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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jcroganjcrogan Posts: 3
    This was a lease? How many miles were you allowed per year?
  • bpwrightwvbpwrightwv Posts: 17
    For those who paid around $27k, did anyone consider the Acura TSX? I have tested both, the Acura seems like a better value, ie for $27K it comes fully loaded (minus navi), $27k for the S40 doesn't seem to buy much. I like the styling better on the S40, but am having a problem justifying the 'lack of value'.
    For those who feel they got a good deal on the s40, what was your starting point for negotiations?
  • As I am looking into this program I see that they give you a free vacation and a lower MSRP. Where is the catch? Do you have to pay to have your car shipped back to the U.S.? Are there any importation fees? Why would Volvo and Saab do this? Are there any other companies that do this?

    Otherwise this sounds like an amazing deal for a car like the new S40 T5. I think I will try and wait to get it in manual.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "Otherwise this sounds like an amazing deal for a car like the new S40 T5."

    To me, upgrade from 2.4i to T5 for "free" is an amazing deal simply by giving up the moonroof, leather & metallic paint. But the problem is that OSD probably requires the premium package anyway, at least for now.
  • waybeyondwaybeyond Posts: 5
    Yeah, I thought the same when I learned of this incentive at the dealership: "What's the catch."

    So far, the only unfortunate thing (for me at least) is that even after I go to Sweden and "sign" for the car I'll have to wait another 4 - 8 weeks until I see the car in the States. But really, that's not a big deal considering everything else.

    I think you can already order the manual if you do OSD... not sure though. I do know that you get a 2005 car rather than a 2004.5.

    If you want to read other people's experience who have done OSD with Volvo I've found a forum at Swedespeed ( pretty helpful.
  • waybeyondwaybeyond Posts: 5
    That's correct, it's only available for 05's and beyond. However, I placed my order sometime in June and will be going for pickup in Aug. So, according to the order form it's technically an 05 model but I'm still getting it a couple months before the new year...
  • leeandginaleeandgina Posts: 38
    No, wasnt a lease, was a purchase. Our previous car (Audi S4 Avant) was a lease though - and im really missing it :( My wife cant drive a 6speed though and she needed something for her commute so she got to pick the car this time :)
  • jminer1jminer1 Posts: 2
    So it seems like the only downside to OSD is waiting a month or two before you actually get your car back in the states. So let me ask this question. . .

    If you currently have a car that you want to trade in, how does that work? Do you have to trade it in at the time you leave to Sweden, or do you keep it until your car arrives in the U.S.?

    Basically, I can't really afford to be carless for 8 weeks.
  • czm3136czm3136 Posts: 10
    I've read a couple of other messages regarding the premium package being offered for free on the 2004.5 S40 for July and August.

    - Can anyone confirm?
    - Is it only offered if you finance/lease through Volvo Finance or is it offered by another bank?

    This may have an impact on my decision to go with the S40 instead of the TSX........
  • 005005 Posts: 1
    The free Premium Package (basically the Invoice price on this) is available through the end of August on the 2004.5 models only - At least that was what I was told. I just bought the 2004.5 T5 (Passion Red, prem pkg, prem audio, bi-xenon) for $100 over the Invoice price last weekend with this offer. I don't think you get any special financing deal if you take the free Premium package? I got my financing elsewhere. I bought it at the same dealership in CA that "WayBeyond" mentioned in his post last month.
  • czm3136czm3136 Posts: 10
    Wow, congrats on your purchase. $100 over invoice is really good....when I was first looking at the T5, I didn't think I'd be able to get one at a reasonable price. They were quoting we crazy lease numbers almost near the mid 4's and that was including paying some of the fees upfront! And Edmunds listed that people in my area were paying around $1500 over invoice, which is pretty steep.

    Now with an incentive like this one and the new money factors that are currently out on the leases, the price quotes seem to be a little better. But you're right, I wonder if taking the free premium package means the financing is through a company other than Volvo (who has an attractive money factor). The reason I would like to go with Volvo Finance is because we already lease one car through them and will be eligible for another $1000 off.

    They seem to get you somehow, but I'll be happy with my $1000 off and whatever other haggling I can do. Your $100 over invoice has inspired me. Thanks!
  • bpwrightwvbpwrightwv Posts: 17
    I just got my new 2004.5 S40 with 2.4i,
    flint gray metallic, prem pkg, climate pkg
    and convenience pkg for $25k.
    Though they never mentioned it during the negotiations (all through email, and I knew this to be the case b/c of other posters here) the premium pkg was 'free' and I did sign a form acknowledging it was 'free'. I got 2.9% up to 48 months through Volvo finance. There are a lot of buttons and settings that I still need to figure out, but I'm happy with the deal I got and look forward (hopefully) to a good Volvo experience.
    Thanks to all who've posted here and the other S40 board.
  • nsd163nsd163 Posts: 1
    Went to Fairfax Volvo today and bought a new 2004.5 s40 T5...

    Silver metallic
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Bi-xenon headlights

    Total - 27000 (not incl tax, tags, title and destination - which came to around 28600) financed for 36 months @ 1.9

    Had to spend basically the whole day and put up a fight to get the dealer to drop down to the price above.
  • volvoluvvolvoluv Posts: 1
    does anyone know, the free premium pkg. offer is available also with osd?
  • lrac65lrac65 Posts: 1
    I don't know if this will help you but I bought a 2005 S40 T5 AWD for $28.000. The car is equipped with the premium package, 6 disc cd changer (not premium sound), heated seats and metallic paint. I ordered the car for delivery in europe through Volvo OSD but, I work in europe for a U.S. based company. When you check the OSD price list compared with state side MSRP you will save.
  • kenwkenw Posts: 1
    Volvo Orange County (CA) was good to us. Our 2004.5 T5 with sport, premium, 6-disc premium sound, about everything except navi or climate was 27,200. Dont know if I could have gotten in for less, but I was happy with the price.

    I've purchased and leased before, and this time was the easiest, and as a bonus the sales guy was not creepy. And I dont work there :)
  • tranmitranmi Posts: 12
    Just got my new 2005 S40 T5 Monday. Yes, I got it for $25,600. Leather, heated seats and driver side memory seat. First, I ordered the 2.4i with the premium and climate packages but after I test drove the 2.4i and the T5, I changed it to the T5 for little more money. I oreded my car through the Oversea Military Sale and pick up the car in the US with no charge. Happy with the car, the price and the dealer here in the State. Financed through the credit union (3.9%)
  • OSD can not be combined with any other incentives. The price is heavily discounted already.
  • There is a lot of OSD related postings here as well. This is truly amazing program.
    You can search for my postings on XC90, S40, S60 and S80 boards, and then, track the threads backward.

    I am one of the OSD cheerleaders here. I've done it twice and planning for the third one in the near future.
  • Honestly, in my experience, dealers do not like trade in conjunction with the OSD, period.

    They do not make much with OSD, just a fixed fee, so they will offer some ridiculous price for the trade-in.

    Remember, you do not buy car from that particular dealer.

    But you can ask. In my case they were agreed to buy my old car out at the final hand-over (when my new Volvo will arrive and I will pick it up from them), but the offer was laughable, if not offensive.
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