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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cmingcming Posts: 7
    I also purchased my volvo during the weekend. Here is the information: 2007 Volvo S40 2.4i Auto plus Metalic, price: $22900 + TTL. I think I get a pretty good deal, though not as good as fm8dci's 22200. :-) It is from the NoVA's largest dealer. Thanks Guys.
  • I am looking to purchase an automatic s40 with the select package+sirius & t-tec seating. The MSRP is 28,262. What would be a reasonable price to pay after negotiating? I've heard several people on here say that they were paying 12% below MSRP (that would be 24,800 or so). Is 12% a good range? What is the best time of the year/month to purchase also?
  • I purchased my s40 black on black t-tec seathing, with select package from West side Volvo CA. off internet purchase, 3000 down total 23,500- 425. month and this is a keeper love the car..
  • ampipe21ampipe21 Posts: 1
    I am currently looking at an s40 2.4 automatic with metallic paint, select package and leather in Florida. Any ideas what kind of price range I should be looking at? According to KBB, the msrp is 29.8K, what kind of purchase price (all taxes and fees included) should I expect?

  • wyattadwyattad Posts: 3
    I bought a new 2005 S40 T5 with a six speed manual, premium package, and premium sound off the showroom floor of Paul Moak Volvo in Jackson, MS for $21,000.
  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,856
    Recently? They still had '05 models left?

    Was it used?

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • wyattadwyattad Posts: 3
    No, it was brand new with only 180 miles on it.
  • likalika Posts: 2
    What is the good price for 2006 Volvo S40 with 30000-35000 km milage? They all around $27.500-30.000 CAD. Is it a good price? How much gas this car will use per 50 km on the street(not highway) Does anyone know which dealler I should go in Toronto? Sorry for all those questions, I am new to this country, I dont know where to begin. Please someone help!
  • Just got an intial internet quote from a dealer in the bay area

    Titanium Grey with Beige/Quartz leather interior
    Select pkg,
    Automatic w/geartronic,
    Sirius satellite radio

    $25,757.00 ($28,310.30 with tax, license, all fee's)

    What do you guys think, how much lower will they go?
  • Okay - '07 S40 T5 AWD. Climate & BiXenon Headlamps Package, Premium Package, Audio Package, 17" SAGITTA Alloy Wheels, Sirius, Bluetooth and Wind Deflector (both to be installed) Black (non premium paint).

    Price of vehicle: $30228.95

    (I think I did well). Opinions?
  • radoncgsradoncgs Posts: 58
    Agree. Just wondering where are you buying this from?
  • In Pa - what is a good price for a vehicle similarly equipped?
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    Can you tell me what dealership you worked with to get this vehicle at your price? Seems like you got a great deal to me, I am pricing something very similar on Edmunds and it looks like the TMV was coming in at about $36k, maybe I am doing something differently and haven't caught it. Did you get an automatic? The only things I am adding which I didn't see listed on your summary is the Dynamic Trim Package. Anyway I'd love to know where you went so I can negotiate a similar deal...I am in upstate NY, so PA isn't far away and less chance of initial rust beginning underneath if I go to another state for my new vehicle I am thinking!
  • I bought the manual, but that is nearly irrevelant.

    Have you actually gone into a dealer and test drove an S40?
    Have you actually asked for a price from the dealer?
    Do you have a trade and have they test drove it and given you an estimate?

    If you can answer yes to those questions, and you have not bought the S40, I can help you.

    I'd rather not say the dealership where I bought the car - they stated that it was a bad deal for them. Let me say though that I did nothing out of the ordinary, just followed the techniques for purchasing a car. I can be of more help, but what's in it for me?
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have driven the S40 at a local dealer, and yes, I have asked for a price, they quoted me $37,245 and it didn't have all the features I wanted. I know this is WAY high, and it is a turn off for me to want to deal with them.

    So did YOU have a trade in? Because that might be why you got such a great price, they low balled you on your trade in to build in their profit margin?

