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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 104

    I've created my own system for purchasing vehicles whereby I never set foot in the dealership unless I'm there to pick-up (buy) the vehicle. I almost always buy leftovers at scheduled intervals for cash (at very healthy discounts), and I've never paid a "dealer fee" that I didn't already know about ahead of time. There's no end to dealer scams like "doc fees", "etching" etc. that dealers dream up simply so they can quote you one (lower) price to get you into the dealership, then change it to a higher number at the last minute. "Doc fees" don't scare me. Dealers can make them thousand of dollars if they want to. It's the overall price that matters. And if you forget to ask for these "fees" numbers up-front (a sign of an inexperienced buyer because these "fees" have been around now for AT LEAST 15 years), they gotcha. All you can do at that point is walk out (and you SHOULD), but I suspect most people don't because most people buy based on a monthly payment and the dealers know how big a "fee" they can tack on divided by X months before it'll become an issue with the buyer.

    It's capitalism: One person capitalizing on another for financial gain. Your job is to be prepared for all the scams they will try to throw at you so that they don't steal your money. There's a deal that can be struck between both parties which is fair to both. But once greed enters the equation, it's every man for himself.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    Yeah, I meant in general supply will go up as time goes on. 2010s will be gone even before Thanksgiving, IMO. But one year from now, I'd be surprised if there weren't at least a couple thousand cash back, or 0% for 60, on the 2011 Noxs. I don't think this is some vast conspiracy - they simply have a new model that is very popular. They added second, and then third, shifts at the manufacturing plant as they realized demand was so high.

    Yup, I am an inexpreienced buyer. This was my first new vehicle. But as a buyer if you are happy with the "out the door" (minuts TTL) price, that is all you can ask for. And I was. I ended up over $1200 better than any of the other three dealers I "dealed" with (all online), even considering the high doc fee and vin etching. And this doesn't include adding in transport costs that probably would have been associated with the other dealers, since they were working off of doing dealer trades, while this one had the car on their lot (and the dealer was two miles away, the others were 60 or more). I never bargin with monthly payment, too easy to get taken that way. But this dealer doesn't play those games anyway, unlike some other dealers around here. They have a good rep.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 104
    It sounds like you did as well as you could've on your Equinox. It's just been a very tough vehicle to purchase. Even if you would've known about the doc fee up-front, they wouldn't have changed it or altered the overall price. It was going to sell at their price.

    Who knows? Maybe I'll end up with a 2011 Equinox. I'm going to hold out until year's end or first quarter next year and hope I can pick up a discounted 2010. If not, it'll be a leftover 2010 Traversty (sure to be leftovers there) VS. 2011 Equinox. And this scenario will probably favor the Traversty with the combination of bigger Traversty discounts and higher Equinox pricing.

    It's gonna be fun. I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll be buying somewhere in your area (LOL)...
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    Have been searching the dealers here in NE PA for a few weeks now. Most 2010's are gone and the 2011's are what they are pushing. Locally there are zero FWD models (what I'm looking for). Most don't have many Noxes on their lots but are pricing based on incoming inventory. I found a dealer in NJ willing to go to $24500 on a 2011 LT1 FWD with drivers convenience package. MSRP is $25500. Think it's a great price given what they have been selling for. Just wish it was in a different color. May just take it, not sure yet.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    get a hyuundai santa fe
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    Care to elaborate on this? A blind statement like that does no good without some sort of reasoning why the Sante Fe would be better.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    I'm not saying it's better or worse. I just read here that some folks are wringing their hands at the low supply which translates to high prices for the equinox, and perhaps the high price is well deserved. We have a 2010 santa fe that we're happy with, but I'm not here to knock the equinox at all. In fact, if the situation was reversed and the santa fe was a new model in low supply, and the equinox had been out a few years and they were discounting as normal, we'd probably have gotten the equinox.
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    I hear ya for sure. Chevy has a product right now lots of people want and the supply is oddly low. I did happen to drive a Sante Fe a few weeks back. Thought it was OK and the features were comparable. It did have more cargo space (important to me) but it lacked a "wow" actor. The Nox (to me at least) is just more visually appealing. The Nox also should get a bit better gas mileage than the Sante Fe. The plus for the SF was a longer warranty and that is good since I'm a high mileage driver. Guess it all comes down to personal preference though.

    Thanks for the input.
  • There are NO incentives being offered right now, so that's a $1000 dealer discount - maybe. Let's hope it's a sign of more flexible pricing with the 2011's, but I'd be willing to bet the dealer will drop a hefty "doc fee" on you at the last minute, making it a measly $300-$500 dealer discount.
  • I am considering the Equinox and trying to decide which motor V6 vs. 4-cylinder. I will not be pulling anything. Also front wheel vs. all wheel drive? I like the gas mileage the post for the 4-cylinder, but am worried I might regret it when I need to quickly get out of the way? Anyone bought the 4-cylinder? Any comments or info would be great. Thanks!
  • We have our nox for 6 months. We test drove the 4 cyl. and we did not like it at all. We drove it for a half hour and did some hard accelerating. It was very noisy on full accelerations and lacked power when merging into traffic. We ordered a 6 cyl. FWD LTZ. My wife and I have said it numerous times-we are so glad we went for the 6 cyl. Unless you always had a 4 cyl.and don't mind some sluggishness when you need power get the 6.
  • I have had my 2010 FWD LTZ w/6 cylinder for about 11 months. I, too, drove the 4 cylinder and noticed a significant difference. The 6 has surprising power (with a little torque steer when you really mash the pedal) but for the small mileage penalty the extra "go" is worth it, especially in the kind of traffic we have around Houston. I don't tow with it, but I do use a cargo carrier with the hitch to haul coolers and assorted stuff to the beach and it easily accommodates the additional weight even with 4 people aboard.
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    edited September 2010
    Finsihed a deal on a 2011 Mocha Steel FWD LT-1 four cylinder with drivers convenience package. I did not go with the deal I talked about a few posts back since that Nox was gold and I wanted the Mocha. The deal broke down this way:

