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Toyota Solara

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
This is a continuation of the popular Toyota Solara--Part 5 Topic, which has once again topped 1,000 posts!

For newcomers, you may review previous posts on the Solara by linking here:

Toyota Solara--Parts 5 and Earlier

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  • I wonder if this topic should be switched to Explorer vs Solara?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I was wondering when you would notice that one.
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    I was thinking the same thing. In all honesty, I only test drove the Explorer b/c I was thinking of buying an SUV until gas prices sky rocketed!! Then I switched to a car. I really don't think comparing SUV's and cars makes much sense. They're completely different vehicles.

    I have michelins on my Solara and still have the left steering problem. Mine does not pull however (at least I don't think it does). I was told initially that it is because all roads tilt to the right (which is true, but why then don't I notice having to turn the wheel to keep the car straight on an other vehicle?), then I was told it is likely that the steering bracket was slightly off when they built my car and can't do anything about it now. I have a 1999, are people experiencing the same problem with 2000's? I wonder if we could catch some attention by getting everyone here who has the problem to sign a letter of complaint and going public, or sending a copy to Toyota and "threatening" to go public. They likely wouldn't care, but at least we could try. I have to admit, I look at my steering wheel a lot while driving to see just how far left I have to keep the wheel, and it's really not that far left by any means, but it is noticeable. I actually had someone comment that I may need an alignment!
  • I recently bought a Solara SLE in Twilight Blue Pearl with Ivory interior and she is just beautiful and rides very smooth. The only problem is when I insert a CD it doesn't start tracking at the beginning of the CD and randomly skips all over the place. Should I insist that the dealer just replace the whole unit or can they actually make an adjustment to the CD Player at the dealership? Any of you all that have had the same problem please let me know how the dealership resolved the issue. Thanks for your help.
  • I have not had problems with tracking or skipping. I have problems with the CD player scratching my discs! I get a circular scratch that is 0.25" from the outer edge of the disc (the scratch goes all around the disc). Check your CD's and see if you have scratches. I had a post in Part 5 of the Solara topic. I have had the entire CD player replaced twice already and I still have problems. I'm trying to see what I should do next. Toyota hasn't been very quick in answering its e-mail on the Toyota website.

    Who else has been having CD player problems?

    2000 SLE Diamond White Pearl
  • This is NOT a defect. It's Toyota's new Keep-Awake feature. Think about it...if you have to keep readjusting your steering wheel, you're less likely to fall asleep while driving. This feature was implemented after several Lexus drivers fell asleep at the wheel and crashed. They claimed they fell asleep because they didn't need any hands on the steering wheel due to the car's ability to follow the road so precisely...after awhile they just dozed off.
  • Then why dont the new Lexus's pull to the left? Tested the IS300(?), the one in all the magazines, around 30 grand, and it did not pull like my Solara! Maybe it was a defective Lexus!

    Anyone know if you can use Dex-cool or what type/brand, of coolent to top off the coolent reservoir. I was going to top mine off with Halvoline Dex-cool, like I had used in my last GM car, but noticed my Solaras coolent is pink, not orange like the extened life coolent I purchased. Any suggestions on coolent???
  • My '99 SLE still does it after several alignments. Toyota is replacing a couple of leaky struts next week, and will do a complete 4-wheel alignment then. We'll see if it helps! My ES-300 went arrow straight at all times.

    I seems I had gotten used to it, but drove a friend's M-B around Europe in July, and when I came back, I noticed the pull and fighting of the wheel immediately. MUST get it fixed - somehow! I guess it's time to become the squeaky wheel over at Toyota!

