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Toyota Solara



  • Actually I didn't know that the strust were leaking - they told me when I went in for service, and ordered me a new set. I should have them installed this week - we will see if it makes a difference. ALSO - they said that they expect to replace the strut towers in the front in the near future - that some were made out of tolerance.

    What I noticed mostly was certain types of bumps where the wheel dropped suddenly - there was a metallic "clunk" or "thunk" where I would not have expected any noise at all. I'll let you know.

    I know Chicago's potholes very well, having worked there for several months years ago. I still enjoy visiting!
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    I went to a auto parts store and they suggested to stay with the Toyota coolant as well because with this type of coolant it is not good to mix with different brands (i.e. the pink coolant which is more permanent) since this could corrode your radiator. I figured, since the guy sold different types of pink coolants (which are pretty darn expensive) and still reccommended staying with the Toyota stuff it's probably a good idea to do so!

    Pulling --

    I'm hoping the pull to the left story about Lexus driver's was a joke!! When people are complaining that they're car pulls to the left do you mean you have to keep the steering wheel slightly turned to the left (like mine) to keep the car from going right if you kept the steering wheel straight? The problem with my car is not that it "pulls" to the left but that I have to keep the steering wheel slightly turned left to go straight. If I straighten the wheel the car starts to go off to the right (but it doesn't actually pull, pulling means that if you put your steering wheel in the position that your car normally goes straight in -- in my case the steering wheel must be kept ever so slightly to the left -- that the car actually "pulls" itself back and goes left anyway). If I leave the wheel alone the car does not pull (it does eventually but I'm sure with any car if you left the steering wheel alone you would eventually move left or more likely right -- although I wouldn't recommend trying that for too long!!). Another way of telling if your car pulls is to go on an empty street go around 30m/h and come to a fairly quick stop. If your car pulls to one side then there is a problem (more so if it pulls left since all roads are tilted towards the curb for drainage reasons).

    Odd, when I complained many months ago about this the sales man told me it was normal and let me test drive a new corrolla to prove his point (any one of my choice). I had to keep the steering wheel turned slightly to the right instead!!! Maybe it's just a Toyota problem for 1999 in general, they can't get they're damn steering wheels straight. I guess they've fixed it on the 2000's though.
  • My 97 Honda Accord had this problem of pulling to the right. So does my dad's '89 Cressida
  • Here is the deal.....

    I bought a 2000 Solara and the manufacturers sticker shows it comes with 15in tires. Also on that sticker was upgrade package #5. This includes 16in tires. The dealer added 17in tires and there own dealer invoice sticker next to the manufacturers for 2999.95. Since I paid for the upgrade #5 AND the 17in tires, should't I be able to get the 16in also? 3k is a lot to spend on 17in tires, obviously they did not back out the cost of the 16in. They left the 16in spare in the trunk. Should I ask for the other 4? Thanks for any input.
  • My 2000 SLE steers straight, no pull to the right or left. However, if I look very carefully at the steering wheel while driving in a straight line, the wheel is slightly turned to the left; I mean you really have to look hard! But its there, no doubt. But I can live with it, its the worst problem I can find after 6 months and 5000 miles. However, my sons' 1976 Cordoba pulls to the right big time! He claims that it made him hit a curb and bend a rim. He's not sure if it pulled harder before the curb or after.

    On the SLE, is it just the perforated part of the seat upholstery that is leather? Or are the side bolsters too; or the whole seat? I want to treat the leather but I'm not sure how much of the seat is leather. Oh, I'm getting a consistent 23 miles to the 89 octane gallon in commuter driving. This seam to be about the norm from what I have seen in this post. Really not that bad for what you get in performance and refinement.
  • Received 150 pages of the Sienna NHTSA ODI PE99-070 case, includes letters written to and from the Washington, D.C. Toyota Technical Center General Managers, Steering Rack pictures and DENIALS OF SAFETY ISSUES. Bottom line is that without the 14 original questionnaire/complaints filed by American Sienna owners there would have never been an investigation and the "NEW IMPROVED STEERING RACK GUIDES" would have never been produced, As of 4/12/00 the original 14 complaints had grown to 21 and Toyota reports an additional 137 with 557 warranty claims ! ! ! ! ! !. .
    You can get brief descriptions of the Sienna steering problem from the 14 Sienna owners that
    filed a Vehicle Owners Questionnaire with the NHTSA.....the NHTSA website is at "" under "Problems and Issues", then click on "Consumer Complaints", in the drop down menus choose: 1999,... toyota truck,... Sienna,... Steering & column...Check out, their descriptions of the Steering Defect and you will conclude it is almost identical as the 1999 Solara Steering Defect many of us keep complaining about.. .
    Remember that the Solara is built on the same platform and Powertrain as the Sienna,
    Does it share identical steering mechanisms with the Sienna ?. .
    My Solara steering continues to LOCK INTO A LEFT TURN, after 6 alignments, tire rotations,
    and recently installing B.F.Goodrich tires to no avail (check message #1024 in prior topic #1813
    Solara V ). If you dont pay attention, the Solara will turn left into the other lane in 5 seconds,without any driver intervention whatsoever.. I would dread the thought of having my teenage kids or someone elses end up crashing into a center divider or another vehicle for being innattentive for 5 seconds and that isnt very hard to do. . .
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    When you say the CD doesn't begin at the first track and skip all over the place, are you saying it jumps to the beginning of each song or that it is jumping randomly to the middle of songs? If it is jumping to the beginning of the songs, you have the random button on. The next time you play the CD, push button #3 which is marked "RND" and it will come out of the random mode and play the songs in order. If this is not the problem, see your dealer.
  • pomanpoman Posts: 46
    trice1 the Eibach Springs are great for the car but the stock struts are not designed to be lowered at all time and it will not last long before you have to replace it. I'm sure when you drive over large bumps your struts will make loud clunking noises (I know because I had one). In addition the Eibach springs are not perfectly the same as the TRD springs that Eibach specifically designed for it. Just a thought for you. If you want more info I have a site you can check it out at