    MSRP: $25500 (destination included)
    Selling price: $24575
    trade credit: $7700 (Edmunds trade value was $6890 for 06 Grand Caravan)
    trade balance still owed: $4972 ($2728 trade equity)
    Tax: $922 (6% PA sales tax)
    Tag transfer: $47
    Doc fee: $123
    GM Card Points: $1500
    Total Selling Price: $21445

    This was a much better deal than I expected go into the dealership. He was 70 miles from me and had it on his lot. I got this price with NO haggling. His trade credit was $700 more than what I was expecting. I was extremely pleased with both the sales person and sales manager. They held no punches or tried any B.S. Before they came back with pricing I did make them aware that I had intentions of visiting 4 dealers today to find the best deal I could (this was truthful). After their offer came to me I still wanted to visit another dealership to see what they would offer.

    The second dealership had an LT-1 FWD in Mocha Steel just come off the truck this AM. It did not have the drivers convenience package like at the first dealership so was stickered at $24670. This dealer refused to drop anything off of sticker price and was $2000 less on my trade. When I told him of the offer I had just got, he gave me the typical "Don't know how he's doing that!" line. But said he was not even going to try to match it and that the 1st dealer was probably just "dangling a carrot in front of me" and that he wouldn't hold to those numbers. I got out of there as quick as I could, called the first dealer back and confirmed all the numbers. Told him I'd be back in a half hour for it. :)

    The F&I went smooth as can be also. Before filling out any paperwork I stated up front that I didn't have any interest in extended warranty's, fabric protection, waxing, etc. They said no problem and skipped by all that with ease.

    I couldn't be happier as of now. The drive home and to the gas station was 72.3 miles total. 25 was city/ 2lane streets and 47 was highway. Set the cruise at 68 for the highway drive. The tank took just 2.159 gallons to fill back up for a 33.48 fuel mileage average.

    There are deals to be made out there, just takes a lot of searching.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • For the past 12 years I have bought foreign cars. Now I'm considering possbily looking at GM or Ford SUV's. At this point, I'm not sure what I will end up with. I will write back in the future with my decision.
  • wnuk, thanks for posting this info. I found it while researching my own Nox purchase and it came in handy for reference. If it helps others, I didn't do as well but I left my dealership thinking I did pretty well. I know I got the better of them on my busted-up trade.

    I got FWD 1LT (cyber grey) with the driver convenience and cargo management packages. My breakdown went like this:
    1LT was an even $25,000
    Destination was $745 on top of that.
    Dealer fee I couldn't get out of was $599
    My trade (-$2000)
    GM Card points (-$1k was my max allowed)
    "Loyalty/internet bonus" (-$1577 - I got them to up it from 1200 when i griped about the dealer fee)
    tax was $1372 +$50 for the county
    tag/title $225

    $23,522 was my out the door price and they included two years of scheduled maintenance (-$225)

    If anyone is considering a car purchase, I did the lendingtree thing and Capital One came back with the best offer ($22k @ 2.68 for 60mo.). It's SO MUCH EASIER at the dealership when you negotiate the price without worrying about financing.

    Hope this helps others. I'm happy with my new car so far!
  • a_duba_dub Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I found this forum very helpful when I was looking up how much to pay for my Equinox so I figured I'd tell about my experience.

    I think I did decent in my negotiating which took about 3 weeks, mostly over email. I wasn't able to get any of the free maintenance plans but I did negotiate in free window tint on the front windows which is minor in the grand scheme of things.

    My Nox is a stock, Twilight Blue LT2. Didn't add any additional features though I probably should have pushed for the Cargo Management package cuz now I realize I want that and will have to buy aftermarket.

    MSRP = 26715 (included destination fee)
    Negotiated down to = 25577
    Vehicle Inventory tax = 54.16
    Documentary Fee (couldn't get out of) = 150
    Title/Registration + misc road & inspection fees = 137.55
    Sales tax (@6.25%) = 1613.31

    I did get talked into buying the Execu-Care extended warranty plan and this Zaktek package that is clear coat protection. The reason is, 1) never owned GM car and heard they have history of problems 2) plan on keeping this car for 5+ years.

    I read on some forums that both of these were stupid decisions on my part BUT I was able to get the finance guy to drop the interest rate from 4.49 to 3.99 to help cover the costs.

    Warranty (72 mos or 60,000 m) = 1175.00
    Zaktek = 236.00
    Total before down payment = 28943.01
    Down Payment = 3500.00
    Financed amount = 25443.02

    Monthly payments = $469
  • I bought a LT2 about 3 weeks ago with the 4 cylinder and sunroof/power liftgate. It now has 2500 miles on it and is running great; average fuel economy in both eco mode and non eco mode is 23/25 mpg real world mixed driving on city streets and freeway traffic cycles.

    Problems encountered so far are few; coming out of a crew cab pick up it was hard to get used to the smaller vehicle but it is very big internally and accomodates me well, also the 4 cylinder comes with electric steering and that has taken some getting used to as opposed to hydraulic assisted steering. Power is good and you do have to give it gas to merge but it is not what you might think. The engine is very responsive and I am looking forward to taking a long trip to really check out the fuel claims and eco mode.

    Hope this helps you out.
  • what kind of deals are they offering on the 2011 equinox in lexington at therod hatfield dealership?
  • I like this new 2011 2LT Equinox with 4 cylinder, just wondering what is a good offer on this vehicle? Im thinking $27,500 with cargo management.
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