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Toyota Prius Accessories & Modifications



  • rayh1rayh1 Posts: 2
    I purchased a very well made Trailer hitch reciever for my 04 Prius at Their website is unders constuction this week so try them in a few days. Also I was aable to find an amazing bike rack for it at This rack is without a dought the best bike rake on the market. ;)
  • rayh1rayh1 Posts: 2
    I ran Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2 studded tires on my 04 Prius this winter. You do have some loss in gas mileage but the improved traction is more than worth it if you're going to do much driving on snow. The car handles very well with these tires. You'll be passing other cars with confidence. However, they are fairly noisy.
  • pagilepagile Posts: 4
    We put covers from on our 2005 Seaside Pearl and they look amazing. Make sure that you mention if you have side airbags or not. Good Luck, Jim and Kristy
  • mtransue1mtransue1 Posts: 15
    What are gtcovers ?

    I amnot able to comprehend your message because I don't know to what you are referring.
  • pagilepagile Posts: 4 is a great website that has good prices on seatcovers fot the prius
  • pkapka Posts: 56
    What covers did you get? Color? Were they easy to install? Any major tools or installation procedures?
  • pagilepagile Posts: 4
    pka, we got the covers for the front only in color N6 beige and they go great with the seaside blue tan interior. they include covers for the headrests and console too. they look professional and look great. they include instructions. rear seats look difficult to install. by the way...good luck, pagile
  • lconnorlconnor Posts: 3
    Does anyone know how to kill that annoying beeping in Reverse for a 05 Prius? Does this fix have any other side affects? Thanks! Larry & Karen
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    1. Power on the car to IG-ON or READY. IG-ON will do for this purpose.
    2. Using the Trip/ODO button, set the Trip/ODO display to ODO (not Trip A or Trip B)
    3. Power off the car.
    4. Now power the car to READY (brake on). This is required so that step 6 works correctly.
    5. Within 6 seconds of powering on, press and hold the Trip/ODO button for 10 seconds or more.
    6. WHILE STILL HOLDING ODO *after* the 10 seconds, shift the "gear" selector from P to R, then back to P. Now release the Trip/ODO button.
    7. If the last step was successful, "b on" or "b off" should be displayed in the location where the Trip Odometer or Odometer is normally displayed. "b on" is beep on, and "b off" is beep off.
    8. Press Trip/ODO to toggle the mode.
    9. Now power the car off to exit the toggle mode.
    10. Power the car on to READY and confirm the reverse beep status by shifting to R. The beep should not be audible if "b off" was selected, and should be audible if "b on" was selected

    This should work if follow the directions carefully. V.
  • stavridestavride Posts: 2
    thanks, i'll try the reverse beeping canceling sequence.

    anyone know how to cancel the seat belt reminder beeping?
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    I think that cancels both...I haven't really noticed! I know the seatbelt warning light still goes on.
  • stavridestavride Posts: 2
    The procedure worked like a charm on the reverse beeping. Thanks! Unfortunately, it didnt remove the seat belt beep.
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    Strangely, I no longer have any noise with unfastened seat belts, only the flashing warning light... I disabled the backup beep on the first day of owning the car, so can't remember if there was any seatbelt beep before that.
  • gdfgdf Posts: 2
    Anyone know much about the work that the guys at calcars ( are doing with the Prius. Saw this article originally on the NYTimes web site. Does anyone know if Toyota ever plans to implment a "gas-optional or plug-in" hybrid?
  • hikaru1hikaru1 Posts: 1
    Hi, Alice--

    If you haven't gotten them already, go to for your floor mats. As far as front end protection, I recommend having '3M clear bra' as opposed to the traditional black plastic 'car bra'. I lived in Colorado for 7 years and that was a big issue as CO uses pea gravel on the roads instead of road salt. The problem is that debris and moisture will get under the car bra and corrosion will form. The 3M product is, well, a gigantic piece of tape, which does a commendable job of protecting your car from debris and will prevent the corrosion issue as well. Sorry I can't help w/mud flaps.

  • jdonarumajdonaruma Posts: 1
    My toyota dealer doesn't carry these covers. Who makes them? Can I buy them direct? What state do you live in and what dealer did you use, maybe I could buy them and have them shipped to me. Any information will be appreciated - thanks.
  • jastertxjastertx Posts: 1
    Has anyone had an XM receiver installed in an '05 Prius? I want to add one to mine, but wonder if there are any issues concerning electrical connections that might cause a problem. The kids at Best Buy and the like are clueless. Anyone had experience? Thanks.
  • nc_drivernc_driver Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased the CD changer for the Prius? Where does it attach, and can you control the music through the LCD panel, just as the you can with the single CD player? I'm thinking of buying the changer, or just get an attachment for my iPod, which would probably be a lot cheaper and more flexible.
  • A few days after I bought my '05 Prius, I saw a little piece of dust on the dash, in front of the driver's seat. I lightly swpied it with my (clean!) finger and a white, slightly powdery mark now traced the line my finger took to swipe away the dust. I then tried using a cloth to rub away the mark. No luck; the white mark got bigger. I went to the dealer's detail people. They tried Windex, a bit of water, and finally something to condition the dashboard material. That mostly got rid of it, until I decided to test it and another whitish area appeared. The detail people said that perhaps the discoloration is from my skin (!!). They claim they haven't heard of this before. I tried doing the same thing on two other Priuses in the lot, and one of them showed the same discoloration.

    Has anyone else out there had this problem? If so, what should I do to condition the dashboard? It seems ridiculous that a dashboard should be so sensitive to the touch and so difficult to get back to its original condition!
  • furtherfurther Posts: 2
    I want to tow a 650lb Hot Dog Cart, honest!! Can my 04 Prius do it? And what do I need and where do I find it?
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