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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Congratulations on the new wheels. Where are you located? Did you take advantage of the 0% financing Volvo is currently offering. It seems I can get the lower price (which includes $1,500 cash back) or the finance offer, but not both.
  • Thanks! I think my price is too low to get the 0%. Well, when I bought it on Saturday, they didn't even mention 0% was an option. Plus I didn't see it anywhere. Did I miss something?
  • It probably just depends on where you are. I think the 0% might only be for the NY, NJ and CT area. I've seen ads in the paper and on TV for it. I think it's 0% for 24 months, 1.9% for 25-36 months, 2.9% for 37-48 months, 3.9% for 49-60 months and 4.9% for 61-72 months.
  • cstudent: It will depend on the particular car. Initially, the manager told me that the clock had started when the car was put into service. However, and this was after I had agreed to purchase the car, he told me that he had checked, and the warranty had not started yet, it would go into effect as of the date of my purchase. He indicated that it hadn't been reported to Volvo and used a term like "RNR?" as the step that starts the clock. If you were told that the warranty had been started, than likely it already had, but you could always call Volvo to confirm when the clock started ticking.
  • Received another quote of 25,900 plus tax and fees. This includes automatic transmission, blue metallic paint, select package and climate package. This also includes 3.9% financing. Good? Or should I do better?
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Do Volov and other Euro makes charge for the met paint because they use a better paint, ot they charge it just becuase they can???? I have a 06 S40 silver met, just wondering if it's special paint.....BTW I just had my S40 in for a oil change at the dealer and got a S60 now I know why I got the 40 instead..way better driver experience, sure the 60 is quicker, but handling, road feel, cockpit feel...just doesn't least to me anyway.
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    go for it or waint until june when they have the real incentives on the 40's
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742
    Do Volov and other Euro makes charge for the met paint because they use a better paint, ot they charge it just becuase they can?

    I say the latter. VW does not charge for metallic paint.
  • My understanding is that there are two ways that dealers put demos "in service." It depends on which way they put it in service whether or not the warranty starts at that time. I have seen both. So you are probably both right. The Dealer would have explained it.
  • I just got a new 2006 S40 for my wife. It comes with select package, leather and auto transmission. Color is blue. Final price is $22300+tax+fee which is about $7310 off the MSRP price. Got it from Mckevitt volvo at San Leandro CA. Is it a good deal? :) :shades:
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    This is a trick question , right?? We're you hoping for 7311.00 off msrp...that is a phenomenal deal....the best I've seen all year, I thought I was dealin' with my measly 5400.00 off msrp, my final price was 21060(I passed on the heated seats).I too bought at Mckevitt in July, guess they weren't this desparate yet..
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Wow, they must really be givin; them away now....I have a pal in SoCal who bought 06 S40 same package, leather , etc....10788 off msrp...he beat you buddy!
  • rana3rana3 Posts: 3
    i got an offer for a 2006 S40 volvo with select and climate package for $23,000 Any ideas if it's a good deal? Any dealership recommendations in the philadelphia or D.C area? thank you
  • cmingcming Posts: 7
    Hi, there. I was recently involved in an auto accident, and now I want to buy a car with high safety standard. I plan to buy a Volov S40 2.4i.

    Anybody here recently bought 2007 S40 around Washington, DC area (esp. northern VA area). Which dealership is the best, and what price I can get. I sent out an online request to 3 dealerships (Don Byer in Fulls Church, Dulles, and Fairfax Volov), the response is lukewarm. Thanks very much.
  • fm8dcifm8dci Posts: 6
    I got a quote today from a dealer in the Philly suburbs for an S40i, automatic, no other options. He quoted $24.1K, do folks think this is a fair deal, any deals in the area they would reccomend?
  • I got my 2007 S40 2.4 with auto., select and climate packages for around $4,300 off MSRP, but it's in New England area. I think you can find a better deal. Good luck!
  • fm8dcifm8dci Posts: 6
    Thanks to all who post, good information. I freely admit made huge mistakes first car, better on the 2nd, hoping for even better results on 3rd. Based on posts, I am prepared to go in on the S40i (auto) with an offer of $22,200, which is about $4,000 off of MSRP, or 85% of MSRP. I am figuring this is not outrageously greedy from the posts. Any confirmation by folks is appreciated that I am being reasonable.
  • cmingcming Posts: 7
    One dealer in MD mentioned to me that there are two rebate programs: -Cash Back Rebates of $1,500 also incentives for
    college grads and first time buyers.
    -0% financing is available to well qualified buyers.
    Does your quote ($22,200) factored these incentives ?
  • fm8dcifm8dci Posts: 6
    Thanks CMING for the reply. Yes, I didn't have a formula in mind including the cash back, but that was in my number. I haven't gotten a quote at this price, that is what I am preapred to offer $22.2K, plus tax, all in including the cash of $1,500. I had seen on Edmunds $500M cash for my area; but another dealer outside Philly gave me a quote including $1,500 of cash incentives. Deal or No Deal?
  • For reference, i just purchased a 2007 S40 2.4i AUTO, no options/frills for $23K (i live in Atlanta). When i was doing research on this forum last year, i found that ~12% off MSRP was pretty standard. I have found that pricing is dependent on a number of factors (region, time of year, inventory, week in month...).

    My advice: Take the lowest offer you've received and "shop it around" with other dealers in the area. Give names/details when you quote the figure.
    You must have patience with this strategy, but in the end you'll know how low the cars are leaving the lots. I had two different dealers tell me that the low offer from their direct competitor was "an amazing deal" that i should take advantage of it. That made me confident that i had a pretty sweet deal for my market.

    Good luck and have patience.
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