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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • As MHO - I do not combined the test drive with the buying negotiations. I always test drive "ahead" as soon as a new model that I can be potentially interested with has appeared on a dealer's lot.

    This way, you always have a pleasant experience with the salesperson, let him BS you a bit about the car and feel good about himself.

    And when you ready, you bring your offer and negotiate up from your bottom line (never down from the dealer's counter offer).
  • I am trying to sell my 2001 Volvo S40. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to post it? It doesn't have anything wrong with it, I am only selling it because I work for an auto manufacturer now and taking advantage of their employee program.

    Just need a little advice so I can move on.

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  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    I bought my 05 S40 2.4i with Automatic and Silver metallic paint at Shelly Volvo in CA for $21,700 (or $23,680 OTD) on 2/28 before incentives end. (I could've got it for 21,500 at another dealer but I chose Shelly for their service) Just wondering and curious if anyone gets a better deal. Imagine if you subtract automatic and metallic paint the car is under $20K, WOW! I feel really smart buying it because I think it's the best car for the money out there and even better than other cars that cost more (like A4 or 325). On top of that I can't wait to take my new S40 to ski free at Vail and Heavenly next year!
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Give me a little credit here jeffyscott! I have been emailing dealers for 2 months. I had quotes in hand. I base my purchasing decisions on what I like, not the salesman. Glad I drove it again. I could be in a car that I dont like right now if I did not re-test the car. Maybe you missed this part of my posting... "I commented about the acceleration delay and lack of "pressure" in the gas pedal. He told me it was due to an "air acceleration" system and did not have the regular cable throttle that most other cars do. He said I'm pushing air when the pedal is depressed." I did not notice this in my first test drive and did not like the pedal feel. That's why I have yet to make a purchase. If I had liked the feel, I could have gone to a dealership that stayed open later and was just a few minutes away. They were going to give me a great price anyway. Perhaps you missed the bottom of that same posting, where I stated that I would give the S60 a try. I also was not wandering. I was standing 10 yards from the 50 foot wide glass store-front with 4 salespeople visible. There is no place to wander. The place is small. I did not walk out after the guy lied about incentives because I was curious about the t-tec material since I tested the premium pack previously. I had decided quickly not to deal with the unmotivated salespeople there in the future, even if I decide on the S60, so why not browse? I have three other local dealerships to choose from. This one was just the closest.
  • vinaygvinayg Posts: 2
    Just picked up a S40 from Tacoma Volvo in WA.

    2005 Silver T5 AWD Manual
    Select package
    Climate package

    Including destination charge and Volvo rebate: $28319 + Tax & licensing.

    The $1850 Volvo rebate seemed to be still in effect - just needed to ask.

    the car looks great and look forward to driving it.
  • paulsazpaulsaz Posts: 19
    Can anyone confirm the March deals on the S40? The only thing I can find is $1250 for current Volvo leasors.
  • I just got back from Goteburg, Sweden where I went to pick up my new S40. I thought that the trip was great. It was fun to see the factory and learn all about Volvo. The only thing I would recommend is making sure you are ok to wait for you car. I ordered my car in Dec of 2004 and I will not get it until May of 2005. I think the experience was nice but unless you are more interested in getting the free vacation and have time to wait I would not suggest it. In the end you don’t end up saving any on the car but the experience was unique.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Go to click on "new cars", click on "incentives and rebates", click on Volvo, etc...
  • cicicici Posts: 4
    What deals are others finding for March? Anyone else getting S40 automatic 2.4i's between $23,500 and $26,000 with leather seats, select pkg (audio controls & 6 CD changer, moonroof) & climate pkg?

    One person posted a deal that was basically $4k off MSRP, so I figured it was worth a shot since I was told after the test drive that our dealership wanted to move over thirty S40's off the lot, and his sales mgr told him price would not be an issue if I wanted to buy. I realize, that may be sweetening the pot a bit much, but I figured what the heck and made an offer around $25,000 (about $4000 off MSRP).

    However, the sales mgr would only go with invoice (about $28,000), and said no incentives were available. Edmunds says there's a $1500 manuf to dealer incentive. I told him I could wait for a better deal, and he suggested I go OSD because prices don't drop when the '06's come in. What's that all about?

    The silver automatic 2.4i they had on the lot was equipped with: the geartronic trans and Select pkg (moonroof, power seat, premium sound, audio controls on steering wheel); w/upgrade to leather seats, 6 CD changer, and child boosters. MSRP was $29,280.

    I think if now is a motivated time to sell, negotiating below invoice isn't too unheard of. Am I wrong?

