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Toyota Prius Accessories & Modifications



  • Hello

    I just bought a 2008 prius and I have the same problem, after about a week white spots/smudges appared right in front of the steering wheel. The dealer tried the same things to correct to no avail, did you ever receive an answer or find a way to correct this problem. Please let me know thank You
  • Just want to ask did you ever find a web site or a store to get these items to put on the floor for as you stated kleenx and such. Any answer would be appricated thanks
  • Saw your request and wanted to ask did you find a solution to the front end Ie bumper and hood protection, I asked toyota dealer where I bought prius and they have a plastic to put on that stick to it for protection from bugs,stones ect but they want $900.00 to do bumper and hood. Any advice or knowledge would be appriciated.

  • Just wanted to know did you ever find a remote started to work on prius.

  • hkeatinghkeating Posts: 1
    I want to set up to tow a max 1000 LB loaded trailer with my Prius. Is there a specific hitch that you found that will accomodate this?
    Have you been towing your boat? How is it working out?
    Thanks Hank
  • I was aware that the nav system didn't work in Hawaii, but am glad I have it because I may eventually move the car to the mainland. It is too bad because I did enjoy and use this feature when I drove it on the mainland. Also, the nav system takes us a lot of buttons on the dash, so it's a shame it doesn't work in Hawaii.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,618
    I heard Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak (who drives a Prius, btw) on the radio today talking about how a small number of cities have been approved (by whom I'm not sure) for a pilot program to do plug-in conversions of the Prius. He explained that Minneapolis was initially not on that list, but he talked to the powers-that-be and noted that the other cites on the list don't have a mayor who drives a Prius. :) Anyway, he was successful in getting Minneapolis added to the list, so in the near future Prius owners will be able to get the plug-in conversion done through Denny Hecker Toyota. Rybak claimed the plug-in mod (which has been done on his Prius) gets it to 70 mpg. He didn't say, but given where he lives and his job, I'd expect most of his driving is on city streets and urban freeways.
  • bnjnpvbnjnpv Posts: 1
    jut remember to make very small corrections when backing with a short wheelbase. 1/4 turns of the steering wheel rather than lock to lock. there's no substitute for practice.....during the week at the dock or in the nearest parking lot at night....when launching your ski, remember the plug!!!!!! i've only launched mine and a coupleof times a friend of mine's. his has reverse (looks like yours may too) mine doesn't....both skis can be floated off with the fenders of the trailer barely submerged. when trailering your ski, it seems best to be a few inches further out of the water (half way up the trailer wheel or so) so you have to goose the ski a little to get up to the bumper....seems to help the ski load itself square.
  • math69math69 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Prius level 3. The FOB that I have been using for more than two years has been through the wash at least once. Now the button that opens the door locks is stuck in the down position. This prevents me from either locking or unlocking the car using the FOB. I've removed the ring and manual key, slid the top off of the FOB, unscrewed the battery cover, and removed the battery (a Panasonic CR2032 3v by the way), but still I cannot access the button from the back. How can I open the FOB so I can access the buttons from the back?
  • I just got my 2008 Prius and I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. Does anyone know if I would have the doors automatically lock by itself when the car starts to accelarates? Thanks in advance!
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    My son has a 2006 model and there is no autolock feature. My guess is that this hasn't changed for 2008.
  • You can also go to walmart and buy a backup alarm for under $10.00 that you stick to the area of your back up light and every time you put car in reverse it beeps
  • Actually, yes you can set your Prius (or 'his' Prius) to an auto lock setting. Way in the back of the owner's manual under, "customization" it tells how to change the settings. And there are other things that one can change, as well. Neat, huh?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Thanks, I have an extra manual and will have to check it out!
  • I thought the door locking changes that are listed in the back of the manual control just how the unlock funtions for the smart key work. I don't recall seeing anything about auto locking.
  • In my 2008 model owner's manual, on that same page I believe you're referring to, either the 3rd or 4th "box" up from the bottom, there is a description of "speed-controlled" door locks. Unless I've misunderstood it, it refers to door lock settings that would enable the system to lock itself at a certain speed. It shows the default setting as "off", suggesting that it can be reset to "on" by a technician. I have a feeling that "out there" there are guys that could tell us how to make these changes. You know how dealerships are. "Only your authorized Toyota dealer should vacuum your carpet mats". Well, maybe not that extreme!
  • guess I'll have to take a look at my manual tonight. I don't remember seeing anything in that regard.
  • My am radio reception has gotten terrible and I would like to check the plus from the antenna. Where does the am antenna plug in?
  • Rick294,
    I looked in my 2008 owners manual and didn't see anything refering to speed-controlled door locks. What page number are you looking at? The only thing I found in the customizable section was to do with how the smart key works with unlocking doors. But, then again, I may be looking at a different part of the manual.

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