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Ford Focus Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • guest7guest7 Posts: 2
    I am looking for a focus zx3 ES 2dr hatchback with options autotransmission and safety package.

    One of the responding deals offered an out-of-door price 13,188. Is this a reasonable price? or it should be less? The MSRP is $16,460.
  • gsquare58gsquare58 Posts: 5
    Where in the country are they advertising teaser prices for under $10,000? The lowest I have ever seen around here is $11,999. I've also seen $2500 below invoice. Considering the rebate that seems about right with an invoice cost. I realize there are holdbacks and incentives that make the dealer more money but how can they sell $5-6K under MSRP? Are you talking about the factory MSRP or the one the dealers print up with all types of ridiculous add-ons like pin stripes and paint protection? Also what does the wholesale price in one year have to do with the purchase price of a new car? All cars depreciate the minute you buy them. Is there a way to get the dealer to absorb this?
  • Here in Houston, 07 ford focus is &10988 auto,air,tilt,cruise,am/fm,p/m/l...
  • guest7guest7 Posts: 2
    which trim did you get?
  • Was there any asterisk about "plus your $2000 trade" or "with your $2500 down payment"? They do that a lot around here. Did you actually buy this car or go see it? Was the car brand new? I'm just wondering why they don't seem that desperate around here.
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    Portsmouth Ford NH Google them look up their flyer on the site.
    2007 S sedan or hatch for 9995 MSRP is about 14000
    No AC etc....5 speed
    And that price is derived from MSRP less rebates etc...
    Buying one with AC and a few extras adds about 1500 to the advertised price.
    I think there might even be an extra 500 off for a motivated buyer.
    NO ONE should pay for any dealer add-ons.....EVER.....
  • Good spot on the lowest price so far!!! That car is about as stripped as you can get. I live in Florida and any car without an AC would be unsellable at almost any price. I agree another $500 off would be needed even up north. It still doesn't seem low enough especially considering you have to take the Ford financing. I looked at the flyer and it's only $4600 off the MSRP and it's a real ugly duckling. Around here I've seen $11,999 for an S with just AC and auto. Of course the dealer will sneak in their $400 fee. I still haven't seen the $5-6K off anything someone would really want. I agree also about the dealer add ons. I think they put them there to pad the price so they can give people more for trade-ins.
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    I look at it this way- It is about 2/3 of the MSRP even if it is less than 5000 off the price. That is a pretty good discount. Try that for a Corolla. $12000 would buy a SE without the auto. There is really not much else on the market now that compares well at this price level. After a couple payments the Ford finance could be paid off early-no penalty for prepayment there.
  • I think you misunderstand me. I agree these cars are a great value. Even at invoice minus the $2500 you can't beat it. I just didn't see the $5-6K off that was being mentioned. Maybe for a stripped S model. You're right about the Corolla. Sure they have a better resale but with a Focus you get your money upfront rather than waiting until you sell it. I also sometimes wonder about the resale values they mention for a 1-2 year old Corolla. Why would someone buy used when for a couple thousand you could get a new car with a full factory warranty?
  • I'm in the process of buying my first new car, Here's what I'm working with

    20 yrs old
    had credit since I was 18 and a 753 credit score, Not that it matters though because this if my first major purpose.

    I went to my local Ford dealer alone to see how this whole negotiating process goes and ended up negotiating a ZX3(base 5-speed, a/c, side curtain air bags and abs) with a final price of 17,614 w/tax/licencing first offer was $276@ 72 months with $1000 down @ 9% APR. I laughed and nearly walked out. He offered me a ZX3 with power everything, automatic, alloy rims and abs; However, it lacked Side impact airbags which I really wanted. After a bit more negotiating and some of the rebate offers applied, the price lowered to $12,165. Since I never was going to actually buy it I said thanks and started to walk to my car. When I was leaving he offered me payments of $232 @72 months and AR of 7.1%. After reading all this, I think I could have negotiated a bit lower and maybe asked for a lower interest rate.

    Also as a side note, The original ZX3 I looked att he bare s model, was at a dealers special price of around $10.5k but since I wasn't really there to buy I didn't bring the ad and when I asked to see it, they said they would need to see the ad. The car in the ad was maroon and the only ZX3 there was maroon so perhaps I could have just started everything at that price.

    I'm really certain I'll be purchasing a focus but perhaps I should hurry before the new 08 comes around and takes away all the rebates. I'll be buying the car in 2 months so should I start submiting internet offers now or later?
  • Hayward Ford in the San Francisco Bay Area is advertising six of these cars at $9,995 this week. I'm considering buying something like a Focus ST and taking advantage of the $3,000 cash back.
  • Red 2007 Focus ZX4 SES with no options: $13,200.

    Purchased from Golf Mill Ford in Niles, IL. This is apparently the largest Ford dealership in Illinois, and their salespeople are typical of car salesmen in that they use high pressure tactics. Would not recommend. However this was the only dealership in the area that had 5-speed Focuses that were not bare bones or fully optioned.
  • How did everyone get $5500 discount? I got quotes from dealers in IN, IL, MI, and MO. The best discount is $4000...
    Could anybody give me a hint which dealer I should contact with?
  • 13050 + fee + tax = 14611
    Is it a deal? I am afraid I pay too much.

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    need numbers for msrp and fees. Also the model would be helpful. On the surface it doesn't look to bad.


    13050 + fee + tax = 14611
    Is it a deal? I am afraid I pay too much.
  • Thanks for your input.

    MSRP is around 17000
    Model is standard SES model(4 door sedan)

    fee: 232
    tax: 1328
  • Does anyone know what is the price range for a manual ZX3 2007 focus (with AC)? get I get one for 11K?
  • Sure you can get the under 11K. DO ENOUGH research and find some one which know how to negotiate to help when talk to the dealer
  • Am being offered 16.5k OTD on a 07 zx4 st. This includes x-plan plus ford rebate 2500. Dealer says he cannot go below x plan pricing and refuses to negotiate further. Is this fair price?
    MSRP 18900 with installed 6disc cd plus traction control plus heated seats.
    Michigan sales tax is 6%.

    Is this a good deal or is it wiser to pick up an 05 with 30K miles, certfied used for 14k OTD???

    Is it true that they cannot go below x plan?
  • Don't know x-plan.
    But I feel it is expensive. I wouldn't buy if I were you.
    My friend told he bought a Toyota camery with 15000 two years ago.
    My 2 cents for reference
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