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Toyota Solara



  • dellwelldellwell Posts: 27
    I was wondering if there were anyone who has gotten a 2001 Solara SE-V6, 5-speed in Canada and if they would like to share what they paid for it? I was at my local dealer on the weekend and took one (automatic) for a spin. Very nice!!! Dealer's first price was $33,500. I have not started to haggle yet but I know that this amount is way to high. I was thinking around $29,500 + taxes would be a fair price for this car. Anyone with a little more experience (1st time buyer)lend me some advice. Thanks in advance for the info...
    P.S. In the same day, I also drove the Sebring LXi and I don't think it is in the same class as per driving impressions. Solara felt much nicer!!
  • automophileautomophile Posts: 780

    I am also interested in wider tires. I believe that we can go to 215's easily. If you go to the lower profile 55's, I believe that you don't need to worry about the speedo. Here's a nfity tire size calculator that can show you the effect of different sizes, and the speedo error.
  • bwiebebwiebe Posts: 27
    Don't know what part of the great white north you are from but I am from Winnipeg and in Manitoba we are part of a test Toyota is doing on non-negotiable pricing called Access Toyota. Basically they are taking a page out of the Saturn dealership model. Generally speaking you get $500 - 700 off sticker price. I went in armed with all the info you could imagine from internet searches and had the dealer price, etc. Didn't help one bit. They basically are sticking to their Access Toyota guidelines. I did manage to get a bit of a discount by buying a demo which had about 6,000 km on the vehicle. The vehicle had everything I wanted plus .9% financing so I figured with the discount and the low rate financing I saved a couple of thousand $. It seems that Toyota can sell most of the product they can get in so they don't appear as willing to deal and the NA dealers. I would be interesting in hearing how much you managed to negotiate off if you decide to buy. The solara is a great car. Rides like a dream and I haven't been subject to the pulling problems you might read about in earlier messages. ( I have the Michelins). If you want to check out the Access Toyota price pull up the Toyota Cdn website. YOu can then build your vehicle and it will show the sticker and access price side by side. Good luck.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    New and improved Zaino on the way! Look:

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  • book6783book6783 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2001 Solara 4 cyl a month ago. I commute 60 miles a day and after a few days I found the seat very uncomfortable and my tail bone was sore. The vibration and the design of the seat seemed to be the problem. The dealer had a factory rep come and check the car and he told me the tires were over inflated (that's how they sold the car to me). After deflating the tires the ride is better, but the seat is still very uncomfortable and my back still hurts. CONTINUED NEXT POST
  • book6783book6783 Posts: 2
    Continued post: I thought about trading it in but the dealer only wanted to give me what a 2000 model traded for. Is there anything I can do to remedy my situation? I've tried the back store for adaptive devices which haven't helped. A friend suggested having a custom seat installed. Do you think the dealer should be more cooperative? Thanks, DD
  • automophileautomophile Posts: 780

    I am very surprised to hear your complaint about the seat. I find the Solara seat very comfortable, in fact that is the reason I traded in my Lexus - the Solara seats are better!

    Maybe you are trying to sit in the seat the same way as your previous car seat, and this isn't working? A little too upright will put pressure on the lower back. I have a bad back, and try to use the seat with as little pressure on my lower back as possible. I have the front raised as much as possible, the rear as low as possible, and the back at about 90 degrees with the seat bottom. Your weight is now spread along your back, instead of just at the bottom. It is VERY comfortable this way for long drives, and the way most race cars are set.

    You can only lose a LOT of money to change the car at this time. If you cannot find a new position that is comfortable, perhaps a trip to a good car upholstery shop that can modify the seat is in order? Good Luck!
  • Hi, I am looking to buy either of those two cars and was wondering if you guys could offer me your opinions. I am a grad student who's looking to buy his first new car. Unfortunately, I will have to park this car on the streets...yikes!! I was wondering, which car is less likely to be stolen or broken into? Oh yeah, I am also interested in hearing about the respective merits of these two cars. Personally I place more emphasis on reliability and ride quality, but CL has been my dream car for 2 years. There won't be that much of a price difference if you compare the base CL model with a loaded SLE, so how about it? Any opinions? Keep in mind that I am more interested in getting a car that's reliable and easy to maintain. Thanx a lot!!
  • automophileautomophile Posts: 780
    That is a tough comparison!

