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Toyota Solara



  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    Your steering wheel probably vibrates becasue your rotors are warped. Mine does this too, along with all my other minor problems with my 00 SE V6, but Toyota says that disc/disc are maintainance free, and they cant do anything about it, beacuse the warp is so minor that they would need to replace both rotors, as it cannot be detcted by a visual inspection, not covered under warrenty, but at cost to me! Mine has done this for the last 8-10,000 miles. I am at 28,000. I am not as aggressive driver as most, so I think I did not cause this with excessive stopping, or short stops, coming to a complete stop very quickly. Even with ABS I am still a brake pumper so as not to over heat the rotors, and warp them. Good luck!
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    While driving with the sun roof open (regardless of speed), if I hit a small bump or unevenness in the road I hear a creaking noise up in the sunroof area which has gotten louder and more annoying (part of the reason I bought the car was the fact that it is supposed to be so quiet inside even with the roof open). It sounds as if it needs to be oiled or something??

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • I've got the exact same problem, sounds like it is coming from the rear of the sunroof.
  • Hello everyone and anyone! We just bought our new Solara yesterday and in reading the manual it says warning warning warning do not tint the back window as it will interfere with the radio. (okay, maybe not those EXACT words, but close!) I am wondering if this can possibly be true, as I see these cars all the time with windows tinted.. Anyone have tinted windows AND radio reception? :)
    thanks! Debbie
  • I hear intermittent creaking, but have not ID'd the locale. Did you verify via a passenger's check for the source? I've randomly bounced around in my seat, emptied out the glove compartment and center console, and emptied out my coin box/armrests to no avail...
    I've compensated by turning up the stereo.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I think it'd be safe to tint your rear window, as long as you're sure that the tint film used doesn't contain any metallic ingredients. Try doing a bit of research about the brand of tint you'd like to install, or try asking your installer for advice.
  • Okay Canc.. I asked my window tint shop and they do offer one type of film with NO metal so that is the one I will go with. All the higher grades contain metal so I will avoid them... thanks!
  • Be sure your'e not using a "cheap" film to be sure of no radio problems. There is reason that there are more expensive films. They look better, work better and last longer.

    I had my windows tinted with a top - grade film and no radio problems. Check around, maybe you need to use a different tinter that uses different brands of film.

    Also- As you may know, it is impossible to make the film adhere properly to the "dotted" section at the top of the window. It will always look terrible. To solved this problem, my tinter just "blacked out" the dotted part with totally dark "blackout film", and you never see it. It only cuts about 1/2" out of your view in the mirror - totally acceptable.
  • Okay thank you.... I will check around different tinters to see what they offer in a higher grade film. I would rather spend more and have it look better and last longer, it is good to know you have had no problem with yours. Does your film contain metal? They are telling me they have 50% metal... 100% metal... etc.

    I don't know exactly what you are talking about with the "dotted" section as we do not actually pick up the car until this Saturday as we had to leave it to have the alarm put in it and we are not local to the dealer. So, are you saying your tinter put "blackout film" on top of the regular film over the dotted part? I guess I am confused as to how blackout film would stick when regular film would not. If there is a trick to tinting this car though, I would definitely appreciate knowing what it was! :) Thank you so much, debbie
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    Another place the sound could be coming from is

    1) The passenger seat in some positions create noise

    2) The seat belt release squeaks
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    I have gone into the dealership several times to fix things.

    1) Driver's side window too high, prevents closing. Brought it in 3 times. First time was regulator, second time was pitch, third time was window stopper. No problems since third time, knock on wood.

    2) Driver's side door makes noises when opening. Lubricated doors at the dealer twice, still have some noise.

    3) Now I have the rocking seat upon acceleration. Hasn't gotten too bad, if it gets worse or I get over 30K miles I will get it fixed.

    What about you guys?
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    99.9% sure it's coming from the sunroof. I need to go for my 36,000km service next week so I'll get them to check it. Unfortunately when your car is under warranty, service departments are always inclined to tell you nothing is wrong or that the sounds are normal, or that the left pull is normal, or that the fact that water seeps into your car during a no touch car wash is normal due to the high pressure of the water, or that the popping sounds I hear from the left side front speakers are normal and I just need to adjust my bass down into the negative levels, etc.

    I'm sure when my warranty expires next year suddenly these problems will all become real and they'll say they can easily fix them. Of course, for a high price!
  • Automobile manufacturers and dealers take notice. I am about to buy a new vehicle. I am a lifelong GM customer and would like a higher quality more refined vehicle. I was seriously considering a Toyota, but after reading these posts I think I will stick to my GM cars. Not the most trouble free perhaps but dealer always does a good job and so far on the first visit. So customer opinion does matter even if the customer is a little guy.
  • jraysjrays Posts: 20
    to jjstokes0430:

    I too had always owned American cars before buying my Solara, but I've never been sorry for a day about my switch to Toyota. I've had my Solara for a year and a half, with ZERO problems. I enjoy driving my car and I still get compliments on its looks.

    These forums are notorious for being negative. When things are going great, not many of us take the time to tell anyone, but just let something go wrong and we're ready to start a war! No manufacturer is going to make a perfect car and there are some of us who have had better luck than others, but if you want to take the safe bet, go with Toyota. When I had GM cars, I totally expected things to break and break often. I was not disappointed. It's so nice now to be able to enjoy a car, knowing that the quality is built in and I will be able to enjoy this car for a long time.