    Good luck!
  • Yeah, same pulling concept. Are you left handed???
  • I already complained to about my pulling problem. I bet more people have this problem, than do the people who have Firestone tires from Decatur, IL, on their SUV's!
  • Only your tailor (or wife, or life partner) will know. If you sway towards the left, go to, and let them know! We all love our cars, just want them to work as well as a Yugo or Corolla (made at the same plant in Ontario). The life YOU save might be your personal stylest, or your own!!!
  • Only your tailor (or wife, or life partner) will know. If you sway towards the left, go to, and let them know! We all love our cars, just want them to work as well as a Yugo or Corolla (made at the same plant in Ontario). The life YOU save might be your personal stylest, or your own!!!
  • Only your tailor (or wife, or life partner) will know. If you sway towards the left, go to, and let them know! We all love our cars, just want them to work as well as a Yugo or Corolla (made at the same plant in Ontario). The life YOU save might be your personal stylest, or your own!!!
  • I'm considering purchasing a Solara SLE and just had the opportunity to rent one for a weekend. I loved the car but found the DRL headlights to be a potential nuisance. I like the idea of DRL and think it's a great feature, however the driver should be able to turn off his headlights when needed. I can think of three instances where I might want to shut off my lights at night: when pulling into the driveway or making a 3 point turn in a residential neighborhood late at night and one doesn't want to shine their lights into the house. When out on a date and you want to park in a quiet area, be able to leave the motor running for heat or AC.... but want the privacy of having the lights off. And when a deer crosses at night and you need to kill the lights so he will unfreeze and run off the road.

    Has any Solara owner come up with a work around to allow the lights to be turned off for certain occasions without defeating the entire system?
  • ish4ish4 Posts: 5
    Quite honestly I hate this DRL feature but there is a way around it at least when your one a date and want some privacy while keeping on the A/C.
    Turn the car off, put the parking brake on and then restart the car. The lights will not go on.
  • ish4ish4 Posts: 5
    Has any one tried putting HID imitations headlights on their Solara?
    I have a silver SLEV6 and I put on some very nice PIAS Super Plasma headlights in my car. the car looks great but no visibility. You trade look for illumination.
    I was considering installing real HID's in my car but its a lot of $$$$$$ (around $1500). But the car looks incredible with them on and the light up the moon!
  • I installed some fake HID's as well. Why in the world would you ever trade in looks for visibility? I sent mine back for a refund. The claim that these bulbs contain 10% xenon is [non-permissible content removed]. The blue casing just filters out a certain color light (i forgot which) to achieve the blue/white light.
  • gpoltgpolt Posts: 113
    When people here say that they paid i.e. $500 over invoice plus frieght, are they quoting the invoice price posted on Edmunds and KBB, or are they quoting the invoice price given by the dealer? For example, many salesmen/women including those on THIS chat room add a $350 "mandatory" advertising fee to the Edmunds invoice price stating that it is an out of pocket cost which must be included to reflect their true invoice price. Therfore $500 over invoice ends up being $850 over the invoice figure reported on Edmund's cite; not to mention the 2% holdback the dealer gets from the manufacturer. So on a $500 over deal on a $20,000 Solara, is the dealer truly making $900 or are they really pocketing $1,250? Comments, please.
  • I had the same problem with the "manditory" advertising, handling, and documentation fees. Ridiculous, to say the least.
  • Try They will hook you up with a local participating dealer in your area. Edmunds and KBB dealer invoice prices do not include the regional advertising charge, charge for a full tank of gas, or doc fees. In Chicago the dealers add $256 for advertising and tank of gas plus $46 Doc Fee. price quote was $100 over Edmund/KBB invoice. Add the Adv,gas and doc fees and the car was $402 over invoice.
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