going to purchase a Dodge Caliber. I was reluctant because 1.) It's a first-year model, 2.) the Focus handled better, and 3.) a Calibar similarly equipped would have been around $20,000 (full MSRP . . no deals). The reasonable price of the Focus (invoce + rebates), along with superb handling and a fun-to-drive factor won me over. My only regret is that I love the styling of the Caliber and think it's a much more interesting looking vehicle. Maybe next time around.
  • hunnydewhunnydew Posts: 26
    I wanna make sure I understand this. The price of the car was $15100 before the rebates? So how much did the final cost come to including all the fees and such? How was the price brought down to $15100 in the first place? I'm just curious because I plan on buying a new ZX3 at the end of the month.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    a local dealer has an ad for a focus 4dr msrp 17,2xx, offered price 13,180.
    you can go to browse inventory, plus see the window stickers and invoice amount. it's a good resource.
  • huntleyhuntley Posts: 14
    Hunnydew . . . I found the car on-line at from a local dealer. You can see the actual sticker price at that site. I looked for the best Focus I could find with the most options. Heated seats were a must. I liked the ST the most but it didn't offer auto transmission, so I settled for a ZX4 SES instead. The MSRP was $19,380. I got the invoice price from Edmunds. Then I deducted $3000 in rebates, went to the dealer, showed him my paperwork, and acted undecided. This was one of several vehicles I would have settled for (Mazda3, Dodge Caliber, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan). The dealer called me back 3 days later and agreed to the price. $15,100 was the out-the-door price (invoice plus $3000 in rebates.) I also did financing which gave me another $500 off. So the actual price is less than $15,000. That price is unbeatable for what I got.
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