    ALSO -
    I saw a brand new SE on the freeway here in L.A. yesterday with no DRLs. Why? Aren't all Solaras equipped that way?
  • mgw1mgw1 Posts: 11
    First, I wanted to thank all of you who recommemded the Zaino products. My 2000 Red/Ivory SLE looks amazing after applying 1 coat of Z1 and 2 coats of Z2, with the gloss enhancer between coats and then to finish up. My neighbor actually walked over and looked (and felt the finish!), and asked for the information on the various products.
    Next, a recent post asked if others were having problems with road noise, especially when going over bumps. I'm now at almost 5,000 miles and took the car in today to be looked at because I was getting a rumbling, rattly noise and a fair amount of vibration when going over bumps. It has actually been more or less noticeable for a while now, and it's definitely a switch from when I first got the car. The technician took it for a ride and thinks it may be the shocks. I'll find out later this week when it goes into the shop, and let you know.
  • ish4ish4 Posts: 5
    If any one has a problem with a check engine light on their new 2000 Solara check out my post (#211) under the Camry Problem Discussion Forum
  • My 00 solara does not pull one bit and the wheel is perfectly straight........that nonsense about building them to pull is the funniest one ive heard ever!
  • I posted back in June this year that I bought a 2000 SE with Option Package #4.The brochure specifically stated "Full Size Spare with Alloy Wheel". Toyota substituted the Alloy rim with a Steel one. After the run around from both the dealer and Toyota Customer service I filed a small claims suit.
    Sept 6, 2000 I received a phone call from Toyota Regional office apologizing and asking me if I would except the Alloy wheel and settle my claim out of court. This was 1 week after Toyota was served papers that I planned on taking them to small claims court for substituting a Steel rim for the Alloy Rim. I agreed even though I spent about $60.00 filing and serving papers. I went to my local dealer and they mounted my spare onto the alloy wheel on Sept.8th. I then signed a paper releasing Toyota of any further obligations thus settling the suit. I love my car, but Toyota’s handling of this? Well you be the judge.
  • What kind of service have people received from Toyota Customer Service?

    I'm getting the impression that my snail-mail letter and my e-mails are being ignored. If I ask a general question via e-mail, I get a response. If I have a problem, then I do not receive a response.

    Based on jhope1's last post, it seems like he was not receiving good service either.
  • First - Congratulations on your switch to Zaino products. I was very skeptical before trying them, but now can never go back. Simply the Best!

    My SLE also makes some funny noises from time to time over particular types of bumps. The service tech found leaky struts, and will replace them this week. Perhaps this will cure the problem. Good luck with yours.
  • nrl76nrl76 Posts: 30
    I was referring to keeping the original head unit as opposed to getting an aftermarket new head unit.

    '99 SLE
  • Toyota customer service is very, very, very, friendly! They may not resolve any of your issues, but they are nice people to talk too!!! I have been in customer service for years, and they talk a good game! In America, we tend to like to hear our names said numerous times in a conversation, and like friendly people who can offer an apology for our auto problems! Thats Toyota customer service! Don't take me wrong, they are GOOD!!!
  • What was wrong with your struts??? How do you know they are leaking? I am in the Chicago area, and we have construcion everywhere, all the time, with big bumps, hole etc. I noticed my Solara gives a nice ride, until I hit a bump, then get a jarring, shutter through the car, that goes through my bones! Is this what was happening to you???
  • Hey, guys, anyone have a suggestion for coolant to top the reservoir???
  • Ok guys and gals, I need a little help here. This is a little OT, but here goes. I got the idea this weekend that it would be nice to use the lovely weather to stain my back deck. I used a sprayer to do it. Problem is I noticed today when I got to work that my truck is covered with the stain. My wife has the Solara, so no way to check it till tonight.

    Does anyone know any way that I can remove the mess? It was an oil based stain. I have two coats of Z2 on both vehicles, but it has been a couple of months since I applied the last coat. I figured with my vehicles being about 45 feet away I'd be ok, but I guess not. Will a buffer work?

    The antifreeze used by Toyota is pink. My dad was a master tech. with Toyota for over 13 years and has had his own shop for 4+. He still uses the Toyota brand antifreeze and says (based on his experience) it's better than any of the store bought stuff. If you are just topping the reservior, you can just add water unless you live somewhere where it gets ungodly cold during the winter.
  • ejyejy Posts: 62
    Start with clay. It is the cheapest solution and works for most contaminates. It removes bug tar and road paint easily, so it should work on oil based stain as well. You are probably very lucky you have 2 coats of Z2 on it, that will make the job so much easier. or for more info on detailers clay.
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