    Unfortunately, not all service departments are created equal. One good thing about having a reliable car is rarely having to visit the service department. You have to stick to your guns. If something is broken, MAKE them fix it. Don't leave unsatisfied. If you have to speak to your salesman or the manager, then do it. They have nothing to lose, but you do, if you don't take matters into your own hands.

    I don't speak for everybody, but I urge those who have a Solara and are enjoying it to speak up also. It's nice to hear about problems, but it seems a little one-sided lately.

    jjstokes0430 I hope you will do yourself a favor and at least drive and research the Solara before making up your mind.

    2000 Red/Silver SLE
  • jjstokes0430- I'd have to agree with jrays that you are doing yourself a big disservice by not considering Toyota based on some of these posts. I am reminded how great a car the Solara is every time I rent a GM vehicle. There is absolutely no comparison to the quality of the materials, ride, engine or (in my opinion) looks. But, if you really like your GM service dept, go ahead and buy GM, I'm sure you'll see them often. :)
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    I can honestly say I rarely check these boards unless I want to post a problem, and I'd guess that most people do the same. I'd still go with the Solara again (well, maybe the Acura 3.2CL b/c I like the look better but it wasn't around when I bought the Solara and cost a good deal more!).

    I don't think I'll ever buy Domestic again. I used to own a Ford, fairly reliable but the ride was nothing compared to the Toyota. My friend owns a Grand Am and is extremely envious. I listen to the problems he's having with his car (brake pads replaced every 20,000km, car doesn't start occasionally unless he opens and slams the door, key occasionally doesn't work, wear and tear caused damage to his Control Arm which now needs to be replaced!?!?!) are incredible. I mean, I'm complaining about very small items that just annoy me b/c everything else about the car is great! And you'd be hard pressed to find many service departments that are great when it comes to fixing things that are under warranty. Like I said, I'm sure when the warranty expires, I'll suddenly get great service every time I go in!!

    But then again, supposedly Domestic cars have almost caught up to Imports and for the price difference it may be worth while to buy a domestic if you like the way it looks, etc. better. I'm just saying don't buy b/c there are a lot of complaints in this forum, go to the Chrysler 300M forum or any Domestic car forum and I garauntee you'll find even more complaints and more serious ones at that!!
  • Hi Debbie:
    To answer your tint questions -
    Type of tint - I will call my EXCELLENT tinter (N of L.A.) and ask him what brand they are using - for your comparison.
    Dots - Regular tint does not stick evenly to the dotted area, as it is dots of paint on the glass (used to offer some shading to the top of the window). It always looks bad. The blackout film totally hides the dots so they don't show at all - from inside or outside.

    jjstokes0430 - You must not read the GM boards! To be frank, I will no longer even RENT GM cars! I travel a lot and rent cars often. GM cars have been horrible, noisy and unreliable, even compared to the rest of the domestic junk offered by the rental companies. Before you buy ANY car - go rent one for a day that has 10,000 miles on it. You will see what it will be like down the road. You might be very surprised at how fast some cars deteriorate.

    The comments above are right - these forums are sounding boards, usually for people with problems. Posters usually don't take the time to say "Gee, my car is so great I have nothing to complain about!" What I see here on the Solara board is NOTHING compared to most other forums!

    By the way, my Solara is so great that I have nothing to complain about! Well - Maybe the A/C is too cold sometimes, and the ride is so quiet that my attention wanders a little when driving, listening to the JBL sound system. It never requires any repairs, so I sometimes forget to take it in for regular service.
  • Thanks automophile... I appreciate the info. I spoke with our local dealer here today and they say they do window tinting in their service dept so I will probably take it there because if nothing else at least I know they have tinted Solaras before. We are south of LA (orange county) and can't wait to pick up our car Saturday! thx again debbie
  • Howdy All:

    It's true that if everything is going well with your vehicle, you are not as likely to mention it as you would be with a problem you might be having.

    I am going on 16 months with my 2K SLE (MoonRoof, Traction, Side Air Bags, In-Dash 6 Disk changer, Mats) and look forward to driving it everyday. I've had no trouble/problems with it and the only times that I've been back to the dealership was to pick up new oil filters at the parts dept. It may not be the most agile car, but it's smoothness, quiet demeanor and refined attitude confirm that I purchased the best car in it's class. I recently test drove a new 2001 Lexus ES300 for comparison and the Solara is so close in many ways - almost as smooth and quiet as the ES300. I found that the seats in my Solara are more comfortable, but the interior of the ES300 was beautiful and very luxurious - definitely more upscale that the Solara.

    It has been said that no manufacturer makes a 'perfect' car, which is true, but (IMHO) Toyota/Lexus are at the pinnacle of automotive quality and continue to offer a diversifed product line to satisfy most buyers. You pay a bit more up front for that quality but since time is money to me, it's a good investment (as automobiles are concerned).

    Anyway, I just wanted to share a positive experience regarding my Solara and to those considering one, just go drive one and then compare!

    Best regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • I am a certified car junkie! And QUALITY and DESIGN are my major concerns.

    My 1999 Solara SE is a wonderful automobile (and I've had quite a number, including GM and Honda). It is (for me) a great automobile! It's quiet, solid, has sufficient performance and most of all is well designed inside and out. It is "Lexus-like", only not as expensive!

    I'd buy another tomorrow (except I plan on keeping this one for 4 or 5 more years)!!!!

    34,000 miles and still as smooth as the day I drove it off the dealer lot!
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