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2007 Hyundai Elantra



  • tsgeiseltsgeisel Posts: 352
    I know the feeling. I like the fact that the styling on my Elantra Hatch makes it look like a Saab, as opposed to just another 4-door sedan - for better or worse.

    The interior doesn't bother me at all - I'm not even sure what "modern styling" means to a car; I had my last one for nearly 10 years before getting this one.

    My next car is probably going to be a Miata, frankly. Because sometimes utility is overrated.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    Lately, "modern" interior means more hard plastic and fewer seat adjustments (which is true on the 2007 Elantra). But it also means generally more room, a more streamlined dash, and some additional features like aux inputs, curtain airbags, rear center armrests, lighted vanity mirrors, steering-wheel controls, and (eventually) XM radio. So I guess it's a tradeoff.

    The additional interior features of the 2007 Elantra are more important to me than whether it looks "newer" than the inside of the old Elantra.
  • tsgeiseltsgeisel Posts: 352
    Well, I've got plenty of room in my 2k5 version - but, then, I'm short. The airbags are nice, and an aux input on the radio would be killer, but that's about all I need. Rear center armrests aren't even an option on the hatch, so that's not a concern.

    I'm just not a mainstream buyer. I've come to accept this.
  • You seem to be forgetting about all of the extra cup holders.
    ;) ;) ;) ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623 has invoice pricing now. If you select every possible option on the Limited, it tops out at $19,910.

    Here's what they have to say about the 2007 Elantra:

    Pros: Long list of standard features, comfortable interior with lots of storage, generous warranty.
    Cons: Engine lacks midrange pep, floaty highway ride with base suspension, hard to find equipped with ABS.
    Summary: With its low price, roomy cabin and above-average materials, the Elantra is still worth a try if you're looking for value in a small sedan or hatchback. Keep in mind, however, that newer competitors have moved ahead of it in performance and overall refinement.

    Hmmm... ABS is standard, and there is only one suspension on the 2007 Elantra. And it's the newest car in its class save for the Sentra. Maybe Edmunds should update their comments on the Elantra to reflect the 2007 Elantra--not the 2006 model. :surprise:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Sounds like they copied and pasted 2006 info.
    Not valid.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    The sedans are definitely at some dealers now, although in limited quantities. For example, my local dealer got two in the other day, a SE AT and GLS AT with Preferred Package, and told me these are all they will get for 6-8 weeks (that was after I told them I was in no hurry to buy). This is similar to what Hyundai did with the Azera and Accent late last year.

    As for the hatch, this same dealer told me that the hatches would be available as early as this January. Take that for whatever you want, but that's what the sales rep said.

    As for crash tests, the NHTSA tests should be available pretty soon because their web site says "to be rated" and it's a fairly popular car. The IIHS frontal test scores should be here soon also, since Hyundai can run those themselves and report the scores to the IIHS. The side and rear tests would need to be done by the IIHS so they could take awhile to show up.
  • I live in California, a low-emissions state. I checked and it looks like the SULEV engine, which I would presume to be the engine for vehicles sold in California, will only be available with an automatic transmission. Does anyone here or in the other low-emissions states like New York, Massachusetts, etc., have any info on this? I'd really prefer a manual.
  • I saw a Sentra today while buying a used car at a Nissan dealer today. One of the salesman was complaining because the initial Sentras they had were $19K and he was really pissed about it. He told me they are going to be 'outpriced and out-gunned by the Koreans'.
    He also told me that ever single one of their Maximas they sold this year req'd the whole sub-frame to be removed due to a recall and a ton of Altima engines recalled. He IS NOT IMPRESSED WITH NISSAN and blames Renault.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    With the 2007 Elantra and Sentra the two newest cars in their class, that's a natural for a comparo discussion, isn't it? ;)

    backy, "2007 Hyundai Elantra vs. 2007 Nissan Sentra" #1, 15 Oct 2006 6:09 pm
  • My dealer just called to say he some on the lot but no apr is being offered, the best he could do was 6.9 percent now that is just stupid. No matter how good the car is no one is going to pay that finance rate. Guess ill wait till the end of the month to see if the apr is changed with the rest of them
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    It's a new design in very short supply. There's no reason for HMA to offer incentives... yet. Being the first one on your block to own a new model usually comes at a price.
  • tsgeiseltsgeisel Posts: 352
    Heh. I'd love to get 6.9 apr. But, then, my credit is horrible.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You are not forced to take their financing. If they offer no special subsidized rates, then you can do better through a credit union.
  • tsgeiseltsgeisel Posts: 352
    Wow...the credit union kool-aid is working.

    Not all credit unions will offer better financing than what you can get from a dealership. Not all credit unions will offer you financing at all.

    Credit unions tend to be better than banks in this regard, but they are not always going to be better than what a dealership can get for you.

    Not that I'm still bitter about that, or anything.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Generally they are unless the the manufacturer has some special financing they are subsidizing at an artificially low rate. This is not happening with the new Elantra yet, so you pay "market rate" financing.
    The dealerships get their financing from banks and finance companies that have to make a profit, so they are not going to be less than you could find shopping around on your own unless the car company has paid down the rate as a sales incentive.
  • True, but my feeling is either they lower financing on th 2006 model which my dealer has 26 on the lot as of today or they will be stuck with them, i guess i need to wait until the frenzy with the 2007 dies down if i want a decent apr.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This discussion has been reopened in accordance with this post: Sylvia, "Forums Software! Your Questions Answered..." #3319, 12 Nov 2006 2:43 pm. :)
  • hi everyone, I just bought an 07 elantra SE auto 2 days ago. Got a good deal. I was originally looking at Corolla LE and Civic LX. Civic is too too much and Corolla is still 2003 design (due for redesign in 2008 model year). Elantra SE is cheaper than both and has more features and looks good, so in the end I got it instead.

    A question for the current owners of hydundai: Can I change oil and air filters by myself? Will this void warranty? Also where can I find instruction for changing oil. I read the owner's manual, it doesn't have instruction for that.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    Congrats on the new Elantra! Can you give us some details on the good deal you got--maybe in the Elantra Prices Paid discussion?

    You can certainly perform maintenance yourself or have any mechanic do it. Just keep receipts for parts, and be sure parts like oil and filters meet or exceed OEM specs (easiest way to do that for the filters is to get the parts from Hyundai). I'm surprised the owner's manual doesn't show how to change oil. The filter is probably a typical spin-on one (if it's like the filter on my Elantra, engine is about the same) and the oil plug is on the oil pan of course. One thing to watch out for is that there's a gasket on the oil plug. It's meant to be replaced with every oil change. You can buy a bunch of them at your dealer and maybe tape them to the oil filters so you remember to replace the gaskets. Also be sure you don't overtighten the oil plug. Maybe Hyundai changed it for 2007, but on earlier Elantras it was easy to strip the threads on the oil pan.
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