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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
edited April 27 in Volvo
Welcome, bring your buying experiences here!


  • windsorwindsor Posts: 12
    I just leased the brand new Volvo S40 2.4i (year 2004.5). My agreed upon value was 23,927.46, which gave me a 3600 dollar down payment, and a $278 monthly payment. My S40 came with the premium package, and the climate package. This was my first brand new car purchase/lease, so I'm really curious how I made out.
  • windsorwindsor Posts: 12
    I just got one on a lease. I put 3600 down, and got my payments at 278 per month! I think this is pretty good, but the verdict is still out. Mine came with the premium package, as well as the climate package. I got a black ext, with off-black interior.
  • windsorwindsor Posts: 12
    Yea, but your payments bring the credit issue into play. This is the big problem I am having, the dealership is telling me that I have a higher than originally expected monthly payment because chase has me as a tier 3 customer. This is really wierd because my credit score from the 3 bureaus is as following: 693, 667, 688. No where near tier three. What was your gross cap cost? Mine was 24,226

  • mgpark103mgpark103 Posts: 5
    Atlanta, GA
    Awaiting (very anxiously!) delivery of my new T5 - black on black leather, premium - audio - sport packages - automatic ...
    Leased for 48 months (I believe this one is a keeper!)
    Payments are $419 with Zero out-of-pocket (except first month's payment); cap cost of 28,500; MSRP 32,850; 40% residual.

    Dyer&Dyer Volvo did it again ... I will be a little sad to see my trusty 2000 S40 go away tomorrow, but my shiny new T5 will chase those blues away the minute I step on the gas pedal!! Wahoo! ;-)
  • mgpark103mgpark103 Posts: 5
    Check out - they have a lot of good information including (for a fee of $20) a package that will evaluate current or pending leases against certain criteria and rate the lease terms. I found it very helpful and up-to-date! And especially reassuring when you plug in your final lease terms and it comes back with a "good" or "excellent" ...
  • twilliatwillia Posts: 29
    I posted this question on the New S40/V50 board, but did not get a response. Now that this board is in place, I thought I would try again.

    I'm looking at getting a 2004.5 (or probably ordering a 2005) Volvo S40. The MSRP is $33,750 with everything that I want in it. The invoice price is $31,386 and Edmund's TMV is $33,399. For anyone who's bought a 2004.5 Volvo S40 did you get a better deal than the TMV for your configured vehicle? Did you pay close to MSRP or close to invoice?

  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    I ended up leasing instead of buying, and so I cannot help much. All of my attention was on the monthly payments and startup. If you are negotiating on a 2004.5 S40 already on the dealer's lot, I think you could negotiate a price of about $800-$1000 over invoice. You should definitely do much better than the TMV price. The '05 models should begin arriving in 3 more months, and so I doubt you'll need to stay near the MSRP on the '04.5 models. If, instead, you need to custom order, then you'll be ordering an '05 model, which will probably sell near the TMV price.

    By the way, you might consider leasing instead of buying. I don't know if this is still in effect, but Volvo was recently providing a $3000 incentive towards a lease of the S40. I rarely lease my vehicles, but this incentive convinced me to do so.

    I see you live in Chandler. Have you talked to anyone at Powell Volvo? I recommend that you check out their web site and look up their Fleet Sales Manager. He was able to put together a much better lease package for me than North Scottsdale Volvo.
  • waybeyondwaybeyond Posts: 5
    I just recently placed on order at Lawrence Volvo in Walnut Creek, California for:

    2005 Volvo S40 T5 (automatic)
    Black exterior, beige interior

    Premium Package
    Audio Package
    Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    Edmunds doesn't have the premium package's invoice price but, according to Kelly Blue Book it is $1,887. Factoring that in, according to Edmunds, MSRP is $32,115, TMV is $31,909, and invoice is $29,980.

    Volvo has a deal called the Overseas Delivery Program where they will give anyone two free round-trip tickets to Sweden on SAS airlines to take a tour of the Volvo factory (isn't the S40 made in Belgium?), one night's accomodations in Gothenburg, Sweden, and free auto insurance for 14 days if I want to drive around in Europe in my new Volvo.

