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Scion xB Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got a email quote stating all scion xb's have been discounted 3% off MSRP for auto. price was 16,700 now 16,199. w/ otd price of 18,200 TTL. How else can I chisel these guys? I don't like the fact u get crappy hub caps have them thro in alloys ;) Just my $.02
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    That's jack. An 08 scion xb wagon used (17000-18000) msrp has a trade in of under 13000 with average miles. ( You're paying a lot for Scion's hip marketing,etc which I assume isn't working too well right now. That said, it is a low volume vehicle which may keep prices up. Either way, it isn't much of a deal unless you really really dig it. Xc and Xd are similar.

    Good luck
  • dealers alway screw u on trade in value. they have to atleast make 1-2k to make it worth their while. for exmpl. they give you 12,700 trade in value & inturn ask 16.5k when they go to sell knowing consumer will want to knock 1k off ;) that is why i never trade my old car in.
  • rlc7rlc7 Posts: 1
    Next thing yor going to tell us is that when you opened the glove box there was a gift certificate for a new Lexus...............
  • flawlesslyflawlessly Posts: 2
    Do they still offering incentive rebate beside the one for college graduate student?
  • Hi, I plan on leasing a new 2011 Scion xB, does anyone know if the monthly payment or money per mile is negotiable?
  • this a good car overall? looking for either this or the malibu far i seen about 3 on criagslist that say that the windsheild is cracked or needs repair.does the windsheild gets cracked often?
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