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Scion xB Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Well, I have been to weasel lot lizard dealers, surfed the net. Was looking at various cars and finally had an inspiration. I toned down the amount of money I was going to lay out and found the Scion xB seemed to do the trick. It is a Toyota and configured with the do-dads I wanted comes in at $20,090. This is the bigger Scion. Very roomy. Tx, licens in addition to price.

    I will have to order it but nice car and plenty of room to haul hunting stuff. Clincher was MPG and lower price. I'll post a picture when I get delivery.

    As long as things go smoothly at dealer I'll be happy. I'll give you an update. Looking to get the deal done this Saturday. :shades:
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    A reporter with a large national newspaper is interested in talking with new owners of the Scion xB. If you recently purchased this vehicle, please contact Chintan Talati at no later than Monday, May 12.

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  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I would try to look at the pontiac Vibe (15000-16000 street price 08 if any left in your area), Toyota matrix (same) possibly Hyundia tuscon, santa fe, Ford escape, etc. For hunting and such Scion has a rather low ground clearance and is overpriced. At least get 5 bids and try to get some overallowance on a trade or $2000 or so of their (overpriced) list price options thrown in. I guess this would depend on popularity in your area.

    Good luck
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    We picked up our Blackberry xB today. Got it for $15,497 (plus TTL, sales tax, and processing) for the manual tranny version. Have to put in a good word for Fitzgerald Scion in Gaithersburg, MD. Their Pure Price was $800 lower the the dealers in my neck of the woods in VA, and MD dealers can't charge the outrageous processing fees the dealers here want. The xB has everything we wanted, and is almost $4-5k cheaper than a comparably equipped Matrix.
  • hbgti1hbgti1 Posts: 16
    Congratulations, that's a great price. I got the exact same xB (5spd blackberry) last October for $16270 w/o any add'l fees other than ttl (but I also paid cash, so I don't know if that's why they waived the other fees).

    It's a great ride and I've been more than happy with the mpg. If you don't drive much over 70mph and avoid jackrabbit starts it really returns great mpg. I get 33mpg on my normal commute to work which takes me 40 mins (22 miles one way); roughly 30%city/70%hwy. Oddly enough I got 32mpg on a cross country hwy trip, but traveling 70-75mph most of the way cuts into the gas. The xB's sweet spot is right around 50mph, so if you drive alot of rural back roads you should get great mpg.

    The only things I plan to do in the near future is to:
    1) Install the TRD short shift kit. I've heard nothing but great reviews by other users regarding improving the smoothness and reducing the throw by a good 30% - 40%. My take on the stock shifter is that it's adequate, but gets notchy when rushed.
    2) Begin using synthetic oil when I get to 15000 miles on the odo.
  • retzer66retzer66 Posts: 3
    Gotta love the Fitz Way! $16,400 for our blackberry '08 xB with automatic, plus $21 for a 60-day temp Maryland tag. Took a $59 overnight Greyhound ride from Illinois to pick it up. Drove it real easy on the way back, averaging 49 mph. After expenses, we saved $1000-$1200 over buying local.
  • michgunmichgun Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Just need your opinion about how much I should pay for 2009 Scion XB 5-speed. By the way, I am located in San Gabriel Valley. I am planning to go to Longo Toyota. I don't know if you all are familiar with the dealer. Anyway, they gave me a quote of $18181.73. That price including the process & handling fee of $620. I added a quick shifter costing $266.50. The car comes with the carpet as well. I really need your opinion so badly. How much do you think I can push down the price? And I am planning to trade-in my car as well. The thing is I lost my title for my current car. I have to wait 10 business day for it. Is there any way that I can sell the car without the title? or can dealer check to DMV regarding the ownership of the car? Thank you so much for all your input.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    niether the civic or the fit come withtraction control or vehicle stabilty control. you would have to add that to the price f bot to comaper apple to applles. Xb is just a lot more car than either the civic or fit. Edmunds compares the fit to the xd and
    rate the xd as better.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Stability control on a FWD car is about pointless - no matter what you do on most you can't get them tail to come around at all. Traction control on a little 4 banger is similarly not really needed - you hit the gas too much, just lift :D .

    On my 06 xB I find that neither is ever needed or used, but on my RWD cars with more power then both can be lifesavers. My daughter's Civic is a much nicer car than the xB, but mine was a LOT cheaper. The trouble with the new xB is the price just takes it too close to the territory where other cars are better (to me) options.

  • novanova Posts: 135
    If the XB is selling so good why don't we see more prices paid action on this page. I under stand that most people pay sticker but in different states add different BS fee;s
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sales are up - nearly 41% for May 08 VS May 07 and nearly 57% for YTD 2008 VS YTD 2007.

    Scion xB
    Current Month
    - 2008: 5,351
    - 2007: 3,658
    - Chg: 40.9%
    Calendar YTD
    - 2008: 21,241
    - 2007: 13,331
    - Chg: 56.9%

    But not much point in posting "prices paid" for a car that has a fixed selling price - and only $800 or so of markup from invoice to MSRP. Most dealers will not even budge on accessory prices, but I suppose if you are buying enough stuff you might be able to get a lower price.

