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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    That garbage you posted is not worthy of a response.
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    Yes, no one 'would' pay a MSRP for a car like Saab because GM gives a luxury price tag for a non-luxury unreliable car.
    Anyway used car market data says it all, look at the depreciate rate. If you were a 05 Saab owner, ask yourself how much is your car worth in the market now? Emunds, craigslist have all the data to prove it. Wake up folks.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    And you're bothering to waste your time posting on a Saab thread?

    Go ahead and buy your BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. It's a free country- buy whatever European luxury car you want.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    You got that right,jchan2!!!1This guy takes the time to sign on to the Saab forum just so he can piss on our shoes? Based on the grammar and spelling in his posts I don't think he could afford the car he's dissing!
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    Well, i didn't mean to raise the heat like this. Just some realistic data for
    the buyers to stay away unreliable car, that's what emunds for.
    And here comes another big american, yes, I am not american and I don't need
    to speak native tongue to afford a bmw or mb. My US company is paying me
    well here as a 'business analyst' because my ivy mba. I'm sitting here, have
    my donuts and coffee, run some numbers, then here comes the monthly paycheck
    that is enough to buy a brand new civic, plus the bonus at the end of the
    year. I wouldn't call it a wealthy life yet but enough to cover my luxury needs.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    He's a troll. Just ignore him, the moderators will kick him off eventually.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    How's the dealing on '08 9-3s these days? Should we be looking for a Saab Clearance anytime soon, like last year? Sales seem to be waaay down across the board this year for everybody...
  • themaitthemait Posts: 2
    Hi all---just joined because of this thread....

    I am looking into purchasing a 2008 Saab. Test drove one the other night and it seemed like a great car. Unfortunately the Blazer that I am driving..the transmission is going and I am not sure how much longer I can hold out---or if it is likely that I will see greater deals later in the year. Anyway, I am looking at the 9-3, either the normal or the Aero. From the dealerships around the Detroit Metro area, they are currently offering incentives of 3500 off, I think they mentioned a 500 dollar gas card...and talked about getting financing for 5 years around 5%. I also am planning on using the family and friends GM discount.

    Obviously the dealers aren't going to tell me...but is this a typical incentive package...or does history demonstrate that they will only get better with time closer to the end of the year? I also asked and was told that the 09's were probably not coming in until late fall. Not sure if I can hold out that long---but if I can-am I likely to see a huge price drop and big savings packages? First real car purchase that I am making myself, doing the research, etc...would appreciate any advice.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I seriously doubt the discounts will be as good as last year, when there was $4000 in customer cash, combined w/ $2000 in dealer cash, so essentially you got $6000 off without too much haggling...

    I'm guessing the incentives might go up another round; although if you intend to finance the car through the 2.9% APR program, the 9-3 hasn't had anything below 5.9% on it lately, so I'd pounce. (okay, the GM 72 hour sale was an exception, but the 0% APR only applied to cabrios)

    I'd start at invoice minus holdback-ish and subtract all those incentives, then work my way up, although if you're using GM Family & Friends, the price is pre-negotiated so you shouldn't have a problem.
  • themaitthemait Posts: 2
    I glanced at this Luxury Motors dealership over near Chicago---I guess I need to do more research into them...but with them being about 2-4K less than local dealers in the Detroit area...does anyone know if they also go along with Saab the 3K or the financing rates?

    Thanks for the info jchan
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    I bought a 9-3 aero May 29th that had a MSRP of $37,865, it was a model listed on their website, $30,660 their price, I called, used a MC , put down a deposit and bought it, deal done. Southwest Air to Chicago $80, HM limo $100 to dealer with tip, but at about 3-4K less after I sat there and played the haggle game for 2 hours and this is the dealer I used for service for 12 years, I'm sorry, 3-4K is too much to blow to have a good "relationship" with my dealer.
    It was just too easy. 5 hour drive, I am home, deal done.
    All follow up from Downers Grove (Luxury Motors) has been great, follow up from Saab great, invitation to Aero Academy, etc. No problems. New car, 6 miles, also put a full tank of gas it, had me look it over several times for any little scratches. Gave a full in service on all the functions, etc. Largest Saab dealership I have ever seen. Believe me, fine, if not, I really don't care, they sell it what they advertise it with, other dealers can't handle it, maybe its a better way for a consumer to buy a car that may catch on?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Their advertised price may have already had all the incentives factored in; I know when I tried to get a price quote from my local Saab dealer last year they said they would discount $4000, but basically they just applied the $4000 cash back on the 2007 models I was looking at.

