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Land Rover LR3



  • godhelpusgodhelpus Posts: 2
    I recently took my LR3 out to Colorado to look at Real-Estate and do some off roading. I live in Chicago, and ended up in Breckenridge for a night. That's a 1073 mile trip for those counting. The vehicle performed magnificently at about 90 the whole way there. From Breckenridge then to Taos New Mexico. 400 Miles. Then some more crusing around the state plus off roading. Roughly 3500 miles. Two Problems. I got a check engine light about 2700 miles in. Stopped in at Colo Springs and was very impressed by the service. They said it was due the the fan spinning too fast due to the thinner air (lack of wind resistance). People in higher elevations might want to ask about this if they are having their lights on. Also, the infamous suspension fault light. This was quickly resolved by a call to LR Colo Spgs, who said to pull over and re-start the vehicle. From then on, it was impecable. Quick Aside: Never in my life did I think a factory standard (HSE) could perform as phenomenally as it did off-road. From the rough n' rocky terrain of the mountains (Hill Decent Control was AMAZING) to the sandy trails of the great sand dunes, this vehicle beat out all of my expectations by a landslide. I just got back, and bought a Freelander. Unfortunately, I've had minor problems with that...

    BOTTOM LINE: Other than for a few small issues that were quickly resolved, this vehicle is quite possibly the most amazing peice of equipment I have ever had the opportunity to become aquinted with.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Did anyone get a special class or instruction upon delivery explaining the suspension modes? We were given a quick hour class but it seemed to reveal that the sales people didn't really know much other than how to raise or lower the vehicle. I've read the manual and there's a wealth of little "easter eggs" the sales people don't tell you about. As often seems to be the case, the sellers don't seem to be too familiar with their product.

    This is our first "Ford" rover also so hopefully nothing will be far the moonroof has "failed" but that's either a fuse or a bad switch. Our appointment is on Friday to have it resolved. The truck has been returning decent mileage (for it's size) and handles better than one would expect.

    I was crawling around the undercarriage and would someone explain to me how the fording depths can't affect the underside? There seems to be an awful lot of exposed wiring near the suspension air canisters. The harness are exposed also. I can only assume the engineers knew what they were doing but i don't see how with the possibility of moisture contact can these things be expected to operate reliably if at all
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Service advisor called and said the rear suspension height sensor was bad (don't remeber if it was the left or right side) and needed replacing. They are having one overnighted and I hope to get it back by tomorrow evening. :D
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I'm so got to go to CO and off-road the LR3. There are sooo many nice trails it's amazing. Also, near Red River NM is some good off-roading also.

    I'm slowly getting more attached to my LR3 HSE after two months and 2600 miles - and no glitches yet. And I've yet to get less than 18.2 mpg. It's hard to find a better riding vehicle and especially one that's so awsome off-road.

    Have fun all of you - and good luck.
  • tblasiaktblasiak Posts: 2
    Almost made it to 5K miles without a problem when my wife encountered a park brake fault (red light flashing, amber on). She claims it happened when she started the car not to far from home. When she got home I did a few restarts but the fault was still appearing. Not to happy at this point and being late and around 95 and humid I gave up, time for a drink. I was praying that when I started it in the A.M. all would be fine... Guess what, when I turned the ignition and the system booted NO fault appeared.. I put it into drive and spun around the block. The LR3 appeared to be fine.
    Has anyone encountered a similar situation... I called the dealer and they said if it happens again to bring it in..
    My wife and I love the LR3, as well as my 3 year old and 3 month old. No other complaints execept Land Rover should make the memory seat function standard.
  • webbuzzwebbuzz Posts: 36
    18.2 mpg? I could only wish. How did you calculate this?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    webbuzz, I get 18 or 19 MPG if I do long highway trips all the time. Calculated by hand... which isn't too much off from the silly computer average. Worse if I'm loaded up with cargo, of course.

    LR3 should be very close to EPA estimates for average driving: 14 city/18 highway.
  • teldocteldoc Posts: 49
    Update: We've had our white SE since December and have nearly 10,000 miles. The truck continues to perform flawlessly. It is a joy to drive and is the most confident machine we've owned. Better than the Land Cruiser it replaced.

    St. Louis
  • letterrepletterrep Posts: 12
    Not even the offer of a big bribe would get my local LR service guys to turn off the 'Inop' feature of the Nav while driving, so I finally moved out of denial and started looking for alternatives for finding POIs and setting destinations using the VR system...the recommended method of operating the Nav on-the-fly. Anyway, the first thing I did was reorganize the VR Nav commands so that they were better arranged in 'like' groups...POI commands with POI stuff...General Nav functions with other General Nav functions, etc. All of this was done on an Excel spreadsheet, then put to practical use, then corrected and changed and redone until it makes pretty decent sense. (Some of you are thinking I have way too much time on my hands, but, in my defense, this is my work vehicle and it's important to me to have Nav all the time, so...this was a professional effort.)