    I guess I will have to find another dealer and make my pitch for $25k to them instead, although Sweden doesn't sound like a hardship.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Volvo web site shows the 1.9% 36 month financing. Edmunds lists this as alternative to the $1500 cash to dealer.
  • vinaygvinayg Posts: 2
    when i was negotiating my 2005 AWD T5, i essentially had to take the sales team through my logic (right or wrong) of my offer:
    - separate the volvo discount from the dealer price.
    - the 2005 pricing went up $500 sometime in Feb (?) but i pointed out the car i wanted was in their lot for over 3 months so i didn't want to pay the extra $500.
    - i offered them the x-plan price which is essentially 2% above invoice. this is where they make their money + any holdback.
    - the volvo jan incentive was $1850. i wanted the same incentive in march. i had no idea what the march incentive was :-)

    somehow the math worked for them. i heard also through the negotiation it was a very slow feb so there was motivation to get this deal done.

    i am sure if you looked at other dealers you will find someone ready to sell at your price. holding inventory is something they want to avoid.
  • cicicici Posts: 4
    Thank you for the information regarding the 1.9% and also the negotiation tips. After another attempt that went worse than the first, I found success on my third dealership. I am thinking over the offer, but I feel it is a fair price and they are much more willing to make me a happy Volvo owner than the other dealerships.

    The S40 2.4i has the premium pkg, climate, and rear spoiler in silver metallic with black leather. It has everything I want except the integrated booster seats and the offer is $26,780.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 74
    greetings all,
    My wife and I used this board to help get a good price on her new car(RX330) and some friends wanted us to help with theirs.We are in NH but ended up going to Watertown for my wifes car after emailing several dealers for best deals.It works !
    She is wants a red S40 with select and climate package and was was wondering what kinda of lease deal folks are getting before I start the emailing.
    Many thanks
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We were offered $250 below invoice, plus all applicable incentives by a dealer in Chicago area (Lisle Volvo). We decided not to buy, going for the new VW Jetta instead.

    The price, confirmed in an email, was just under $23,000 for 2.4i with automatic, DTSC, and metallic paint. This was based on the current $1500 cash to dealer incentive here and price would go up or down depending on incentives at delivery (we would have needed to order the car).

    This pricing was offered right up front, in response to an email from me.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 74
    Hi now also open to buying as well.
    Has price form dealer she went to:
    Here is the price I got from the dealer I visited in Concord:
    Manufacturer's Suggested Price: $24,255
    Climate Package (MC550): $625
    Select Package (MC536): $1850
    FWD; RED
    Standard transmission (5-spd)

    TOTAL: $26,730
    and wanted to see what others have found.
    Jeff, they where offering -250 under invoice but they keep the $1500 incentive? correct?
    Many thanks
  • zone3zone3 Posts: 1
    Hi...I'm looking at the following car:

    2005 T5 - Manual
    Silver Metallic
    Climate Package
    Audio Package
    Dynamic Trim Package
    T-tec interior

    So far I'm at 28,800 after the incentive, plus destination and a $450 advertising fee. How negotiable is this fee? Do most end up paying it? If I can't get out of it, what is the invoice cost of some of the other accessories that I could possible get 'thrown in' to make up for it? I'm thinking of things like the sunglass holder, luggage compartment mat, rubber floor mats. However I don't see prices for those things any where.

    Any advice on how to proceed, or am I sitting ok?

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    No, since we were not going to use the 1.9% financing, I would get the $1500 off plus $250 under invoice. So it would have been $1750 below invoice.
  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    If you're looking to buy a Volvo the magic number is MSRP - 10% - Incentives available
    For example an S40 will all the options you want is MSRP at $30K with incentives of $1000 and you play all your cards right then you can get it for 30,000 - 3000 - 1000 = 26000

    This formula is not absolute but if you can get the price to within 3% of this magic number then you've got a great deal. So from the example above you should be able buy a car with MSRP of $30,000 between $26,000 - $26,780 (Remember this number exclude Tax & fees, and final selling price include finance charges which the dealership can makes money and the finance guy will try to sell you other stuffs) Don't go home happy if you got the car for $26,500 + Fees and got hit with a 9.9% rate. Do your homework to know the best rate you can get with your credit, negotiate the best rate from the dealership or get your own loan.

    I know Volvo dealerships and salesmans will hate me for posting this but I hope this will help consumers and readers of the board
  • cicicici Posts: 4
    I agree! From reading many posts here it seemed the best deals others were getting were between $3k-$4k off MSRP.

    We are picking up our S40 2.4i, automatic in silver, with premium pkg & climate pkg with rear spoiler tomorrow and the final negotiations brought the price to $26,650. We'll do our own financing. I also really liked the email system of shopping dealerships. The third dealership, in Huntsville, AL, wasn't put off when I was upfront about the research I did and the price I was willing to pay. They were very pleasant to deal with are selling us a Volvo at $3k off MSRP.

    I came very close to buying a Mazda and now I'm so glad I waited and found a Volvo. I've got kids nearing the driving age, and I will rest easier knowing they are in a Volvo.

    FYI: The dealership was also willing to drive the car to us (2 hrs away), at no charge, but we decided a little road trip would be fun. Maybe our next Volvo we can experience the fun of OSD.
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