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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chantelchantel Posts: 12
    I think Volvo is offering 2500 marketing support as well as 1000 loyalty rebate for the month of May. Looking at what several people have been paying on an S40 that you would definitely want to haggle to get it below invoice. I missed last month's deal but this month it's just as good of a deal so I'm going to the dealer at the last day of the month to get it. Good luck! :)
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    new incentives come each quarter, so june should start another round, memorial day is a big selling period that's why i like to cycle my leases in the mid summer.
    does edmunds list the 2500 rebate/ support??? :)
  • leslietva3leslietva3 Posts: 10
    Unless the incentives are different in your region, the $2500 marketing support is only for the S60.

    Currently Volvo is offering $1500 marketing support for the S40 2.4i and $1850 for the S40 T5. And there is a $1000 Customer loyalty cash available to current Volvo lease customers. Lease contract(s) must be at least 1 year old or have not been expired for more than 1 year.

    Hope that helps...
  • mb5mb5 Posts: 7
    I just picked up my S40i barents blue - select / climate for 24,833 including tax, title, destination, everything. It had 133 on the odometer, but that was the closest it could be received with the options desired.

    I have a question about bi-xenon lights and altering the wheels. Is Volvo the only place to go to have these options done? I was hoping to maybe add Volvo brand wheel (possibly 17 inch) and the bi-xenon's.

    I should have discussed these things before purchasing the car - so pricing / installation could be negotiated, but maybe the fact i still haven't completed the survey can help my discussions.
  • soulunasouluna Posts: 2
    I just picked up a 2005 S40 2.4i. Here is what i got
    - Silver MEtallic paint
    - Premium package w/ Black leather and wood inlays
    - Moonroof
    - Standard rims and stereo
    This was the loaner car used by the dealership and it had 7k miles on it. It was found at the Pleasanton Auto mall in CA. I got it for $24k, sticker was $25,900 and MSRP on it new was $27,896. I added the spoiler and custom rims from the accessories book and that ran an extra 3500. Since it was a Certified Used Volvo i got the 7 yr/100k warranty and all scheduled maitence for 36k miles. This car looks, smells, and drives brand new. I love this car!!!!!! :) :) :)
  • soulunasouluna Posts: 2
    Volvo won't add the 17 inch rims unless you add the sport pakage to it and i've read that makes for a terribly stiff ride.
  • renifejnrenifejn Posts: 1
    I was just wondering what the new grads needed when getting the new grad discount. I know it says copy of diploma and other documents or something. I just graduated and thanks to my wonderful division office, they submitted my name late. The copy of my diploma wont be in for 6-8 wks. Does anyone know if a copy of my transcripts would suffice? Maybe a letter from someone at the university? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! I was told the discount is only valid until May 31 and I really dont even want to wait that long!!
  • fun4fun4 Posts: 2
    mb5 I just tried bargaining for the same car you bought--s40i metallic paint, auto, select with climate.
    You mentioned that your price of 24,833 included include tax, title, tags/destination. Which state are you located?
    The dealer I spoke with was unwilling to go lower than 25,500 including all incentives dealer cash 1500 and college grad discount of 500, which gets me a final sale price of about $26,300. I am assuming your MRSP was also $28,405. Anyone out there with any other advise please help. I live in Ohio.
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    fun4 - I am in Northeast Ohio - Cleveland area and recently bought 2.4i with prem, climate and auto for $25,300. Not sure where you are but you could contact Motorcars Volvo and Westside Volvo. I shopped through both of them and eventually bought from Motorcars as Westside was unable to meet or beat their price.

    One note - my MSRP was $28,515 as the car was built Dec. 29, 2004 (still an '05 model). The exact same care built in 2005 would cost $28,850 - thus Motorcars could still go a little lower and make a profit.

    Good luck...
  • mb5mb5 Posts: 7
    fun4- i'm in new jersey. the pricing was somewhat suprising to me as well since it was almost below what i had considered my base price for negotiations. I had secured this deal including my bank (federal credit union), but i'm not sure that their inclusion had a direct connection with the low price. i was given the 1500 + 500 (for deal inc / college) but was also given an additional 1200 off (something dealer related). This amount was somehow directly connected to my responses on the satisfaction survey so it may vary from dealer to dealer. If you need anything additionally let me know, I'd be glad to help out!
  • fun4fun4 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your response(s). So, in NJ your Select was an automatic package, select and climate, blue metallic paint with the 6% tax, title, tags and destination included for $24,833? That's a pretty nice deal could you let me know the dealer?
    This is my first car. I've been dealing with 2 dealers here in ohio. I got a "final" quote for$ 24,100 excluding the 6.75%tax, title and destination. The dealer wouldn't go any lower basically and the price includes all incentives and rebates I was told. I have the option of getting the car in PA since I will have ties there as well, I am just wondering if I should keep searching for a better deal.
  • schell1schell1 Posts: 8
    How did you find out the date when your car was actually assembled. Does this information appear anywhere in the car?

    Thanks, Richard
  • divewreckdivewreck Posts: 50
    My dealer & I were also looking for it. Couldn't find it on the door jambs.
  • frankie3frankie3 Posts: 2
    Hey fun4 and whoever just bought a Volvo S40 2.4i

    I got mine in Jersey, and I did a lot, and I mean a lot of shopping. I went all over the map, including NY, NJ, and PA. Overall, I found the service in NJ much better. I got my S40 2.4i, Select package, Automatic, Silver metallic, Climate control, and T Tec interior for $23,900 and that's after the $1500 incentive and other dealer discounts, which is BS if you ask me. The $1500 is your biggest incentive and if you're a student, then great you get the $500. They have a loyalty incentive right now for current volvo leasers of $1000, but i think it only applies to the S60, I'm not sure.

