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Toyota Solara



  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Hi Ivonne, congratulations on your purchase! Solaras are great cars, but um, I'm biased. :) Anyway, it's been my experience that the Achille's heel for Toyotas is the paint. Since Toyota (and I'm assuming almost all car companies these days) have switched to a water-based paint, which is more environmentally friendly but is prone to chipping. Get a bottle of touch-up paint. The "protective sealant" the dealership sells you when you purchase the car is nothing but a high-priced wax job on your car. It won't do anything in terms of chipping. If anything, look for a clear plastic bra for your car (3M makes them). It'll help with the chipping and won't spoil the look of your car.

    Happy driving!
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Have you taken this up with the dealer?
    You bought the car new, and paid for the sealant.
    Why not find out what they might be willing to do to make it right, for a start?
  • nirvana2knirvana2k Posts: 2
    My 2000 Soalra SE keeps turning off on me when it is warm. I turn the key and it is on for about 1 second and then it shuts off unless I accelerate once I release the accelerator it turns off. The weird thing is that it only does that when the wheels are in a certain angle. If I turn it on on neutral and accelerate and really quickly put in drive than it is fine. It is only turning the car on that is giving me headaches! PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA ON WHAT IT CAN BE.

  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    My 2004 Solara has the 3 pods on top of the dash for the computer readout, clock and outside temp. They are almost impossible to read unless the light is just right and completely impossible to read with sunglasses on. Has anyone found any way to fix this - replacement of the LCD displays, better contrast or complete replacement, preferably courtesy of Toyota?
  • It's not your imagination. That's what the dealership wants you to think. They also try to convince you the road slopes. I've taken my Solara Sport Coupe to the dealership three times to get this problem fixed. It never gets better. I feel unsafe. I'm taking this issue up with Toyota. Don't let them (service reps) convince you it's your imagination, the sloping road, or otherwise. I'm so glad I googled this website (in a fit of frustration).
    Why don't they recall this car instead of brushing it under the rug?
  • Hey guys, I've been looking into picking up a used 2002 Solara. I live in Toronto, Canada and we tend to get an ample amount of snow in the winter time. I was wondering what sort of winter driving experiences some of you might have had. You know, snow tires etc. Anyways any info would be much appreciated. Also, any extra feedback on your experiences with the 2002 SLE (like major defects or even good stuff) would really help. Thanks
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    We had a '99 Solara here in Kelowna for 6 winters, and it was driven daily by my wife. Had 4 snows on dedicated wheels and with the Traction Control never had a lick of problem with it in the winter. We traded it last Spring for an '06 Solara SLE-V6 coupe and will do the same with it, put on 4 snows and you'll be fine.
  • Hi there,
    Wellll. I had a 2003, loved it until I got into an accident. Anyway, the convertible top let in alot of road noise as it got older. Keep taking it in. The mechanics, although good, have a lot of excuses. For example, the top, when opened would stop halfway. Drove me crazy. I was tols that it needed realignment, then I didn't keep my finger on the button right... Be persistent. The only thing I can guarantee you'll have trouble getting is the loaner. I had the same problem. I could only get one when they had the car for more than one day. Next time negotiate that condition and have them put it in writing.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    I know, I know...most people don't buy them 'cuz they're a rip-off. BUT...with all the moving parts involved in just lowering & raising the roof on my SLE convertible (including the 'all window down' thing), we thought it might be a good idea - especially since we tend to keep our cars a l-o-n-g time! I've researched the Toyota Warranty dealership in the midwest, and also Warranty Direct in NY. Does anyone have any experience with either of those companies?
  • david85david85 Posts: 1

    I recently had the same identical problem. Over 3 - 4 days at the dealership, they were able to figure it out. If your interested, I can provide you with the Toyota Cast Number, the dealership that took care of this, and all the details of the repair. Note: The car now drive perfectly!

  • Hello all!
    It's been a while since I've posted on here. But, this appears to be best place for information. (2000 SE Solara Coupe.)

    I need to replace the O2 sensor on my car. Again. The simple question is how many are there and where are they hiding? The last time I had to do this, I got soaked by the dealer.

    The catalytic converter smells to be failing. I don't want to go back to the dealer for this either. Anyone know of a good source for a new unit? I have the stock exhaust on it.

    BTW: I've had the same problem with 2000 model wandering/pulling on the road. After comparing this $26k car to a $19k car, I was told I expected too much from the $26k Solara by the regional rep. She was lucky she was a woman.
  • I'm about to buy an 02' Solara Coupe 4cyl. I'm getting a little worried about some of the problems reported here. Pulling to the right????? Please, can everyone let me know what should I check in the prepurchase inspection? I'm suppossed to pick it up tommorow, but I can still back out of the deal.

    2002 Solara Coupe
    90k Miles on it.

    The trunk release latch that goes around the gas cover release latch is the only thing thats broken on the car. Everything else is clean, in tact. Can the manual latch be replaced easily?
  • If you are concerned about the car pulling to one side, I suggest that after your test drive, you check the tire pressures (esp. front) to see that they are about equal.

    Pulling can be masked by playing with tire inflation.
  • I have a 5 by 8 trailer and would like to add a hitch to my 2006 Solara 4 cyl. to haul up to 3000 lbs or so. Has anyone had experience towing with a Solara?

    I bought my Solara for fuel economy and to save wear and tear on my Tundra.
  • i am new to the Forum and hope i can find some help. I have a 2002 Solara SLE convertible that has a horrible shake between 20-45 mph. the car has 82,000 miles and I just recently replaced the front struts, all of the engine and transmission mounts and replaced 2 tires. I took the car to a Toyota dealer and he said there was nothing mechanically wrong, but that the 2 new tires were bad. I took the car back and they rebalanced and road tested all 4 wheels and replaced the new tires with new Michelin tires. I don’t know where to go next. Have there been problems with these Solara’s?

    Thanks for any help, it is no fun to drive right now.
  • I had this same problem in a different car though (i have this car). I would look at the axles - on my last car they were actually loose and causing the vibration (may be overlooked - tighten the bolts).
  • The Solara is usually two years behind the Camry for a redo. Might it be in 2009 that we see a hybrid Solara? What other vechiles in Toyota's lineup might be next for the Hybrid Synenergy?
    Thanks for sharing any info.
  • I have heard that there will be no new model of Solara. Anyone else hear this?

    I've been very pleased with the two I have owned and was hoping for another one in a few years.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    I have heard the same - the Solara is to be dropped after this 2007 year. Wife has had a '99 SLE coupe which was an excellant car, and now has an '06 SLE coupe which has been great for the one year she has had it.

    Apparently, Toyota does not sell enough of them to warrent building it anymore. Don't know for sure, just talk.
  • In my opinion, when Toyota decided to launch the Scion for the younger crowd (bought an 07 tC for my daughter), they should have restored the Celica nameplate instead of the Solara (bought an 06 for my wife). The Celica nameplate ran for almost 40 years and those cars had very good reputations and performance. The last model year of the Celica (2000-2005?) was obviously focused on the younger crowd, which I think are the same group buying the Scion. I still think that Toyota needs to cater to the 30 and up age group who want a coupe, and a hard-top convertible version.

    I belong to the crowd that misses the Supra, Celica, and Lexus SC300/400 series. I just got rid of my 93 SC300, and I'm missing it already. To me the 93-99 model years were when Toyota really came up with very good designs.
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