    I would take invoice price, subtract everything, and then work my way up from there; the dealing should be pretty good on Saabs (or for that matter, pretty much anything larger than a Honda Civic) whether you're buying or leasing; the whole market is down as a whole, and from reading TrollhattanSaab, Saab's had a bad year this year.
  • I'm picking up this car in San Francisco on Saturday. It has: Bose audio, 17" wheels, Cold Weather Package, moonroof, auto trans. The dealer quoted $27,709. As near as I can figure, the MSRP is about $34K. I'm getting a good deal on my trade-in, too. Buying it at Ellis Brooks Auto Center.
  • Any information or experience on current pricing of 08 Aeros? Saab site shows $5500 off MSRP. Are dealers going well below that? The 09s are starting to hit the lots, I would think pricing on 08s would start to get agressive. Thanks!
  • I was haggling with one the other day trying to get him to budge off more than that number. It didn't seem like he was willing to negotiate too much less than the $5,500. And with that they're quoting a pretty agressive rate if you're looking to finance through GM......he had it at 6% + for 60 months from what I could gather. Funny thing was he had about 40 some 2008's (Combined Aero and Sport) on the lot. Dealer just 30 minutes up the road from him had another 25. I would assume they'll start getting a little more agresive at the end of this month?

    Let me know what you hear though. I'm hoping to do something in the next 30 days.
  • Thanks for the information. Suppose it depends on if some of the 5500 is coming out of the dealer's profit margin.

    I did just drive an 08 Aero XWD, MSRP $40,050. Minus the $5500 would be $34,550. Dealer quoted $32,275 by email the day after my drive, I am in the Philadelphia area.

    I also hope to do something in 30-45 days. Seems like the time is right if you want a Saab. I'll post my experiences when I try to purchase. Good luck with yours!

    BTW, the XWD was a blast to drive!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    a lot of dealers haven't seen the volume they'd like to see, so they're trying to squeeze all the margin they can out of each vehicle.

    I think you should be able to get the car for invoice, before the $5500/cash back easy; there seems to be a glut of the 2008 models sitting around.
  • crs4_00crs4_00 Posts: 10
    Hi All,

    I am interested in buying my first Saab and have a couple questions. First, the dealer with the car of interest is not in my area so I have not seen the car in person but he keeps telling me it is a 2006 ARC convertible. My research on Edmunds indicates that a 2006 should be a 2.0T or Aero. I am also told it has a 6sp manual, weren't they 5sp in 2006. The car in question has the 2.0 engine. So ,were any 2006 Saab convertibles sold as ARCs?

    Given the state of car sales, any idea on a fair price? They are asking $20 with no haggling at all. The car is manual with no other options as far as I can tell but I guess that would depend if it is an ARC or 2.0T? Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

    Lastly, is there anything I should watch for or check out in a used 2006 convertible? This is a CPO car.

  • Chris,

    If there's any question about the car's specs, have them send you the car's VIN, and then carfax it--so you know exactly what you'll be buying.

    Have them send you pics too. That could make identification easier.

    I have no idea about price...depends on mileage and condition of course.

    Saab Central is a good site to get opinions from actual owners:
  • crs4_00crs4_00 Posts: 10
    The free CARFAX offered by the dealer indicates it is a 2006 which should mean it is a 2.0T and not an ARC from all I have read. The car has always been in Florida but was purchased at auction in mid September by the dealer and they certified it for the CPO program. Anyone have an idea of price to offer? Dealer offered it at $19,900.

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