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Chrysler 300: Problems & Solutions

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
edited March 20 in Chrysler
Talk about 300 problems and share any solutions here.

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  • jcz1jcz1 Posts: 36
    Anyone else have this problem? The outdoor temperature indicator occasionally gets stuck, so far at either 74 or 76 degrees. I originally thought that this was the temp of the garage (which is unlikely, as it is un-cooled), and then it doesn't notice the change.

    However, just now I was parked outside in 90+ degrees, and it stayed at 74 for the entire 15 minute drive home. On longer drives, it usually gets un-stuck at some point, but I haven't noticed a pattern.

    Guess I'll have them check this out when the fix for pulling to the right comes in.
  • texas bobtexas bob Posts: 5
    Yes, I have had the same problem 5 separate times. The dealer has my car for a transmission problem and have told me that they have not been able to duplicate this problem, thus they have not fixed it. As far as they are concerned it is not a problem because they are calling a no fault found. This is my first ever Chrysler and I hope this is not typical Chrysler service.
  • texas bobtexas bob Posts: 5
    Right now my 300C has been with Chrysler for 20 days out of the 49 that I have "owned" it. Transmission speed sensor internal to the transmission has failed and the transmission has defaulted to second gear. Part is on back order with no date from Chrysler as to when the part will be in or when my car will be fixed.
    AM reception is very poor and they have already replaced the AM modulator (did not fix) and now they are waiting for a new antenna base to see if it will fix the problem.
    Also, outside temp reading locks onto a setting and does not update until 15 or 20 minutes into a drive. Chrysler tells me that they can't duplicate this while it has been in their hands so they can't fix it, they told me to bring it in again when it happens.

    Please let me know if you are having these same problems.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    The input and output speed sensors were a major first year build problem on the 300M. It took many warranty claims to get DC to get the part manufacturer back on track. The sensors on the M cost about $15 each. I recommend that you do what I have done, and when they become available at the dealer buy an extra set and keep em in the glove box along with a diagram of where they go so the AAA guy can put them in when they quit next time. I never had em quit on me, but I changed them out as preventive maintenance on my 2nd tranny service. I still got the spares tho. Hope your problem is an aberration and not the start of a wave.
  • texas bobtexas bob Posts: 5

    Thanks for the info and advice. Tough part now is I am told that the sensors with this new transmission have been moved to the interior of the housing and they can no longer be removed and replaced without pulling the transmission apart.

    Time will tell where this is headed?
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Bummer. If that is true,instead of a half hour fix it might be days. Hope it is rare to say the least.
  • catercater Posts: 11
    Anyone else have a 300 not starting problem?
    Intermittant problem, took 10 tries over a few hours to start the car. Then the problem went away. The car was serviced and a broken module was found and replace ... hmmm ... however, the 300 has done this a few times since.
    Interesting ... I am waiting to see if the problem returns on a more permanent basis as these cars are beautiful and who wants to have it in the garage ;)
  • showboatshowboat Posts: 1
    Bought a 300 C a month ago..Satin Jade, very cool...
    Unfortunately, has been in the shop most of the time due to faulty coolant temp. gauge. Intermentially drops to zero and engine cooling fan comes on. Happen to anyone else?
    Also does pull to the right!

    Thanks for the info!!
  • I learned my lesson when I bought a 1993 mazda 626ES for my wife. She loved the car, and it was quick, quiet and comfortable, but it was plagued with electrical problems and a tranny that would not kick down unless you hammered it. That was the first year of that new model. Right now I would love to get a 300C, but I'm waiting at least a year for them to sort out all the gremlins you guys are talking about. It shouldn't happen with a car costing around 35K, but it does.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    you all might like to make use of:

    It might help others BEFORE they get stuck.

