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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jessenolajessenola Posts: 9
    Well my 2005 S40 T5 is back in the shop for the fourth time in 2 mos. This visit is for replacement of the aluminum colored center panel that the dealer dented during the previous visit, to address a check engine light that came on a week after the dealer replaced the engine management computer, and to determine why the transmission shifts so abruptly in manumatic mode.

    I thought the transmission problem was just inherent to the car until I noticed that my loaner car, an S40 2.4i, shifts perfectly smoothly. The problem in my car is mostly the 3-2 downshift at speeds above 5 MPH, which lurches the car enough to scare me into keeping the transmission in D. Anyone else have this? The dealer said he will look at the transmission software, which seems kind of bogus to me.

    The check engine light has something to do with the fuel pump or fuel pump sensor. Added to a failed oxygen center, complete failure of the engine computer, loose part in the door, and poor customer service I am finding it harder and harder to love this car.

    BTW: the fake wood center stack on my loaner S40 looks really cheap. I cannot imagine why anyone would choose this over the aluminum look. Also I am so glad I got the turbo. After a couple of days in the 2.4i, I cannot wait to get back into a car with some power. Sorry if I am starting to sound bitter, but I really do want to know if my experiences are normal.
  • jrapjrap Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    Was at Volvo dealer yesterday looking at used S40s. Turns out they are not much cheaper than a bottom-of-the-line new S40. Here's my question: They quoted me a price of $22-something for a new one (base model). What in the world is this manufacturer to dealer incentive of $1850 for "marketing support" that I found online and how does it factor in to this price? I know that there is a $1000 rebate manufacturer to customer, and I understand how those work, but how does the manufacturer to dealer one work?. Has that been factored in to the quote they gave me?

    Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    jrap - In mid-April, I paid approximately $25,630 for a 2.4i with premium, climate and auto. That included the rebates. Essentially the dealer took the invoice, subtracted the rebates, haggled a little and then made our deal. It was about 10% off MSRP. I'm happy with the deal...not great but good enough.

    At that time, rebate was $1500 to the dealer...that is what they subtracted from the invoice. If you search the forum, you'll find the "Volvo magic price" - MSRP-10% - incentives. I wasn't able to do that well but I think I did ok.

    Good luck.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 380
    i got t5 awd every option including spoiler 3 yr and 10k miles red/ quartz leather for my wife she doesnt drive much 0$ out of pocket free loaner, and will pick up my car at home (65 miles away) for any repairs or warranty work for $580/month i think it's good, an a4 similarly equiped was $550 no loaner or pickup service.
    my wife likes the pickup and loaner service.
  • I just purchased an S40 2.4i with the geartronic automatic transmission, sport and climate package. The difference between the msrp and invoice is less than 6%. I was able to get it at x-plan, and I believe that worked out to be 1% over invoice. I also received the $ 1,500 marketing support, and I believe the total was 24,300, plus tax, tag, and some lameass doc fee. Generally, I'm pretty happy since it was the only S40 around here with the sport package. The dealer calls me about everyday, advising me to give them all 10's on the survey. I'm sure that there is some additional kick-back based on the survey ratings. Maybe I can arrange for some goodies if I threaten to give them only a 9.
  • jfaccijfacci Posts: 1
    hey everyone,
    I'm currently in the market for buying a 2005 T5.I was just posting to see if i could get some opinions or some help for when i walk into the dealership and buy this baby. I live in delaware and there is only one dealership, but there are several out of state in Pa and Nj so if you think it would be better to travel let me know. I want to try and put a down payment somewhere around the winter of 05. The money option should seem right about then. I just needed some help from any1 that has gone through or is going through the process of buying a T5 with some similar options and what type of pricing i should expect or what type of number i should shoot for. Like everyone else, im trying to get the best price i can, im still in college so i dont qualify for the grad money, but if any1 knows of incentives that would be great too. Here are the options i hope i can pull off...
    2005 T5
    - Automatic Transmission
    -Climate Pkg.
    -Sound pkg. with 12 spkrs.
    -Bi-Xenon headlights
    - Metallic Flint Grey color -Not essential but its a nice color

    I have priced it all the time on the website with some different options but these are the ones that i would like to have.

    If any can lend some help let me know in the next postings. i really appreciate it guys and cant wait to join the Volvo family with an S40

  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    I am planning to buy a 2.4i with Premium within the next month and a half. What is a good price I can expect.

  • slurisluri Posts: 37
    Visited my local volvo dealership on a whim.
    T5 AWD
    Premium Pack
    sticker at 32500
    dealer does invoice at 30500
    dealer give 3000 cash back for lease ( 2500 for buy)

    1500 down with 460/month
    39 month lease with 11000/year

    how does this sound?
  • I j ust closed a deal for a new 2005 S40 T5 AWD from Roaring Forks Volvo (Glenwood Springs, CO) for a final price of 28,100 (13.5% below MSRP).

    S40 T5 AWD
    Leather seats
    Climate package
    Select Package

    I spent a lot of time reading various posts from this forum and many comments were very insightful (thanks!). So I thought I would share the deal I reached. I qualified for the $500 recent grad discount but that was all. The MSRP is listed at $32,513; we left the dealer on Saturday standing at $29,700.