    The Acura is probably a higher end car, but you are looking at the cheapest Acura vs the top Solara, so it may be moot.
    The CL may handle better, but the Solara ride is hard to beat.
    The Solara's back seat is bigger than some 4-door sedans and almost any other coupe, if that is important.
    They are BOTH of equal reliability and susceptibility to being stolen. The Solara uses a special "immobilizer" key - the car cannot be hotwired and started without it, I don't know about the Acura.

    Drive them BOTH a lot, and don't be rushed or swayed by the dealers.
    Good Luck!
  • dellwelldellwell Posts: 27
    The MSRP for a Solara with the options I want (Leather....) is $31,566 and. The first price given by the dealer was for $33,500. I was looking to pay $29,500. But now that I have the MSRP and the MSRP on the options I want, what do y'all think would be a good place to start my negotiaons? In Canada, we don't have a web site that openly lists dealer cost so we have to guess or pay a fee to get the invoice price. I was now thinking of starting at $28,000 thinking that $28,500 +taxes would be a fair price. What do current Solara owners think??? Thanks.
  • bwiebebwiebe Posts: 27
    Check out the web site For a small fee you can get the dealer cost of any vehicle you want plus any dealer incentives avaialble. If you are looking at paying $30,000 plus taxes, delivery, etc for a car is $30. for 3 quotes out of line. It will save you a lot of second guessing later. Whats the saying; penny wise and pound foolish!! I got the price on a 2001 Solara SLE V6 back in December and the MSRP was $33,425 and the dealer cost was $30,560. As I mentioned in my earlier post#923 the Toyota Dealers in Manitoba are part of the Access Toyota pilot and don't negotiate price, similar to Saturn dealers. Hope you have better luck than me getting close to the dealer cost. If you are from a larger centre there may be more competition than the toyota dealers face here.
  • scsolarascsolara Posts: 47
    Paying 30K? Is that Canadian or something? That sounds high! My 2000 SE V-6 5Spd came with leather, wood grain, 17in rims and tires, TRD exhaust, alarm, tint, window etching, upgraded stereo system, etc, etc (loaded), and sticker was around 33K. Dealer let me have it for 26K. I love the car...expecially after the supercharger, quickshifter, TRD suspension, and intake were installed.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 641
    the canada flag by the name indicates to me the $30000 is canadian...just a hunch.
  • Any advice or comments pro or con on TRD aftermarket upgrades? SC, you seem happy with yours! I love my SLE after not quite 3K miles, but I've been considering the supercharger and sway bars if only on general principles. Of course it hasn't even been to it's first oil change yet...

    Thanks in advance.

  • scsolarascsolara Posts: 47
    ral - You never know, many on this forum switch back and forth to get a comparison to US dollars?

    citizen_dog - TRD is proud of thier stuff so it gets pricey, but it seems quality. I have not heard of a SC breaking yet. I got mine at 3500 miles on the car, and the only thing that happened was the SC belt ate throught the AC line. My dealer fixed it under warranty and relocated the AC line, so problem fixed. Some people at feel TRD support is poor, but you have to consider the Solara is based off of a family sadan! Check out for TRD parts. They are nice people and have the best prices. Good luck and enjoy the ride. The Solara is a great sleeper car. It has much potential.
  • bwiebebwiebe Posts: 27
    ral2167 you are so right. The flag should be a dead giveaway that the price was in Cdn$, especially since I was responding to an inquiry from dellwell who had the maple leaf on his post.
  • Hey, I just purchased the 2001 SLE with moonroof, traction, CD changer and side air bags for roughly $24,500. I was looking forward to picking up my car next week until, to my horror, I read some of the comments about the left pulling problem on this forum. I didn't test drive the exact car that I purchased. What percentage of Solaras suffer from this problem? Anyways, I ended up choosing Solara because it's supposedly a great, reliable car without the snobby or racer image. Also, I just love the way it looks, moreso than the CL. I have to admit that I will be mad if the 2002 Solara is even more gorgeous. Heehee...a little selfish on my part. Hopefully, you won't see me coming on here ranting about the steering problems. As far as the coinbox is concerned, I am just gonna get a speed pass so that I don't have to worry about using it. Oh yeah, one more thing, although I like the fact that not that many people have Solaras, but it does make you wonder why it isn't more popular.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Beantown: I was wondering why Solara's aren't more popular also. My own take is that Toyota might sell more if they just called it something like "Camry Sport Coupe".
  • westsolarawestsolara Posts: 18
    The reason why Solara is not more popular is because it is a "sleeper" car
    and also many folks prefer four doors, esp families. I have installed that
    wooddash kit and I am glad I did as it looks the new Avalon's..
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