    Anyway, in the course of using the Nav with VR, I've found there are lots of limitations and lots of short cuts. None of these, however, are listed in the Navigation System Guide. That guide, rather, tells you how to operate each feature and not really any practical application of it. Some of these I've discovered myself, others I'm sure I don't know yet.

    Does anyone know of a 'Practical Use Manual' for the LR3 Nav? If so, let me know. If not, I vote to have an additional forum here where we all can exchange practical knowledge of the use of our Nav systems and then write one ourselves.

    BTW, if anyone wants a copy of excel spreadsheet with the me and I'll send you one.
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I've been getting readings of 19..., 20, and even 23 mpg on the computer readout while driving the LR3 on the Highway at 65, A/C on, and two people. I called my dealer and told them my 'puter was needing an overhaul. They said it's just fine. Then I started to calculate my mileage the old fashion way, and sure enough - I'm getting 18-20 mpg highway with about 20% around town travel mixed in. I've never done strictly highway or around town travel as I get around 400 miles per tank.

    I filled my tank on the last 5 occasions until gas started to run out the filler hole, and then used a calculator to determine the mileage, and it's always within 1 mpg of the computer reading. I also drive "nice" in full auto mode. My dealer says "they are getting lots of reports of great mileage". My little Toyota truck only gets 21-23 mpg with it's 3.4L V6. So, no complaints from me..let's hope the other gremlins stay away as well.
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Got a call from the service adviser who said that they had finally figured out it was the right rear suspension height sensor that was bad. Sounds like they couldn't get the system to log a specific failure, just a general one. They had to order a new and would have one overnighted. Yesterday I called and they put the new sensor on and were still getting a failure message. They now think that the right front height sensor is bad also and have ordered an overnight delivery for that part. Will see today if that fixes the problem. I've owned the LR3 for nine days now and I've had it for 5 days and the dealership has had it for 4. :sick: I believe based on my vehicle that they have ordered several replacement suspension sensors for any other LR3 with this potential problem. Haven't heard any mention of a bad compressor yet in my problem. Is this a problem with a faulty batch of sensors or a design flaw? Is was wondering as it seems to be reported from vehicles just delivered and not from earlier builds. Any way to tell the vehicle build date from VIN or a posting on the vehicle?
  • slammieslammie Posts: 38
    Anybody know when the 2006 LR3's will be rolling into dealerships? And are there any changes folks are aware of? Thanks
  • flownerflowner Posts: 42
    They said they will prorate the tires. I'll have to pay $300 for them to replace all four tires, which also includes an alignment, balacing and mouting. I'm still think it may be a problem with the suspension that causee the uneven tire wear.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    These are my rough estimations: Just drove from Giebelstadt to Amberg (A3-A6) Trip computer said distance covered was 106 miles. Used one quarter of the tank driving with cruise set on 95mph, AC temp was 72 auto. If the tank is 22gallons, by my calculation that was 5.5 gallons used into 106 miles or 19.27mpg. The fuel computer takes the average of your economy during acceleration starts and your fuel economy during cruising hence roughly 6mpg for average acceleration and about 20mpg highway cruising, divide by two and you come up with approx. 13 mpg which is what the computer is showing/ reading (13.2-13.6). My Bimmers have 16 gallon tanks, use up a quarter tank over the same distance (but at higher speeds, approx. 125mph) and average about 25.7 mpg. A similar model but diesel version (320d) took 8 litres of diesel to fill up to cover a distance of 100 miles which came up to about 48 mpg. And that was at 220kph (130mph). BUT, the Bimmers weigh in about 2000 lbs lighter i believe.

    EPA fuel economy figures always carry the disclaimer (actual mileage will vary) I'm pleasantly pleased that this behemoth of a truck gets, imho, decent gas mileage.
  • lr3_magiclr3_magic Posts: 18
    Called the dealer this afternoon about picking up my LR3 HSE7. It has been in the shop since tuesday of this week for suspension failure upon lowering. Today they replaced the front suspension height sensor after it had been overnighted. Yesterday they replaced the rear right suspension height sensor after waiting a day for it to be overnighted.

