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Toyota Solara



  • There are service bulletins for the following 2004-2006 solaras. Cables for the convertible top, front end "replacement of springs and coils" and for the sluggish transmission. Have fun.
  • kaarona1kaarona1 Posts: 6
    I just had my front struts and mount replace on a 99 solara SLE and WOW what a difference. They are so quiet and smooth now I can hear a small knock in my rear strut. Does anyone know how to get to the rear strut mount?? I was going to try to tighten it up before replacing. I looked in the trunk but did not see access to it. Is is behind the back seat? Thanks!!
  • Hi all, newby to this forum but I've read 1200 previous posts here. I just made a great purchase on a 2001 Solara SE v6, 44k miles, with everything(JBL, moonroof, etc.) but leather seats for $8,000. So I want to protect the drivers seat with a good quality custom fitting seatcover. My seat is power. Is this the same seat as the Camry? Also how can I determine if my seat has side airbag? I would really appreciate any advice from the members of this great forum.

  • philipbphilipb Posts: 9
    Has Toyota or any after-market place ever come out with custom mud guards for the 2004 Solara wheel wells?
  • I haven't been able to find a dealer who has an '06 Solara on hand in either the Arctic Frost or Lunar Mist colors can anyone describe them accurately? Is either color close to Platinum, or are those two colors more like white and silver-grey respectively? Also, when is the '07 Solara due, and is it likely to be a carryover or a redesign?
  • I have a 2000 V6 SLE Solar - Where is the Coin Box?
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    Just inked my deal on an Arctic Frost `06 Solara. Keeping in mind that color is probably the most subjective characteristic in the bunch, here's my attempt. Imagine a cup of coffee that has so much cream in it that only the slightest indication remains that there's coffee in the cup. That's my sense of the color. Add to that the mother-of-pearl look that comes from the mica or silica type additive that's in the paint.

    The Lunar mist is in the Silver family.

    My two cents,

  • hey guys, just got a '00 SLE V6 Solara and really enjoying it. never had a toyota before so i dont know whats common and whats not. so....

    1. does a Solara engine typically rev high at startup? goes up to about 1600-1800 rpms but then drops after a few minutes - it doesnt drop hard into gear when shifting to drive

    2. check engine light is on when i received the car (got thru an estate, so was sitting for awhile)- had two oxygen sensors put in, failed emissions test, and light is still on. non-toyota general mechanic says doesnt know why. i do have a broken gas cap that might not click all the way. any ideas?

    3. lastly, i'm not sure if this can be related to number 2 above, but i get some engine lag/jerkiness/pull when driving between 35-45 mph, not accelerating or shifting gears so i dont think its the transmission. maybe something is firing right or gas intake, ??? confused. need a tune up???

    i'm willing to go to a toyota dealer, but looking for some ideas first. i'm a youngin (25) but willing to learn, thanks for the help.
  • Thanks for your comments re colors. I have finally seen both colors, not at the dealerships, but on cars on the road in my town. Both colors look nice.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • Has anyone heard when the all-new model Solara will be in the showroom? I mean with 6 speed automatic and 3.5 V6.
  • A dealership in Hawaii recently told me that the '07 Solara will go on sale in the Fall, will be a carryover of the '06 model with few, if any changes, and definitely won't be a redesign like the new Camry sedan. Has anyone heard otherwise?
  • Not sure if this is the right place, but my tires are worn out so I need new ones. I have the 17-inch alloy wheels for the '04 edition. Now I don't know anything about tires but is $123/tire a good price? If not, does anyone know a place that gives a better deal in SoCal (specifically Orange County)? Thanks for any help!
  • According to posts I have read on, the '07 Solara will be at the dealers in July. It will be a facelift of the '06 and not a complete redesign. The 3.5 engine and 6 speed transmission will not be put in the Solara. After the '08 model year, the car will be discontinued. I was disappointed to read this, but not surprised. I own an '04 convertible that I bought new two years ago and rarely see another one. I don't think that this car sells well. In fact, I don't think that 2 door cars in general sell well.
  • cteevancteevan Posts: 3
    My dad just bought a used Solara 2002 and today the dealer told him if he loses the key, he's outa luck -- can't make a copy of his key because it is the Valet Key, not the original key. I think this car was repossessed and he bought it at a bank auction. This is going to be a real problem. If this key gets misplaced or he locks it in the car, forget about it.

    Poor Dad.

    So if you have had any luck w/ this problem I would love to hear about it.
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    Are you saying the coupe or the convertible will be discontinued? I see a lot of Solara convertibles around here (No. Virginia), but rarely see the coupe model.
  • solara31solara31 Posts: 14
    Both the convertible and coupes will be discontinued. The assumption is the Solara will be built until the 2008 model year (to give it a 5 year cycle). But if sales continue to dive the Solara could be discontinued after the 2007 model year (Toyota wound up with alot of unsold 2005 Echos due to Scion, and I'm sure they don't want to wind up in that situation again).

    Here in Arizona I see a alot of Solaras, but I've seen way more convertibles than coupes.

    I have a 2002 SE model that has been a wonderful car for me. I plan to purchase an 07 V6 SLE. The Solara just seemed to be a car that you got a lot for the money, regardless of the trim line purchased.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Hey Rreynolds12,

    I am by no means a mechanic, but here are my answers:

    1. Yeah, it does. When I drive off with my Solara after it,s been sitting for a while, the engine does rev higher to warm up the catalytic converter as fast as possible so that your car doesn't pollute as much. After a few minutes of driving, the revs drop and normal road habits should be expected.

    2. Definitely have the gas cap checked or even replaced before going to the Toyota dealer. Once you've replaced it, reset the "check engine" light by removing one of the battery connections for a few seconds and put it on again--this is what I do when the sensors do that on my car--call it the poor man's reset button. Toyota will charge you $35 to do this. If the problems persist, however, the check engine light will light up again, in which case, bring it to the dealer.

    3. I don't think the gas cap would give you this jerkiness, and can't really think of what it could be. Have this checked by a technician. Since you said you were willing to go to a Toyota dealer, I'd do that for this problem.

    I hope this helps. Congrats on your fantastic purchase.
  • cteevancteevan Posts: 3
    Can someone please tell me what my poor old papa can do about the keys to his bank auction purchase, a 2002 Solara?

    He got a single key to the car. The Valet Key. Dealer says he cannot duplicate the Valet Key. You need the original key, which is probably still with the original owner who defaulted on his/her payments. Buying a new key will be MANY hundreds of dollars because it involves reprogramming the engine or something. A security feature that can be overridden only by getting your hands on the original key. If he loses this one key, ....
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    My guess: When I got my 2004 Solara they gave me a number for the key and told me that any Toyota dealer could take that number and make a new key. Perhaps a dealer could use your VIN to get to the factory build info for your car and get the key code that way.

    Good Luck!
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