  • maberginmabergin Posts: 2
    Has anyone had there thermometer problem fixed?I would like to know what the problem is.
  • todd1todd1 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 300C for my wife three weeks ago. She puts allot of miles on her cars so this has racked up over 1500 miles already. Several problems we have experienced in these three weeks include vehicle pulling to the right, auto-up/down window on drivers side stuck for about an hour then mysteriously began working again. The radio/NAV also stopped working for about an hour and mysteriously came back on. Finally, the a/c would not turn on. Just blew warm air. She immediately took the car back to the dealership wand miraculously the a/c came on when they inspected the car. Another complaint is with the the rubber trim around the power window/locks which appears to be coming lose. The gap is growing bigger by the day. This is the first domestic car I have owned and given the our experience with it in the past three weeks I am growing very very very nervous
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Posts: 134
    My dealer - 6 stars in my mind - told me that all of the fuses (in the trunk) come not installed. Well, sorta but not pushed all the way in. If you have any issues, quick check to see if they are seated properly. I KNOW - it should be done correctly, but that min wage guy/girl just wants to get it done. My $.02
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Look for any of kinglabs's posts and click on his profile. E-mail him and have him forward my e-mail to you.

    You won't get much satisfaction from the "5-STAR" OR the "factory reps"! It never changes. New model, same old crap! Having them take half your car apart trying to solve the problem won't help because they have NO clue what they're looking for!

  • texas bobtexas bob Posts: 5
    Had my 300C in for several problems including the outside temp, C could not duplicate the problem and thus could not fix it. I have had the car back for a week now and have not seen this problem pop up again yet. I wish I had some advice for you but until it comes up again I just have to assume it's fixed?

    My hideous AM reception remains after replacing the AM Modulator, the antenna base and the radio. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • jeepjeep Posts: 86
    Did you have an electrical problem that they corrected by doing this?
  • jeepjeep Posts: 86
    I posted recently where my red airbag warning light would stay on along
    with the "passenger air bag off" light occasionally. I took it to 5 star and of course they initially found nothing. The first bad vibe I received was when the grease monkey tech came to talk with me and stated that"gee this was the first time I sat in a 300 much less worked on one". In his infinite wisdom he told me that he was told the "passenger air bag off" light should be on unless there is someone in the seat. I let him know in a somewhat disgusted tone that he was told wrong.

    Anyway, he went back inside to attempt to find the problem. About 20
    minutes later, the asst. manager came out to tell me that they finally determined how to use the new scan tool to read any problems in my computer. He told me that they found numerous error codes and that they had no info as to what to do. I was told that they would literally have to spend numerous hours on the phone with Chrysler to fix the problems. I said that as far as I was concerned, there was only one problem, my air bag light. I was told that was an obvious problem but the computer is showing many more.

    Here we go. It sounds like this is a deal whereas I would have been better off leaving well enough alone. I am so concerned that they will screw other things up.

    Anyway, I have an appointment for Thursday. Of course, I had to remind the dealer that they have to give me a loaner car since that is part of Chryslers commitment to the 300.

    The icing on the cake was when I got back into the car and discovered that thegrease monkey couldn't care less about dirtying my carpet and kicking the sill plate getting in and out of the car.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Posts: 134
    Yes - radio/CD head unit was dead one day. Nothing lit or on, dark, dead. Checked the fuse (in the trunk!) and it was good, so I replaced it. The radio/CD worked! Hmmm So I asked the service mgr and he then told me about the fuses being not completely installed when delivered. Again, it SHOULD be checked/seated at the new car prep. At least my service people are honest.
  • cobragmikecobragmike Posts: 21
    My car was built on May 25th and was in Inspection until June 9th before it shipped. Can not confirm, but my thinking is Chrysler held onto it to make sure they weren't sending out a car with any known problems. It takes another 2 weeks to get it to the dealership here in the Kansas City area. Let's hope that it shows up without any of the problems listed in this forum. And no new ones.
  • chrome58chrome58 Posts: 10
    I just bought a 300C on June 1. I didn't really notice any pulling until this weekend, and it seems to be rather severe. Did anyone else who has the pulling problem experience it from Day 1, or did it progressively worsen?

    Also, where can I go to find the TSB description? And finally, the door sticker says the month/year built, but not the day. Where can you find the build information for the car?

    Any help will be appreciated!!
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