    When I called this afternoon, the service advisor stated that my vehicle was now giving a different failure message and that they would need more time to figure out what was going on. Stated they would probably have to contact Land Rover to get help with the problem. Failure message started around 100 miles and I have now had the vehicle only 5 days and by next Monday, the dealership will have had my LR3 for 6 days. Will wait to see what the dealership says on Monday before I start the process of contacting LRNA customer relations. Don't know if that will make any difference. I do have loaner so can get around, but not like having my own vehicle and it is not a HSE with Nav and towing. :mad:
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Well have had my LR3 HSE for 4 months now and have covered 3000 miles. My car is performing well. In fact, I've taken it to 90mph (its so smooth and quiet) and its amazing at that speed. The steering tightens up and feels very very stable. So far my issues have been minor, the CD stoped working, rattle in the front door, and now I get a low coolant warining due to a faulty sensor. But its an incedible truck. Really the best of boths worlds, awesome on road and very cabable off road. Not many SUVs can claim that, seems like the Germans are concentrating on on road SUVs only now.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    '06 Ford F-150 gets Sirius - as will Ford Explorer; '06 Land Rover LR3 still won't. More proof LR3 is not a Ford truck: ;)
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Official 2006 Land Rover LR3 trims & pricing (US)

    LR3 V6 = $38,950 USD
    LR3 SE = $45,450 USD
    LR3 HSE = $53,450 USD


    "SE" Premium Package (leather trimmed seating surfaces, shift knob and front folding armrests, 240-watt harman/kardon® audio system with remote audio controls on steering wheel, power tilt, slide front sunroof, second row auxiliary audio port, and "SE" badge at rear tailgate) [V6; Std. in SE/HSE] = $3000

    On/Off-Road Navigation (seven-inch color-screen, DVD-based on-road navigation, off-road navigation, 4x4 Driver Information Center and voice-activated operation) [SE; Std. in HSE] = $2,650

    Rear Seat & Climate Package (second-row fold flat seating, third-row fold flat seating, third-row side curtain airbag SRS, third row map lights and accessory power outlet, rear luggage net and additional front cupholder, second-row A/C and heating controls regulating airflow to the second and third row seats, two vents at second-row headliner, two vents at third-row C-pillar and one outlet at third row lower level) [V6; SE; Std. in HSE] = $2,200

    Luxury Package (adaptive front lighting system, cold climate package, and center console cooler box) [HSE] = $1,750

    Lighting Package + Rear PDC (Bi-Xenon headlights, automatic headlights, auto-dimming inside rearview mirror, rain-sensing wipers, front fog lights, headlight power washers, and Homelink® Rear Park Distance Control) [SE; Std. in HSE] = $1,400

    Cold Climate Package (includes heated front windshield, heated front-and second row seats with two heating levels and heated windshield washer jets) [V6; SE; HSE] = $1,050

    Heavy-Duty Package (locking rear differential and full-size spare alloy wheel) [V6; SE; HSE] = $625

    Personal Telephone Integration System console cradle and Bluetooth connectivity [SE; Std. in HSE] = $400

    Center Console Cooler Box [SE] = $250

    Java Black Pearl Exterior Paint [V6; SE; HSE] = $400
  • nbarconbarco Posts: 14
    I have the 2005 LR3 HSE with a climate package and tow package. I am stationed in Germany and have really had the opportunity to drive this vehicle on road. I have seen the 120mph limit for an extended period on the autobahns, although I typically set cruise control to 100mph on road trips. The vehicle handles great and drives great, but I have never seen the gas mileage others are claiming, even at 80mph. My average fuel consumption is 13mpg. I kind of expected this when I purchased the vehicle. It also receives many compliments. It goes in for an oil change on the 15th of August. Also, my rear center seat is coming apart at the rear seams, the driver's side window has a loud rattling sound when going up and down, and the front speakers rattle horribly with any kind of bass going through them. I am interested in hearing any comments about the speaker issue and for those of you with the new bluetooth setup, how is it? Worth getting? I will give you an update on the servicing of the listed items. Anyone else have this horrible speaker problem?
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    nbarco, where are you stationed in Germany. I'm meeting up with a few folks at a car show on Vogelweh this coming weekend. They want me to enter the LR3 in the stock class.

    My dealer said bluetooth was installed on mine, I still have to ask my build date as maybe mine is an 06 (euro model deliveries are differently dated i believe). Be wary though..with that cabir virus out there, i'm not sure if i want that option disabling my nav system or any other related accessory. I'm not an expert but i figure if anything has to communicate with the symbian os then it is a potential threat. It happened to my d1 triband while i was in the states. When i came back, my battery was discharging every day.

    I also have the rattle from the speaker grills. It appears to be the grill from the midrange and the tweater vibrating in sympathy from the lower freqs. Only option really is to rip it out and start over..after all, what OEM manufacturer knows anything about car audio? :P (exception being mark levinson stereos in Lexus)
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