    The $23,900 is before taxes and after taxes, I live in NY btw, so I'm paying about 8.5% for registration in NY, 6% in NJ, my grand total comes out to $26,255. The person that got all that for $23,833 got a tremendous deal. I've been haggling for a week and I couldn't get the dealer to come down.

    Also, end of year sales are approaching before the 2006 models come out, which means that dealers should be a little more willing to come down in price. Models are also running out, at least that's what i hear, so if you want to get the configuration that you want, you might want to get moving.
  • mangosmangos Posts: 1
    I was just told I could get an S40 T5 AWD with the Premium Package, Climate Package, and Automatic for $28,892.

    The dealer gave me invoice minus $1850 incentive, minus $500 college graduate discount.

    Didn't sound like that great of a deal to me, I told the dealer I could just go get a Subaru Legacy GT Limited for LESS money. He pulled the typical, "but THIS is a VOLVO."

    What do you guys think? Good deal?

    Keep in mind that we just bought an S60 from the same dealer in December (we paid cash, no loyalty bonus).
  • I just leased a Volvo S40 for 39 months. Here is the breakdown:

    28,375 sticker (Base Model + Climate + Premium Package)

    X-Plan Pricing of 27,581
    - Dealer Incentive for NOT using Volvo Car Finance (STRANGE) $2,500
    - Volvo Loyalty Credit $1,000
    - Dealership picking up my last lease payment ($313) + Disposition fee from VFNA ($385)

    Payments are $341.21 w/ 15k miles per year and a drive away payment of $1,006.21 (first month +
    "aquisition fee" of $595 + Title/Licence)

    All in all -- I think I ended up with a pretty good deal. Why would volvo be asking dealers to NOT use VFNA?? The dealer told me it was because Volvo was getting hit hard on high residuals and that their portfolio was "full of s40's"

    Money Factors w/ third party was .00204 w/ a residual of $14,977
    vs VFNA's money factor of .00216 w/ a residual of $14,187
  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    How much is left from your old lease payment of 313 (how many months)?
  • Just one month
  • antheoantheo Posts: 2

    I am living in the DC, northern Virginia, MD area and I started the buying process of a Volvo S40.

    - 2 weeks ago:
    I buit the Volvo I want on the Volvo website. It is a S40, 2.4i metallic grey with black interior, manual transmission, premium and climate packages. When i had my volvo built on the website i clicked on the button to get quote from local Volvo dealerships. The result was the following: for each dealership contacted via Volvo, I received one automatic email with generic offers and afterwards I received another email with their "best offer".

    Among the four dealership contacted only one mentionned that his prices do not include Volvo incentives. One out of four. I liked that he did not try to hide anything from me but his offer was not compelling. Here is his offer:
    Right now a loaded 2005 S40 2.4i (Premium package, Climate package, metallic paint, and automatic transmission) would be available for our best price of $27,381

    The MSRP of such model is $28,850. So that's a 5% discount. I do think they can do better.
    Remember i want a manual transmission and the MSRP is $27,650.

    - 1 weeks ago:
    I went to try one and the dealer told me he can only find a T5 manual. I suspected that he want to sell me the more expensive model. Anyway I tried it on the road with my wife and my son and we both liked the ride. As we went back to the dealership it started to rain very heavily. As the morning was very shiny we left some windows open, so we had to go back home to close them.

    - 28th May 2005:
    I sent an email to follow-up with this dealer and he sent me a quote for the T5 and he said that they are closed Sunday and Monday. Had they sold enough cars for the month ?

    - 29th May 2005:
    I went to another dealership and he got a S40 manual but withoug any packages. I tried it and i did not like the T-TEC cloth at all. The reason might be that I can't stand synthetic clothes on me. I always wear cotton or wool. I also felt that without the premium the S40 has a "cheap" feel.
    I went back to the dealership and I asked for another car. He said he will try to see if he can find one. After some times he found one 150 miles away from where we are and gave me the following price: $24736 for a S40, 2.4i metallic grey with black interior, manual transmission, premium and climate packages.
    I asked the dealer, "is it with the incentives ?" Then he started to explain the other incentives availbles, College grad, AAA, ...
    Me: "is it your last offer ?" Dealer: "yes, you know this car cost me xxx, i can't go lower, i will lose money" Me: "ok, thank you". Dealer: "what do you want to do ?" Me: "i don't take any decision today. I am going to other dealership to see if they give me a better offer"
    Dealer: he repeated what i just said and i said "yes". OK, thank you and good bye.

    I think that was a very bad offer considering the fact that they had to bring the car and the car will have 150 miles.

    to be continued ...
  • gruxxgruxx Posts: 4
    Just ordered a V50 for European (Overseas) Delivery

    2006 V50 2.4i + Select + Climate + Sport + Bi-xenon + DSTC + Barents Blue + Free Airfare to sweden for 2 on SAS + hotel stay and factory tour + free shipping back to US = 29,400

    Invoice for a 2005 V50 2.4i with sel +clim+sport+Bixen+DSTC+paint = 29250

    Going to sweden for our 5th anniversary - Priceless.
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