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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The title of this thread is "...Prices Paid and Buying Experience" yet nobody lists their prices paid. How unhelpful.
  • I just ordered a 2010 Equinox LTZ FWD with the following options:Cardinal Red, Brownstone leather,Moonroof,6 cylinder and 18 inch wheels. I paid $29995.00 plus tax. Any rebate or incentives will come off the price at time of delivery. I was told 8-12 weeks. Has anyone seen the color combo I ordered. I hope I am not taking a gamble with the brownstone with red exterior. Even thouh the brownstone does have red stitching
  • If you look back far enough you will find some figures.. Below is what I posted a couple of months ago..

    "Honestly, as long as you think you're getting a good deal, I'd go with it. Eventually there will be better deals out there. It's just a matter of if you're willing to wait for them or not. I'm not wanting to wait. So, my deal is looking like this.. original price 28,530, supplier price $27,337. Then I get 1,000 for conquest, 500 for guarantee and 940 for my free leather. Total cost $24,897.00 for a 2010 NOX 2LT, cardinal red, jet black leather, sunroof and auto liftgate. TTL is extra, but I have a 4.34% rate, which is pretty darn good right now as well!

    So, I'm rather happy with my deal."
  • I just ordered a cardinal red ltz with black/brownstone leather. I am kind of concerned if the brownstone goes with red. It does have red stitching. Have you seen this color combo. What do you think?
  • For what it's worth my wife owns a women's fashion shop and she said that brown is put together with red all the time. She said the red stitching and black interior trim will be picked from the exterior red nicely.

    Don't worry it will look great!!!!!!
  • Thank you so much. My wife tends to agree with your wife. You really put my mind at ease.
  • I agree.. the brownstone leather is quite beautiful. You should be fine! Congrats on choosing the best color (Cardinal Red)! :)
  • Hey, the best color, I'm offended ;) I myself wanted red but didn't have the option. I bought mine off the lot on July 29 and black was the only choice on any lot around here. I couldn't wait because my C4C was on it's last leg and needed a new engine, to make my 1999 Jeep eligible for the program it had to be driven onto the car lot by it's own power. I had it towed to the edge of the lot and was able to drive it about 10 feet before it died for good, that put me on the lot so I was now eligible :P It blew a rod and made so much noise people from inside the dealership came outside to see what all the noise was about. If I had a chance to wait (needed a car) I would have preferred red but the black has grown on me and because I love this car so much it really doesn't matter to me that much now..............
  • Hi

    I am in the process of buying an Equinox LT1 with vehicle interface package, sunroof, rearview camera, pioneer premium sound. MSrp is $26,110 and I am ending up at around $23,600 + TTL. Bought from a dealer in Northern Baltimore. They have been okay but they cant seem to get a firm date on when I will get the car - they say it has arrived at their shipping facility locally but they dont know when they will be able to spring loose from there. Not been the most pleasant experience. We also had a miscommunication on incentives/pricing but they at least made right on that and honored what I thought I should be receiving.

    Generally speaking (from what I can tell in this area), the best you will be able to do , with persistence at that, is to get credit union supplier pricing (about a $700 to $1000 discount off of MSRP) + Conquest $1000 + $500 in lieu of 60-day. By the way, GM has a nice webpage where you can price out a car and it will tell you what the credit union price would be.

    I see some indicators that supply is loosening up a little bit but still a seller's market

  • Believe it or not I actually got a better price than the credit union price by going to and go to autos. You can get the exact invoice price the dealer pays less the advertising which is about $300 to $400 depending on regions. I haggled and got the car for $400 under credit union so there is more room to bargain with. The delears are much more willing to give discounts on a factory order than a vehicle in stock.
  • That combo will look great..........The Nox I am getting will have brownstone interior and the gold mist exterior. The brown and black will be sweet with red. I've owned two red cars and wanted a change. I think you will be satisfied. :shades:
  • Thanks Pete - that sounds pretty good approach - will have to remember that next time. You did well - I had a hard time getting anyone to dealer pricing let alone below that

    I sure hope this vehicle is worth the wait. We traded in a Pilot (not as fuel efficient as I would like) for this but I dont think my wife is too happy with me - hope that will change when she actually sees the Equinox
  • Dave,

    Two people in my neighborhood have recently gotten the new equinox. They both rave about it. They both told me it is the best vehicle they ever owned. I usually get a new car every 3 to 4 years and I can't remember being this exited about getting a new vehicle. I know both you and your wife will be thrilled. Good luck.
  • Pete - it is wonderful to hear this about an American smaller suv - nice to see Chevy up the ante for Rav 4 and CRV.
    I will let you know my impressions (if I ever get my Nox!)
  • I ordered my 2010 Nox on 22 Oct. LT2, 4 cyl, FWD. Mocha, Black/brownstone leather, 18" wheels and chrome package. MSRP was $28,185.00, I paid $27,172.00.
    Build date is sometime this Week and should ship within 10 days after build. I'm
    hoping it arrives in time to take advantage of the incentives. My dealer also estimated delivery within 6 weeks after order. I thank 6 wks is their standard answer.
  • mof22mof22 Posts: 5
    Found out that even though I did receive an "Order Workbench" and I have a preliminary order number, my order hasn't been accepted by production control. Placed the order on 11/4. My dealer told me that normally it should have accepted by now and there is a 3 - 4 week time period for it to be built after the order was accepted. So, now trying to find one that is as close as possible to what I ordered so that I won't be out much longer without a car.
  • Below is a link to a review I wrote up, which includes what I ended up getting for a sale price, as well as my thoughts and takes on my version:

    In case anyone is interested.

    My personal 2010 4cyl awd equinox review/experiences
  • mjk11mjk11 Posts: 2
    Has anyone used the USAA discount of $750 for Chevrolet with their purchase? Do they let you use in conjunction with a credit union discount or the USAA car buying service?
  • We got them both with no problems in addition to the military pricing.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Have GMC made a mess of this!!! I have been shopping around Florida for one of three colors and what a problem. Everyone is telling me "No stock" "More in March" The vehicles they have are what probably people don't want, 6cyl's, black on black, all wheel drive. The cars that people may buy are marked up with all the dodgy add on's like paint sealant, pinstripe. If the cars are built requiring a sealant GMC should do something about it. I am looking for a 4cl fwd Gold Mist with light titanium trim. One Cape Coral dealer has an LTZ he is asking $37k, that is almost X3 and GLK teritory. If you see one that is not marked up let me know. My last Toyota with all the extras the distributor adds on put me off them until their pricing changes.
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