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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sameemsameem Posts: 8
    I was offered 10K off a Turbo X Combi with an MSRP of $45K. Would 29-30K be plausible?
  • alfaraceralfaracer Posts: 9
    A dealer outside Boston is advertising a Turbo X sedan, MSRP $46,100, $14K off, sale price $32,100.

    $30,000 seems plausible.
  • esobelesobel Posts: 6
    I think I saw that one. It was a manual with Cold, Touring and Navigation packages. That one is now $34,600 as "June Special". They used to have a manual with Cold and Touring advertised for $29,840 or something around there (MSRP $43,955) so depending on the options you can definitely get ~$30k or less.

    Right now they have a 2008 Aero XWD (Auto, Cold, Touring, Metallic Paint) for $28,450. If you can't get a Turbo X, this is the next best thing (even though there are several things the X has that the Aero doesn't).
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Actually if you can find a 2009 Aero V6 it has the limited slip differential that was on the Turbo Xs but not on the 2008 Aeros... that would be a nice way around the Turbo X if you either a) wanted a color other than black or b) can't find a Turbo X

    The 2.0T, however, still does not come w/ the limited slip in XWD form.
  • esobelesobel Posts: 6
    Yes this is true. The only thing is that you aren't likely to find a 2009 Aero XWD for even close to the same price as an 08 or probably even a Turbo X. The rebate on the 2009 9-3s is $2500, while it's $6500-8500 on the 2008 models.

    Other things that the Turbo X has that Aero/2.0T don't are better brakes+suspension, lower profile (10mm I believe), unique grill, rhomboid dual exhaust (vs. circular), lip spoiler, 18" unique wheels (vs. 16-17"), jet black metallic paint, and the eLSD (except on 2009 Aero XWD).

    I should stop thinking about the Turbo X so much because I'll likely never get one. Don't think my girlfriend would like it if I spent all my money on a car instead of saving for a house. :surprise:
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I've actually seen a lot of "demo" 2009 Aero V6s for around the $30-$32K mark, which is not far off from the Turbo X especially considering that many of the '09s have less than 1,000 miles on them.

    the price gap isn't as bad as you think between an '08 and an '09; if you're willing to buy a "demo" or one that's been registered already as a "GM company car" (there seem to be a lot of those floating around) then you can get a heckuva deal. Plus, with sales as bad as they are, you could probably get the dealer to discount another $1500 easily and throw in the CPO warranty...

    I'm not a fan of Jet Black paint, so even though it works on the 9-3, if I bought I would rather go for the '09 Aero than the '08 Turbo X.
  • sg1sg1 Posts: 1
    was quoted today for a 07 sport combi anniversary edition w/ the bose sound, front fog lights, & cold weather pkg w/ 21,114K miles.

    $20,995 w/o tax, title, etc.

    what do you think? need a second or third opinion from the folks on this board.

    thanks in advance.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Is it CPO?

    If so, offer $18,500, bump up to $19,500, then walk. You should be able to get under $20K easy w/ a CPO '07 Saab... They're being listed all over the place right now since so many are coming off lease.
  • esobelesobel Posts: 6
    Are those XWD 2009s?

    Do you or does anyone know if there are any differences between 2008 and 2009 models? I know they changed the trims around a bit, but as far as I can tell the options are the same. Are their any minor differences, like changes to the interior/dash? I read somewhere the Bluetooth is standard on 2009 models... anyone know if this is true?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,640
    In my area, there is a local used car dealer with one (not anniversary, I don't think), with leather/sunroof, etc.. more miles (35K)... asking price is $15,900.

    At your quoted price, it would have to be CPO for me... the extra equipment and lower miles makes up for some extra... but, not $5K extra..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Yes. All 2009 Aeros have XWD standard.

    I think Bluetooth has become standard, although I'm unsure. I do know that on the V6 XWD models, you get the limited slip differential (eLSD) that used to be exclusive to the Turbo X. The '08 Aero XWD models didn't have the eLSD...