    In taking this route to purchasing this car I paid just slightly below invoice, $29,850. The only downside is I won't have the car in the US until ~September. That's a good trade off considering I'm not in a rush to get my car and I was planing on taking a vacation anyway :-)
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    Yes, the new S40 is assembled in Belgium.
  • leeandginaleeandgina Posts: 38
    Anyone in the Pittsburgh area i highly recommend Rahal Volvo for a car. They treated my wife and I like royalty and didnt mess around on price. We ended up buying a 2004.5 passion red S40 2.4i with audio and climate package for $480/month (inc tax @ 6%) over 5 years. They even tracked down the car that we wanted (it was at the port) and it had 7 miles on it when we picked it up :)
  • twilliatwillia Posts: 29

    Congrats on your order and trip to Sweden. I'm considering ordering a new 2005 model through Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program too. I've spoken with the sales manager who's responsible for the program and it seems like a pretty good deal. My vehicle came up to a total of $31,485 which is just $99 over the 2004.5 invoice price. When completing your deal, did you come across any hidden fees or costs over the $29,850 quoted price?


  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081

    If purchasing, instead of leasing, I agree it is probably best to order an '05 model, if you can wait on it. Who (which dealer) are you working with?
  • twilliatwillia Posts: 29

    I'm definitely planning on purchasing a new vehicle. I drive close to 20,000 miles per year and I just can't see doing that in a leased vehicle.

    Right now I'm working with the Volvo dealership in south Scottsdale. Since I was originally planning on trading in my Acura, if I end up going with the overseas delivery program, I need to save a bit more money. I want to keep the loan total I need the same regardless of whether I trade-in a car or not and go with OSD.

    The OSD program seems very interesting and exciting. A good price, a free trip to Europe, tour of the factory, etc.

  • waybeyondwaybeyond Posts: 5
    Twillia (Tony),

    Sorry for the delay in response...

    I asked the dealer to provide an itemized quote before agreeing on anything. Aside from the price for the car I have the following:

    Doc Fee $45.00
    DMV Fees $250
    Smog Fee State: $8.25
    Smog Fee Seller $50.00
    CA Tire Fee $5.00
    (and of course taxes -- which vary based on your location)

    Based on my research all of these are fine as far as I can tell. The Doc Fee varies upon the state you live in and the dealer you go to -- in California I believe it is capped at $45. You could save on this if you wanted to register the car yourself at the DMV.

    So far, the only "catch" I see is that I have to wait until Aug 11th to "pickup" the car and then till sometime in September until I'll have the car here in the US. Considering that the "catch" includes two free tickets to Sweden I think that's a fair trade off. :-)
  • deviltangdeviltang Posts: 1
    Any thoughts on whether I could get a new 2004.5 T5 for $25,000? The only extra-cost option I really want is the silver metallic paint (possibly the xenon headlights and moonroof also but don't think I can keep it below 25k with those options).
  • njcar4njcar4 Posts: 1
    i think i got a pretty good deal here. i am financing it at 36 months for 2.9% 10k down. black exterior with off black int. sports, climate, premium, audio and convenience packages. $26,883. around 3,000 off of the TMV.
  • bpwrightwvbpwrightwv Posts: 17
    Overseas delivery is only available on the 05's and beyond. I looked into this when the 04.5 came out. FYI- for all interested nerely all (if not all) models produced by Volvo in Europe are available by European Delivery. More info is availabe at
  • bpwrightwvbpwrightwv Posts: 17
    How much was your purchase price, if you don't mind? It's hard to figure with only payment info. I am looking at Bill Gray, mainly becase I live south of P-burg and it's closest. Your purshase price would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • jcroganjcrogan Posts: 3
    I have been researching the new S40 and in case anyone is interested as of 7/1 thru 8/31/04 they are offering the premium package free, I an not sure of exactly what states but it is in the North East is about $2000 and the finance rates vary depending on months of the loan. I have never bought a foreign car and am concerned with repairs and am not sure if I should purchase the extending warranty.
  • leeandginaleeandgina Posts: 38
    This is what we worked out -

    Sticker : $26, 350
    Invoice : $24, 837

    Financed: $26, 832
    - $1500 down
    Total with tax : $27, 100

    BUT we got a check for $2367.00 when we picked up the car to cover our last 3 lease payments. So we actually paid $24,465 for the car (financed minus check from dealer).
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