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Toyota Prius Basic Care & Maintenance



  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    6 times. I always drive 'to the ding' then look for a station within the next 100 miles. However sometimes events intrude and suddenly 'Oh s*** I was supposed to stop back there...cough, sputter, cough'

    Then the nice Prius lady comes on...'Hey YOU!! Didn't I warn you back a hundred miles ago to stop and get gas?? Noooo, you were too busy to listen so now I'm going to make you crawl over the side of the road and call AAA.'

    I too am not sure that I've modified my behavior that much.
  • ph1972ph1972 Posts: 5
    Hello I own A 2006 Toyota Prius which has completed 60000 miles my mechanic at Firestone recommended me a automatic transmission fluid change The toyota recommends only inspecting and My knowledge is the The Automatic transmission fluid in Case of Prius is Sealed and cannot be opened to be changed

    60000 miles recommended service from Toyota website for 2006 Prius

    Replace engine oil and oil filter 1
    Rotate tires
    Replace cabin air filter
    Replace engine air filter
    Inspect the following:
    Automatic transmission fluid
    Ball joints and dust covers
    Brake lines and hoses
    Brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs 4
    Differential oil
    Drive belts 5
    Drive shaft boots
    Engine and inverter coolant 3
    Engine valve clearance
    Exhaust pipes and mountings
    Fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
    Fuel tank cap gasket
    Radiator, condenser and intercooler
    Steering gear box
    Steering linkage and boots

    Please comment do I need to replace the transmission fluid

  • With over 112,000 miles on my '04 Prius I will only tell you that the tranny and fluid level and/or replacement there of has been totally unecessary. The car has been the epitomy of perfection and reliability. Oil changes, filter changes, wipers and tire replacements were the only items in need of attention.
  • How important do you think it is to change the cabin air filter?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    edited February 2010
    It's easy to change in the Prius -- no tools needed. Check your owner's manual for the procedure.

    It can get dirty rather quickly if you live in or near a large city, likewise in dusty areas like unpaved roads or deserts. I'd recommend checking it at least every 15K miles, and replacing it if it looks dirty. A dirty filter will hamper fresh air flow into the cabin.

    If you don't want to pay for a Toyota filter, I bet the aftermarket now supplies them for the Prius.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    It is mainly a dust filter. I got mine at O'Reilly's for about $9. I changed it myself. I have worked on cars in the past. If your are "handy" and have some patience, and a flashlight, you will be able to do-it-yourself. I like to make sure that no leaves get into my blower motor where they could cause a noise. If you smoke, or haul dogs/cats, it is worth it to keep it up, but it will only cause a problem if it somehow becomes clogged. Then the efficiency of the HVAC system become impaired. Like you trying to breathe thru a straw.
  • Thanks for the reply.What is the HVAC system? I do not smoke or haul cats,but I do take our dogs to the vet on occasion.
    I have managed to change the cabin filter on my Optima,so I guess I have some mechanical ability,but my Optima book has instructions in it, and I don't even know where the Prius filter is located.In the Optima I have to drop the glove box and after that it's easy.Is it anything like that?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Same location as Optima except you also have to pull off the damper on the right side of the glove box lid (no tools); HVAC = heating, ventilating, and air conditioining system.
  • I have a '09' Prius I bought new. Does anyone know if the battery ever had to be replaced how much that would cost these days? Also, are their any recalls on any Prius other than the 2010? Thanks. I really like this site, people are so knowledgable. :)
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Don't sweat the battery (I assume you're talking about the big traction battery, not the small conventional one like all cars have). Hardly any have had to be replaced, and all were in older Priuses. The cost is about the same as a conventional automatic transmission last I heard, about $3000.

