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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hintzhintz Posts: 53
    I'm quite familiar with the Saab Family, and the new Aero is sitting in my garage now. 25k plus tax/title
  • It definitely can be done! I got my '07 Sportcombi Aero (with touring and winter) for $28,000. Add to that a student rebate of $400, loyalty rebate of $1000. Plus, there's a $1K premium over the sedan to get the 'combi. Take away winter ($550) and touring (about $1100), and you get...

    - $400 (student)
    - $1000 (loyalty)
    - $1000 ('combi vs. sedan)
    - $550 (winter)
    - $1100 (touring)

    $23,950 (give or take a couple hundred bucks)

    So, it's definitely possible.

    As a side note, has anyone compared mileage running on regular vs. premium gas?
  • hintzhintz Posts: 53
    Its an 07 Titan Grey with Auto/touring pkg/ and metallic paint for 25k, It can be done easily if your willing to bargain and bargain, The car had 8 miles on it, just an fyi...........
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    What would you guys think would be a fair price for the following combinations:

    2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T SportSedan
    Fusion Blue
    MSRP $30,565

    2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T SportSedan
    Premium 16
    MSRP $32,400

    Any thoughts? The dealer hasn't started discounting yet (he's offered $500 off of sticker, which is ridiculous) But they do seem desperate to move the '07s.
  • I'd say about $5500-$6K off MSRP for the 1st, $6K-$6.5K off MSRP for the 2nd. This does not include any student or loyalty discounts.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Thanks. I'll be sure to use it those numbers as guides when negotiating...
  • Comments please...
    Was just about to buy a 2007 saab 93 manual transmission, no frills. great deal I think.. The car was about 26,700 and with rebates, owner loyalty and GM supplier discount and not charging me dealer fees.. I am getting the car for 23,500 Drive out taxes everything. GA has 7.00 tax.

    But on my way home I see a 2006 saab 93, auto, heated seats, upgraded stereo, headlight washer, heated seats with 24k miles.. and I talk them down to 17,791... So I will pay 19,500 drive out... taxes everything.

    I'm really leaning toward the used vehicle because it's just nicer. More frills.. Great driving car.. And I save 4k...

    What you think????
  • I think that with less than 2K of the extra 4K you will save, you could buy yourself an extended bumper to bumper warranty, I would go with the 06, but based on the huge rebate and devaluation, i think you could get a bit better on the price of the 06.
  • hintzhintz Posts: 53
    Is the used one CPO?, the 07 has a longer warranty. You can get an Aero down in Florida for around 25K, new automatic though.
  • calfacalfa Posts: 1
    anyone have luck in upstate
    ny with a good price on a new 2007 9-3 aero ,automatic transmission?
  • kmurkmur Posts: 36
    There is $2500 factory to dealer cash incentive right now on '08's. The dealer told me it doesn't apply to leases, which I find very difficult to believe. I certainly wouldn't buy a Saab new given the way it depreciates, although an '07 can be a good buy since they really want to unload them in a big way. The problem is there are no manual trannies out there. What's the point of a turbo car without a manual?
  • Ok, I’ve decided to buy a Saab and was originally looking at the 2005s, and honestly between the test drives, I almost liked the Linear more than I did the Arc, is there something I’m missing? I know it has less HP and unless you get the premium package (which I would want) a somewhat crappy stereo and no power seats, but it was still a sweet little ride and cheaper. The only downside is that my dealer doesn’t have any Linear’s on the lot, so after some discussion, he just called to tell me if I can do it by the end of the month, he will get me in a Arc for the price of a Linear, so my question to all of you is, how much is reasonable. After doing some looking around, it looked like I could get a 2005 CPO Linear (38K miles) for around 17K, so is that what I should shoot for in a loaded up Arc or is that just unheard of? Any help is appreciated-Thanks!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    It's harder to assess the "value" of a CPO car- the histories of a Linear and an Arc can be two different stories.

    However, given that both the Linear and the Arc have the same history, shooting for the same price on the Arc is not uncalled for- you wanted a Linear after all, and had to settle for an Arc.
  • Received an initial price for an '08 93 Aero with automatic, cold weather package and upgraded leather seats for $37,865. This seems high to me. Dealer has said this is the best price. Thoughts?
  • I was originally going to lease a '08 9-3 combi, but have decided to buy. I have the GM "Pull Ahead" offer of $1000, as I have a GMAC lease that's ending. There's the "Fly Home" $500 national offer, and I see there's a $2500 factory-dealer incentive.

    Can I get all three, or is there a limit on this?

    I'm going today, please help ASAP.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    You should be able to get all three, but it might take some skill to get the entire $2500 manufacturer-dealer cash out of the dealership's hands.

    Good Luck!
  • Thanks for the advice above - the dealer was good about the $2500, everything went smooth, except the BS advertising fees, but hey...

    Sorry for the cross-post -
    Just got an '08 Combi that had everything we wanted at a great price. Well, everything except the roof rails... Not the crossbar type rack, just the parallel to the body roof rails.

    Can I get these installed by my dealer without butchering our beautiful new car? In other words, would getting them installed at the dealer be as invasive as say, an after-market sunroof?

    I'd really like to get the rails to get more of the vibe of our old '02 9-03 hatchback.

  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    The 'Combis with factory equipped roof rails have a structurally reinforced roof .You cannot install them after the fact.On the plus side...the roof rails are useless without the crossbars.All Saab models have as standard equipment brass fittings under the moldings of both front and rear doors to accommodate the crossbars on a "use as needed basis".Buy the crossbars for $150.00 or so and you'll be good to go.
  • A dealership near me quoted me 25,005 OTD for an 07 anniv edition w/ cold weather and a moon roof. is this good?
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    I purchased my 2003 9-3 in June 2006 as Certified Pre-Owned. I paid $17k for a vehicle with a $32K price tag and it has just 22k miles on it. Came with 4 years left of a bumper to bumper warranty or until 100k miles. I con honestly say that I am very pleased with the decision now 18 months later. CPO is really the way the to go. While the current discounts on a new one is very tempting indeed, this only drives the prices down further on the CPO cars too that are sitting on the lot.

    Saabs depreciate faster then any car on the planet in the first few years, then they seem to slow down, because "it's a Saab".

    Don't forget about the CPO's.
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