    We are leasing; $5000K down (including first payment), 15K miles/year, $345/month payments, 39 months.

    The dealership is very good and honest; I am very happy with the deal. Much of the information the dealer shared with me was verified through research on my own. He also mentioned that it costs them $200/month to keep a car in inventory.

    Identical cars (but different color) were quoted at $28,100 by Rickengaugh Volvo in Denver which I used to negotiate a lower price with Roaring Forks.

    I also checked an identical configuration on and the price was $400 higher than my $28,100.

    Just thought I would share the info and hope it helps other people out.
  • barrakbarrak Posts: 8
    I'm new to these forums and didn't see a board specifically for the V50, so I figured this would be the place to post.

    I spoke with a dealer recently about a 2005 V50 2.4i with the select package and metallic paint. He gave me an out-the-door price of just over $26500. Does this sound like a good deal? I've only recently started looking at the V50, and I'm not too sure what they're going for these days. The dealership is advertising "Employee Pricing" to get rid of the 2005s, so I want to take advantage soon if this really is a good deal.

    Thanks for the help!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    That's essentially the same price on the same car I was quoted earlier this month in Portland, OR, give or take a hundred bucks. I didn't pull the trigger, but not because there was anything wrong with the price....
  • barrakbarrak Posts: 8
    Given what the MSRP was, it feels like a pretty good deal. The salesman said that the dealership is pretty much pricing the remaining V50s such that there's no dealer profit. They have a lot full of 2006 models that are about the same sticker price, so I imagine they have to mark the 05s down pretty heavily to get people to buy the older model.

    I'm torn between that and the Audi A-3 (they carry both) and they're just about the same price. *sigh*
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    As I mentioned on the A3 board, that's a close call. The A3 would be more expensive, comparably equipped, but it also drives a bit better. Neither is a world-beater for reliability or avoiding problems. I think the Volvo has a hair more room in both the back seat and cargo area, though the differences would be pretty minute. The A3 is the better performer.
  • drew10drew10 Posts: 24
    I'm confused. What is the cap. cost of the car and residual and money factor used to arrive at the lease price ? Maybe I am misunderstanding your numbers, but 460/month seem very high. The payment arrived at in post 331 is more in line of what you should be paying.
  • Finally purchased a new 2005 S40 T5, red with quartz interior, auto transmission, premium, audio, and sport packages. Took advantage of manufacturer to dealer incentive (ended Aug. 1st) of $2500. MSRP $31970, purchased for $27780 (includes destination charge and dealer fee of $499), OTD at $29700. Purchased from dealership in Lakeland, Florida.

    Hopefully not bad for a girl! :blush: I have been scanning this for a year, and used numbers from here and carsdirect to make my offer (so thank you to everyone who has posted!).
  • drew10drew10 Posts: 24
    Does anyone have any experience with dealers in eastern Massachusetts. Rebates in this area are over, hopefully they will be back. Would be interested to know of any dealers willing to deal and your thoughts and experience with dealers in eastern Massachusetts. Thanks
  • bskirkbskirk Posts: 5
    Here's what's on the table as of 5 August:

    Main features are silver paint/T-tec interior, Geartronic, climate pkg, select pkg. MSRP is $30,015, initial cap cost is $27,253, adjusted cap cost for lease is $25,003.

    There is a $750 "pull ahead" rebate in play for the lease (I have S60 lease expiring later this month), and the dealer is throwing in $1500 cap reduction. I think there must be some manufacturer rebates to the dealer that are depressing the invoice cost. Additionally, they are offering 3 years of maintenance included in the deal.

    Dealer really pushing the 51 mos lease, which I have rejected for two reasons: it goes past the warranty/roadside assistance and would have me shopping for my next vehicle in November.

    So, the 48 mos lease on the table includes $2769 due at signing (which includes $327 of local taxes) and 12K/year mileage allowance. Residual value assumed is $12,876 (39% of MSRP). Lease money factor is .00188, and the resulting monthly payment is $323 before taxes, $337 after taxes.

    I have not decided to accept this offer, still negotiating. Left a msg for salesman about the $500 rebate available for Volvo Financing signings, to see if that $500 could pull the adjusted cap cost down even further.

    If anyone has ideas, please speak up! Thanks.
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    Was at a Volvo Dealer in the Capital Region, NY today and got an offer of $ 22,675 for an 06 2.4i (Ice White). I didn't get the car becoz it felt pretty underpowered and ended up picking up a Scion Tc :)
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    There is a manufacturer to dealer rebate of $ 750. Besides that there is also an additional $ 500 rebate for recent college grads and a $ 500 rebate if you finance through Volvo. Hope this helps.
  • bskirkbskirk Posts: 5
    Thanks. The $750 pull-ahead rebate is already in play, and I have asked about the Volvo Finance rebate-- waiting for reply. I'm not eligible for the collge rebate.

    Have contacted another dealer with what appears to be a larger inventory. Should receive e-mail with some offer(s) yet this morning. I did send them the current offer on the table, in the spirit of capitalism.
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