    What do you mean, what's in it for you??? Seriously? I thought the purpose of this a site where people help each other and discuss things openly and freely? Seems like asking for the dealership is totally within the purpose of this forum thread... and that being helpful to others is something you would be interested in doing, but I guess not.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I'd say that the 'ole Captain is kidding with that remark. What would be the purpose of posting in here if not to help others while getting informative & humerous responses.

    The Sandman :)
  • 'ole Captain is kidding.

    I too was turned off by the first dealer I went to ... Long story, but the salesman wouldn't even show me the price of the car, and from his first quote, he at first jumped the price of my trade by $500 then when I told him what I had expected to pay a month, he quickly said, "If you can write me a check for $1000 today, I can match that." I was appalled, this guy just dropped $30 a month for 60 months in like 20 seconds. That's $1800 + interest!!!!! At the end of my negotiation, I completely smoked his offer though, and I have more options than I planned.

    This is not rocket science how I approach this. After seeing him, I had an idea that I wanted the car and the exact options that I wanted. I also had an offer for my car. See, kbb and edmunds can give you a number, but you need to have a dealer pay that for the trade. So, I had a good idea what I could get for my car - if you don't have a trade - all the better! You only have to work one angle. I got what I wanted for my car though.

    Anyway, go onto build your car exactly how you want it and get bids back. Go to several local dealers, keeping in mind the one you really want to do business with ... I had one guy tell me he'd beat any other offer by $500! The dealer I bought from made a mistake, they forgot to price in a $300 option (blue tooth). So, the first guy who tries to beat their offer gives me a price that's $500 better than the original dealers mistake. I take his offer, my original back to the dealer who made a mistake - said take it or leave it. On the Saturday before the last day of April. I am prepared to leave without a deal - or I can go back to the $500 guy.

    In other words, I did some legwork. In the end, I got what I wanted for my trade, and you saw the price of the vehicle with the options.

    You must be willing to get up and leave.
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    Thanks guys! I'm glad he was kidding..I'm so stressed out with this car thing. I wish we could just buy cars from the manufacturers with no middle man to take such advantage. It seems criminal that the government allows these car dealerships to be so secretive and get to steal thousands from customers with no regulation. I would love to blow the whole thing open and finally put a lid on the corruption of it all.

    Anyway, that said (haa) I am wondering, is it best to first negotiate a decent price on a new car and only then mention that I have a trade in? Otherwise, wouldn't they be apt to quote me a lower new car price, but screw me on my trade in quote? (I have a 1999 Lexus RX300 with 50k miles)
  • It is two separate negotiations really.

    1) The price of the car you are buying.
    2) The amount of money they will give you for your trade.

    I prefer to work on the price of the car I am buying. I ask them to assume we will work out my trade. It's two confusing if you combine the two.

    So after I get the price of the car as low as I possibly think I can, I work on the trade. Going in, I typically have an idea (via Edmunds and kbb) on what I can get for my trade. Another good way is to go get it appraised by a dealer who you are not really negotiating with - you can perhaps can a more realistic appraisal. When you walk into a dealership and you present a hardline on price of the car - watch how quickly the value of the trade drops! It's amazing. Don't be surprised by it though and just let them know you have already been offered x amount for your car - why would you accept thousands less?

    This deal on my volvo came down to $500 on my trade. I would have walked for that $500 - it's all that separated us. Stand Tall! Go at the end of the month - they are more desperate - show up on the 29th - ready to buy by the 31st.
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    I started shopping around for a 2007 2.4i Ice White with no frills.. the MSRP on is 24,935. I am located in the tristate region (NY,NJ,CT).. the dealer said he can match the $400 cash to customer rebate which would mean $800 off MSRP... I found that pretty lame... To top that off the dealer (Palisades Volvo in Rockland County) was low balling my trade in.. offering me 2k less than what my trade was worth on KBB... does anybody know what I should expect as an offer for a 2.4i Ice White with no frills..i noticed the the norm is usually 12% of MSRP which would make 22k a reasonable offer. Does anybody know of any good dealers here in the tristate area?

    Thanks a lot for the help..
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