    The new for 2009 2.0T XWD model doesn't have the limited slip differential either...

    For 2009 I think trim lines got shuffled around a bit, and instead of just having 2 models and option packages (2.0T and Aero) now there's a bunch of different "trims" with names like Comfort, Sport, Touring, etc.
    Still only 1 Aero model though...
  • deanr2009deanr2009 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at 2004 9-3 Aero with 40k miles, how much are people paying for 5 year old Saabs these days?
  • gfisher85gfisher85 Posts: 2
    Test drove a bunch of convertibles and liked the Saab the best. The sales person offered me 34,000 for a brand new 2008 9-3 convertible 2.0T (MSRP 42,385). I left the dealer with him down to 32,000. We talked again 2 weeks later and he moved it down to 29,000. Now we are at $27,700 and I'm feeling good about it. Any suggestions on whether to take this?
  • esobelesobel Posts: 6
    That seems like a decent deal (almost $15,000 off MSRP), but considering how quickly the dealer dropped the price down, you could try holding off to go lower. Of course you'll then run the risk of someone else buying the car. Here are a few of examples of heavily discounted 2008 Convertibles from dealers near me: ($16,355 off MSRP) ($16,735 off MSRP) ($15,500 off MSRP)

    These all have higher MSRPs though, so that'll affect the discount a little bit.

    Either way, it seems like you have a good thing going, so good luck with your purchase.
  • gfisher85gfisher85 Posts: 2
    I really appreciate you doing that for me. Those are some good deals you found. I've seen people on the forum saying they got a 2008 as low as 24k which is hard to believe, but anything is believable in this economy. I live in Florida and the market for a convertible is much stronger it seems. I actually searched a 700 mile radius with my dealer and we didn't find much of anything available. If i found a good deal up north, it would probably cost me 1,000 or more to just get the car down to Florida, not to mention the added miles to the vehicle. Kelly blue book says a new 2008 conv Saab is worth $27,500, so I think anyone who pays around this amount is doing fairly well.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    If you are looking at buying NEW, you can negotiate the deal from a distance and have the car shipped to you for a reasonable amount (that way there are no unnecessary miles put on the new car). Why limit yourself to just the cars within a few states? I looked all over the country and the going rate for shipping was generally around $600-$700. You can also use it as a negotiating point - try to get the dealer to split the shipping cost with you.

    Of coarse, this only works with a new car .. I would be hesitant to buy a pre-owned car without seeing it first hand. Best of luck ..
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    You would be advised to pay for an independent inspection of your new car prior to purchase and shipping. About $100.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    An inspection for a new car? If it is new (no miles) and purchased from a Saab dealership, an inspection would be a waste of money IMHO. I suppose it wouldnt hurt to do some homework/research on the dealership - some have better reputations than others. But at the end of the day, the (NEW) car will be in perfect condition upon delivery or you will have legal recourse (not to mention Saab/GM support to remedy any issues).

    Now a preowned (CPO or not) or a Corporate/Demo is another story - a THOROUGH inspection would certainly be warranted (and advisable).

    To each his own - whatever makes you comfortable with a purchase of this size ..
  • Help. After reading numerous messages regarding 9-3 Saabs, I am still in limbo regarding purchasing a Saab. I read numerous messages, and have found the most concerns with the cupholders, rear brakes, radio, and seats. I can work with these issues. I live in Atlanta, so traffic is always hectic. I found a 2007 Saab for $17,000 w// 29,000. Good Deal? I am tempted to purchase the car, but I am concerned about Saab and GM. I have a Honda with over 230,000 miles, but I wonder if I will be able to keep the Saab for several years and thousands of miles. I understand that longevity and regular maintanence are related. I do not know about longevity with Saabs, esp since I do not see many on the road. After numerous suggestions to purchase a Honda, Nissan, Toyota, I still keep looking at the Saab in the window. Any suggestions? :confuse: :confuse:
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