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2007 Hyundai Elantra

player4player4 Posts: 362
edited April 10 in Hyundai
Here are some mystery pics, sources have confirmed that it is in fact the '06 Hyundai Elantra.




  • themanxthemanx Posts: 110
    I wonder if the tape will come off like it does around the windows?


  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Actually, sources say this is the Accent, and not the Elantra.
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    This the the new Elantra because one of my peeps that works for Hyundai said it is, heres what he said:
    It is the new Elantra. The body profile is all Elantra. Hyundai is going towards a brand identity image so to mistake on for the other with the cladding should be expected. People still mistake the new XG for a Sonata because they look similar with cladding. Hyundai is building identity herritage, so to speak.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    do we have any more info?
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    Not really. :(
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    My sourcve told me this, remember he works for Hyundai. ;)

    After the Tuscon, the minvan should be next. After that, I expect the Equus to arrive (aorund late 06-early 07). Possibly a truck( which I believe will end up being a Kia, we don't have a domestic plant for a full size truck). Supposedly we are working on a cross-over Pacifica-type vehicle. The Sonata Coupe should fall in their somewhere with the Tib convertable being made available late 05. (current plan)
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    I thought the Hyundai minivan won't be until 2007/2008 because the Kia Sedona minivan will be around 2005/2006.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Hyundai rushed the van project.
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    From what i've always heard, the Hyundai minivan is for 2006. never heard it being for 2007 or later.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    I don't know about this car. Too much is covered up but it looks pretty tall, like a Corolla. I'm assuming those are 15" wheels, which look kinda small on that car. At least the wheel gap doesn't look as bad as the Corolla.
  • crsher2002crsher2002 Posts: 21
    Maybe Hyundai will be good enough to make sure the new design includes the ever present front end shimmy....
  • jprybajpryba Posts: 201
    ...if they can fix the shimmy.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Does this look like a 5/6 scale 2005 Sonata to anyone else? The roof profile in particular looks a lot like that of the new Sonata, but without the cutout in the front of the C pillar. I hope Hyundai doesn't make the new Elantra look like all the other nondescript small cars out there. At least the current model has some personality.

    As for the shimmy, I have heard a rumor that it is more advanced for '06 and there will be a control on the dashboard to regulate it--you'll be able to dial in as much or as little shimmy as you want. ;-) Actually with the new engines that are expected for the '06 Elantra, and probably 16" wheels (to match the optional wheels on the Spectra I figure), which would have to have five bolts, that might be enough to banish the shimmy. Or maybe they'll have someone at the assembly line to check the torque of the lug nuts, plus a computer chip in the wheels that will say "Please re-torque the wheels to factory specs" when they are removed. Or maybe not.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    Could someone just point out to me an obvious difference between this supposed Elantra and the Accent.

    I know it's the same brand but come on. They look so similar it's not even funny. I honestly hope this isn't the Elantra because compared to the camo'ed Sonata and XG this car is disappointing. And I don't see how you can mistake the XG for the Sonata since the C-pillar between the two is completely different. Maybe it's the angle of the picture but the new Spectra looks more interesting and also bigger than this supposed Elantra.

    Why would Hyundai want to make the Elantra a slightly bigger Accent? The Elantra has to play with the big boys, it needs to at least look different from the Accent.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807 undai-Talos-01.jpg undai-Talos-02.jpg undai-Talos-03.jpg undai-Talos-04.jpg

    I think these pictures are convincing enough to show that the earlier pictures are NOT the Elantra. Same mirrors. Looks to have the same bulge/crease in the fender area, same honeycomb grille (Sonata and XG don't look to have a honeycomb grille), same C-pillar, etc.

    Now look at Sonata spy pics and XG spy pics. Completely different C-pillars. Both look to have different mirrors and grilles, etc. Now that the hatchback has the same silver and wheels as the "Elantra" pictures they look even more similar.
  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    You've convinced me . . .
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    So no Elantra pics yet?

    I wonder if the next-gen Elantra will get delayed to the '07 model year. Hyundai is slipping away from their 5-year cycle, with the Sonata redesign taking six years (6.5 for the U.S.) and the new Accent being delayed past five years also. Hyundai will have their hands full next year with the rollouts for the new Sonata, Accent, minivan, and maybe Santa Fe--a new Elantra might be too much for Marketing to handle in one year.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    Yeah looks like the Elantra is going to be released after all those other cars. And all the articles I've read mentioned the other cars coming out in the next year or two, but no mention of the Elantra. The Elantra is getting like the Sentra, outdated and tired. The Elantra has another year left in it but that's about it. Looks like they might drag it out 2 years though.

    I think also the problem is the Sonata was delayed longer than expected. They don't want to release the cars on top of each other to steal the other's thunder so everything is being pushed back a few months to a year probably.

    At this rate the new Corolla may be out about the same time as the Elantra. Hyundai will really need to step up to the plate and put out a good car or else it'll get lost in the shuffle. I kind of get the feeling this has happened to the new Spectra.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Outdated and tired? No more so than the Civic, which won's last low-end car comparo, with the Elantra a close second--over the newer Corolla. I think the '05 Elantra still holds its own with direct competitors (e.g., compare the features, performance, and price of the GLS 5-door to others), but it will need a redesign in the next two years to keep up with the next-gen Civic, Corolla, and Sentra.
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