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Toyota Solara



  • When mine was broken the dealer looked in my service records for the color code. On many cars it is on the metal plate, driver's side, door frame.
  • Just purchased 2003 Solara SE Convertible. Key fob shows a trunk release but nothing seems to open it but the cable on the floorboard. Can this be true? Surely Toyota wouldn't have so poorly designed this all important feature? DId they?
    Thanks for a reply so I can quit looking or try and figure out what's the problem with the key fob as all other functions on it work.
  • sjbrodysjbrody Posts: 39
    My 2005 key fob works fine.

  • Wonder if there is a difference in the 2004-2005. All other functions on the fob work but not the trunk. Have tried locking/unlocking the key at the floorboard near the gas tank release--still not action from the fob. I had seen where other Toyota owners with older models such as mine had apparently encountered the same problem but no one has been able to tell me how or if they remedied the situation.

    Thanks for your response.
  • The remote opens my 2004 Solara SE's trunk OK.

    Did you not get 2 remotes with the car?
  • milkomilko Posts: 1
    I have the exact problem but I noticed it is not part of the recall.
  • Well guess what, and no it's not just a blonde thing; however, after re-reading the manual I realized hat perhaps I was not holding down the trunk key long enough-rather like an instant click of my mouse. Anyhow, now that I actually hold the trunk emblem down longer--- it will open.
    By the way, have you perchance heard of any gas pedal sticking problems with our 2004 Toyotas? Thanks for your reply.
  • New Solara owner wonders if anyone else 's Solara has a tendency to pull to the right? When I bought it the seller took it to the mechanic and had the tires rotated and I noticed a difference. I've only put 150 miles on it; however, each time I start to drive it it will pull to the right for the first 10-15 miles. Any suggestions, solutions, awareness?
    Thanks...Sunny :blush:
  • I have not heard of any problems with the gas pedal sticking.
  • I called LaBra and they helped me on my 06 solara, they actually put me in touch with (I think it was Bra King or something) at a cheaper price than what they would sell me one for. Worked good for about 1 1/2 years until bottom mesh blew out. Maybe it blew out from something hitting it and saving the evaporator behind it. It is a good idea to get one since Toyota has a design of open area in front bottom that makes them vunerable to rocks hitting the evaporator.
  • For my second set of tires at 40k I went with the Discount Tire (Silver Edition). Price was right and the wear looks to be doing good with an aggresive tire design (now have 50k). The tires do have more road noise that the stock ones did. (They sure are proud of the RunFlat tires.)
  • I have the same issue with my Toyota Solara 2001 its getting worse every time i have to drive in the freeway and i think the engine is licking oil because the vibrations have you find any solution about this problem, i am affraid to take it to a mechanic i waste my money, if you find any solucion let me know so when i take the car to any repair shop i can tell them exactly what is the problem and how the can fix it. thank you very much in advance.
  • Sounds like a tire out of balance.
  • Sometimes when I start the car the idle goes up and dies suddenly. after trying couple of times and pushing the gas a little bit, it stays calm and runs good. That happened several times, but I couldn't figure out the problem. I checked the battery, it works fine.
    This morning, since we had a heavy snow storm here, I wanted to warm up the car so I started it and moved a little bit, for around 5 minutes. After half an hour I came back and the car was not cranking, nothing, it sounded like the battery died. I did jump it and started the car again.
    Could that be an alternator problem or starter problem? or maybe the battery is not good. Could you please help?
  • Hi. I'm wanting to purchase a Toyota Solara for around $3k. I have about $500 in wiggle room or so. Granted to try and price a used car you need to see it up close and what not, but I'd just like some opinions on if this one I'm looking at is prices high, low, or average.

    Quick rundown is 99 solara. V6 model fully loaded w/leather and sunroof. 153k miles. Asking $4k.

    Great news is it's the color I want and all the options. But the miles kind of scare me. Thoughts/opinions?
  • 99solara99solara Posts: 51
    The miles should not be an issue if you can obtain maintenance records. My V6 is at 105k miles and purrs. I am the original owner so I know the history. Why were the seats and carpet replaced? Water damage? poor maintenance? Ask lots of questions and have the vehicle checked by a trusted mechanic. The Solara is a very reliable car if you take care of it. Good luck in your search.
  • mexjohnmexjohn Posts: 74
    edited May 2010
    Just found this post, and maybe you'll never even see it, but if the car has been maintained well, the miles should not be of great concern as you should likely be able to get another 50K out of it.

    I have a 99 SLE V6 with 113,500 miles. For the first 11 years, I never did anything to it except replace an oxygen sensor and regular maintenance. Now I have just replaced AC as the clutch bearing was going bad and it was making a vibration noise. I also rebuilt the starter as it was beginning to require that I turn the key over several times before initiating. I also replaced the water pump and timing belt. The belt was due at 90K miles, but will likely go to 130,000 with no problems. That engine is non-interference type, so even if it broke it would damage the push rods.

    These are things you can expect to go wrong after 11 years, so you need to know if they've been done on any car you want to buy. I had the alternator checked, and mechanic says it's probably good for another 25K- 50 K.

    You need to know if the timing belt was changed and any other major repairs. The price seems about average from what I've seen advertised all over the net, however, I personally wouldn't pay more than $3500 with those miles, and then only if I knew the major things I mentioned have been done.

    I just bought a new car, and my Solara will be going on sale soon, asking price $5250 OBO. These cars should go on and on with proper care, but one that hasn't had regular oil changes can get sludge that will block the oil passages. Toyota is supposed to replace the entire engine if this happens, but without records of proper oil changes, it may be difficult, so that's what you should consider also.
  • gordy10gordy10 Posts: 2
    I am considering buying a Solara convertible. I am wondering if anyone uses theirs to tow a boat with. I know the manual says not to tow but there is a hitch available in the aftermarket. Is anyone towing a boat with their Solara?
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    I don't think I would use my convertible for towing my boat. Yes, you might be able to buy a hitch for the convertible, but recognize that the structural integrity of the ragtop is different just because the roof is not there to maintain the rigidity of the entire vehicle. The available hitch is designed for the hardtop Solara. I own an 08 Solara Convertible and I can assure you that it is not a rigid as one with a hardtop. There is definitely 'cowl shake' in the droptop that is not in my friend's hardtop. It's one thing to put a hitch mounted bike carrier on the back of the Solara but a totally different thing to drag a boat around. On top of that, there are other things to consider - I also have an 08 Highlander with the towing package. Heavier duty alternator and battery, transmission fluid cooler, larger radiator, and probably a few things I've forgotten. This option was never available for the Solara so you might be asking for trouble. Personally, IMHO I would never consider towing a boat with any Solara, and especially not a convertible.
  • billcarr1billcarr1 Posts: 1
    I am strongly considering purchasing a 1999 solara SLE V6. Are there any known problems that I should look out for? The asking price is 7995. The car has 57k and is being offered from a good dealership. Any help/feedback/comments would be appreciated......
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