  • wncxbwncxb Posts: 1
    In NC, just purchased new '08 blackberry Xb automatic stickered $17,735 with upgraded stereo and mats for $15,775, after getting an inflated trade in value.

    Compared to another local Toyota dealership offer, I got free stereo upgrade and mats and a few dollars off.

    The "dealing" was basically in trade in value. While the dealer valued my trade as the same as other dealers, paperwork reflected inflated trade value.
    A BIG trade difference.......Last year, I actually had my Ford Explorer trade valued at $500 dollars equity over balance owed...signed papers on new Xb with a trade equity of $2,436 over balance owed. Glad to unload the F-bomb, with it's check engine light on, a bad power window, no cruise control..etc etc etc........

    I'm loving the Xb....and I think I got a great deal considering the trade.
  • I just put a deposit on a new 2008 Xb stock for 15000$. Sight unseen. Will take a trip to take a look at it in the middle of next week. Will add some options while i'm there and hoping to bring it home a couple of days after.

    It's about 2K below sticker price. I know it's 08, but i'm planning of driving it for a long time so it doesn't matter.
  • I've been researching new cars for the last month and settled on the Scion xB. I've been comparing it to about 10 different cars and nothing really offers the value for the money. The cars that come closest (to me) are the Corolla/Matrix and Honda Fit. But with those you still have to pay extra to get many things that are standard on the xB.

    I've found it frustrating to negotiate the sale of an xB, because frankly there is no negotiation. I thought that in this economy with even Toyota's sales down 30-40% and having a losing sales quarter (the first since 1938) that the "pure pricing" model would go out the window in favor of moving some cars. No deal.

    I emailed about 8 dealerships and each told me the same thing. They do not negotiate on price. Some dealers were offering to throw in extras, like free tires for life or a free lifetime warranty after the factory one expires. (These dealers were the furthest from me, so I did not take these offers too seriously - I'd read the fine print first.)

    The big sticking point has been the "documentation" charges each dealer has. In the offers I've gotten they vary from $300-600. I understand these fees are mostly pure profit so naturally I am trying to negotiate these away. Most dealers refuse. You would think that selling a car for sticker price in this economy would be enough of a profit, but I guess the dealers around here (Massachusetts) aren't hurthing that bad yet. If I can't get a dealer to eliminate or sharply reduce this fee I'll probably wait a month or so to see how the car market is. I don't mind giving the dealers a profit, but MSRP is enough (even at sticker tough the xB is a good deal).

    The best offer I've gotten so far was:

    MSRP: $16420
    state tax: $821 (5%)
    doc.: $299
    title: $50
    plate: $36
    inspection sticker: $29

    The only room the dealer has to play is with the documentation fee. Anyone had any luck in getting this reduced or waived?
  • Have you checked with Fitzmall, they have dealerships in both MD and PA and prices seem to be running close to invoice.
  • Thanks for that information; I had no idea they existed. Their prices are about $1000 below MSRP. The problem is they are about 430 miles from my house. I also couldn't find much information online from people who have completed a long distance purchase from them. Lots of people saying, "check them out," but very few who talked about actually doing it.
  • Stopped by dealership in Lawton, OK (Fiesta Toyota/Scion). They had 2 xB's. 1 was an automatic with spoiler and a protectant package. They wanted $18500 and they would not budge. I walked. This dealership does offer a lifetime warranty on all new car purchases, but that didn't interest me much because i have never had to use a warranty on a toyota.
  • I think I've ended my quest for an xB, at least for now. The best offer I got was to pay MSRP, plus a $249 documentation fee. The same dealer also offered me an 08 at MSRP with no documentation fee. I do not feel either deal is reasonable in this market so I walked.

    About six other dealers had much higher doc. fees (up to $600) and all of them refused to lower or eliminate the fee. I think I'm going to check out the Matix. It's a compatible vehicle, but you have to pay extra for cruise, stability control and some other convenience features. The Matix gets better gas mileage though.
  • I do agree with you that the xB is still a great value for MSRP (though it took me a while and a lot of comparisons to similar models to reach this conclusion).

    Where I disagree is that there is a variance in the price people are paying for Scions from dealer to dealer. The difference is in the documentation fee that dealers tack on to "process paperwork." In Massachusetts and Connecticut I surveyed eight dealers about the xB. The MSRP's were all the same, true. But there was a wide variance to the doc. fees: from $299 to $600. One dealer told me that the profit on Scions was "miniscule" at MSRP. The thinking seems to be that these dealers need the documentation fees to make more profit. In New York (a neighboring state) the doc. fees are capped at $45, so where is the fairness?

    In my negotiation with dealers, all told me they couldn't sell an xB lower than MSRP or risk losing their franchise. While that may be true, I wish Scion would be just as vigorous in enforcing that dealers do not sell their Scions for over MSRP.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I think where there may be some confusion is that all dealerships don't sell the same vehicle at the same price nationwide. My understanding is that as long as the dealership sells the same vehicle to everyone at the same price and that doesn't have to be at MSRP.
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