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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Couldn't you order a car with DSTC if you want that option?


    This site has all sorts of info on stability control systems:

  • You are right. The OSD price is slightly bellow invoice and the destination charge is not required. But how many people did buy S40 at the invoice?

    The OSD is good for the new models + you get your extra savings on the trip portion, if you have planned the Euro vacation in the near future anyway.
  • Just remember that what is called ESC on this web site is DSTC, but not the STC on Volvo.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Hellix wrote - "Got the following Volvo S40

    -2005 S40 2.4i

    -Silver Color

    -Premium Package

    -Sport Package

    -Convence Package

    -Climate Package

    -Extras...Waste Bin, Touch-up Paint, First-Aid Kit, Eye Glass holder, Mud Flaps


    I paid $24580

    Had to really fight for the price but edmunds TMV is way too high".


    Awesome price Hellix! I am taking the email approach. I am playing 4 dealerships off of each other. So far, I'm down to an offer of $24,000 on the '05 automatic metallic 2.4i with Premium Pack. Two other dealerships said "no problem" beating that price! Now I wonder if I should ask for additional packages thrown in to sweeten the incentive to buy from them. It's only been been two days of email "bargaining". Guess it can't hurt? Has anyone gotten comperable offers? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • 23799.00Sales Price after rebate (before tax and registration)

    For a new (not demo or loaner):
    2004.5 S40 T5 Red with Black Interior
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Climate Package
    Geartronic Transmission

    Does this look like a good deal? And how does a 2004.5 compare with a 2004 S40 T5?
  • The price is 27399 not 23799 ... still is that good price?
  • Hi all,

    Got a dealer quote for a 2005 volvo S40 T5 AWD with the following options:

    - 5 speed automatic transmission
    - Select Package
    - Dynamic Trim Package
    - Climate Package
    - Bi-Xenon
    - DSTC
    - Convenience package

    (I nicely loaded car with color "passion red")

    Dealer quote including all options + destination charge was: $32,545

    Can anybody tell me if this is a decent deal or not?

    A quick comparison (including all above options + destination charge) shows:
    MSRP: 35,695
    Invoice: 33,250
    Edmunds: 33,835
    OSD (based on 8% off MSRP): 33,441
    Dealer quote (once again): $32,545

    It must be said that the dealer is giving me the full manufacturer to dealer incentive, which is currently $1850 for this model volvo.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  • Your OSD price sounds a bit high.

    Base: 24,510
    Automatic: 1,200
    Select (in combination w/ dynamic trim): 1,535
    Dynamic trim: 2,025
    Climate: $625
    Bi-Xenon (in combination w/ climate): 443
    DSTC: 695
    Convenience: 405

    Total OSD price: $31,438

    Also, right now, they are offering the premium package for $495. So, you could drop the select package (-$1,535) add the premium package (+$495), add the audio package (+$845). You'd be losing the Sagitta wheels, gaining leather seats, and saving $195.
  • Hi Carbert,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    How did you get the base price on the OSD so low?
    I used the MSRP posted on the volvo website (which is $28,170) and subtracted 8% for OSD. This came out to be $25,916. After adding destination charge I came to a base price of $26,611.

    The options under the OSD program are full MSRP, which I found were as follows (from volvo website):

    - Automatic: 1200
    - Select (combo dynamic trim): 1537
    - Dynamic trim: 2025
    - Climate (combo Bi-Xenon): 368
    - Bi-Xenon: 700
    - DTSC: 695
    - Convenience: 305

    TOTAL Options: 6830

    TOTAL base price: 26,611

    GRAND TOTAL OSD: 33,441

    My options come to $98 less but my base price is $2101 more than yours. Am I forgetting something or omitting some crucial incentive/discount??

    Thanks for the alternative option suggestion but my wife really doesn't like leather seats. I tried the T-tec yesterday at the dealership and I liked it so I won't be going for the leather seats. Good tip though, I was not aware that the premium package was on offer.

    Any ideas on my dealer quote? Does $32,454 sound like a good dealer price? :)
  • Sorry, I missed the AWD in your post. The special premium package offer isn't available on the AWD, by the way. Volvo posts the OSD price list on their site. The AWD base price is $26,170, for a total OSD price of $32,998. There is no destination charge when purchasing through OSD.

    I can't comment on your dealer quote. Sorry.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    lev, thank you so much for your patient detailed explanations for the DSTC, we decide to go with it.
    now I got frustrated because it is almost impossible to find a right car with everything we want (DSTC,GPS,Xonen headlamp) without sport suspension in a right price in our local dealers' lot. we would love to go with OSD but can't find a trusted people for house sitting our puppy. she is one and a half years old, very attached to us. now I am thinking to go with a base car then sell it maybe a couple of years.Also tired for checking out every dealer's inventory, negotiating with those lame actors(dealers). what a pain! have thought it would be a cheerful experience to getting a new car:(
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    carbert,I am so surprised to know there is a special offer on premium package for $495, where can I find it and print it out? when will this offer expire? Does this offer apply only on OSD or on both dealer's deal and OSD? will save me $1500. An answer with your earliest convenience would be highly appreciated.
  • Lily,

    The premium package offer is available only through OSD. You can find more information at s/PremiumPackageOffer.htm

    (You'll need to fix that URL - grab the whole thing, and remove the hyphen.)

    Call OSD if you need more info.
  • How is your bargaining going? I'm getting ready to shop for the 2.4i with premium pkg and automatic in the Virginia area... Thanks for sharing your information so far...

    Anyone shopped this vehicle in Virginia?
  • Lily,
    Also, to sweeten the pie, take advantage of the winter travel offer - you and your husband can have the great vacation in Barcelona or London for just $495, which is less than the destination fee here.
    I do not know Barcelona, though my older daughter, who is studying in Spain this semester, says it is beautiful; but I have stayed in Jury's Kensington hotel in London - great hotel in a great part of the most wonderful capital of the world.

    Find a paid pet-sitting service and enjoy your new purchase.

    Paste both lines into the addres line of the browser
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Thank you carbert. I went to a dealer yesterday, was told $495 for premium only apply on inventory cars. I have thought there might be thousands of inventory cars in Sweden, so when dealer showed me two pieces of papers with 7 S40s on it, I was shocked , sitting there with wild open eyes, kept asking "are those all the cars in Sweden?" he double checked, told me those are all sweden have! there is no T5 with premium package in the list, so made $495 premium package promise a bad check. is sweden joking us? BUT, the dealer told us he CAN do sth for us even if we custom-build our car, he wrote down a number with full premium package price and a number with $495 on premium , asked us if he can make the car price match the price with $495 premium , would we order right away? we couldn't. He left and came back, with a number in between.He said he could do this because he would share his premium with us.
    Is there anything fishing? still hardly believe there are only 7 pre-built cars in sweden.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,741
    still hardly believe there are only 7 pre-built cars in sweden.

    Those are US specs cars sitting in Sweden available for Euro Delivery only. It's not all the S40's in Europe.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    lev, thank you so much for the inf. I have had aimed on winter trip also, but my husband wants to go to Italy. So except negociating with dealers, I need negociate with my hubby for travel plan. too much bargaining for me. I guess we would go Italy if we go OSD.Thank you for the advice, If a paid pet-sitting works on our puppy, Last summer my husband would not have to stay home with her when I went to asia. even though , she lost 10 pounds and changed behavior. Have to find somebody she likes for sitting.
    anybody know how long will it take us driving from sweden to Italy?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,741
    anybody know how long will it take us driving from sweden to Italy?

    Check out - Europe's version of Mapquest.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Let's keep the discussion centered on prices paid and buying experiences.

    Thank you.
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