    Yes, there is a recall on the 2004-09 Prius. This is for the floormat/gas pedal interference. You will receive a letter. The fix will be to shorten the gas pedal and supply a new all-weather (rubber) mat if you have the latter already.
  • I have very carefully inspected my floor mats and their relationship with the accelerator pedal, and come to the conclusion that the whole deal is a red herring.The mat is attached to the floor with two hooks, and is virtually impossible to move accidentally.I tried to make the two interact,and without manually unhooking the mat,it's impossible.The acceleration problem,if there is one ,is in the electronics.
  • Toyota has always manufactured a superior product to GM and Ford. Since the inception of the recall efforts, I concluded that the safety issues are greatly exaggerated and much of the promotion is politically-motivated. If you want to analyze the safety hazards in a motor vehicle, begin with big contributors: cell phone and other distractions; exhaustion of the driver; inattentiveness; intoxication; lack of adequate driver training; poor response judgment of the driver; excessive speed for conditions. If you read a few of the reports of injuries from alleged unintended acceleration events, then you know that in many incidents it is likely that the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed before the situation arose. After reports began surfacing, I practiced responding to a potential unwanted acceleration issue by disengaging my transmission: corrective timespan of about one second. Similarly, when my Prius begins gaining speed on steep grades in the mountains, it only takes a moment for me to shift gears and engage the retarder. I guess that driver training should be conducted on manual transmission vehicles, so that drivers understand what makes their deadly weapons move forward. From my daily observations and near-miss accidents, many drivers need training in how to safely operate a motor vehicle. On every day with snow, I observe one accident for every two hours that I am driving. When snow has been less frequent or the storm is not heavy, the speed of travel and accident rate goes up.
  • How would you explain the ones where the driver claimed that she/he put the car in neutral,yet the acceleration continued.Either it's unexplainable,or they are lying.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Without a thorough inspection of the vehicle, it's not possible to know. When people make a claim, you're only hearing their version of what happened.

    I'd get the recall done if I were you. My son will do so with his 2006 Prius, even though there's also no hint of the secured, proper mat possibly interfering with the pedal.
  • rpaleyrpaley Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 and live in suburb of Washington, DC, but did not look at the cabin filter for the first 5 years. It was still fairly clean, but I changed it anyway. I guess the frequency mostly is affected by dirty air outside and dogs and cats inside.

    Fairly easy to change, mostly a nuisance.
  • rpaleyrpaley Posts: 8
    the 2004 (2nd generation) also had a recall because of sticking gas peddle.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I agree...I think they came up with that to make more money for their dealers.
  • rpaleyrpaley Posts: 8
    Hello all. I have a 2004 with only 35,000 miles on it, with its ORIGINAL battery. Twice, on two different very cold periods (20 degrees F), and after sitting w/o starting it for 4-5 days. The following happened -- er, it would NOT START, or even try to start. Here are the details (if this was a standard car, I would surely think it was a dead or dieing battery, but this is STRANGE:

    (1st time) dim dashboard and clock; could not make the transmission shift out of Park and into any gear; could not get "brake engaged" indicator to go off, even when I DID disengage the parking brake; it took a FEW tries to shut down this dim displays (e.g., it did NOT turn-off on the first insertion of the "Start" button. I cycled through the normal start and shutdown sequence to no avail. I let the car sit for a few hours while the outdoor temperature rose to the mid-30's F. Then I inserted the Start button, the car STARTED IMMEDIATELY and it acted normally during the next few days, including the dashboard lights, etc. were normal.

    (2nd time) similar dim dashboard, including the warning light (big triangle with !! enclosed; seatbelt and shift location, gasolene level were all blinking; and brake engaged symbol would not disengage, even when I DID let the emergency brake off. When I cycled the car on and off about 3-4 times, and the above repeated. Then I pressed the Start button AGAIN (of course pressing the brake pedal this time AND each of the above times), and the dashboard lights came on brightly, and the car started and acted totally normally.

    A month or so ago, I checked the battery's strength and it was pretty good. I followed the instructions on this board

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  • atef54joatef54jo Posts: 1
    hi . hru , i use my car r400h but now appear on screen maint reqd , alrady i changed oil and filter but ats still on and written . and i programmed oil and filter setting but still written . how can i solve please . thanks
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