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Land Rover LR3



  • Out of curiousity, I am interested in asking some of the LR3 owners on this forum who were previous Disco II owners, to give their opinions on the differences.

    I currently own a 2001 Disco II and am at a crossroad whether to keep my Disco II and purchasing the extenended warranty till about 90k or trade it in and get an LR3. Even with all the quirky traits of the disco...i do still like it very much.

    Any thoughts?
  • lr_saleslr_sales Posts: 13
    There is a proctetant they put on all the plastic, vinyl and leather services on brand new cars that are shipped. Its kind of a UV protectant stuff and if it is not cleaned off after a while it turns to a white haze. Sounds to me like the detail shop at your dealership did not do a good enough job of throughly cleaning the vehicle before delivery. Try and clean a section of it yourself with some high quality vinyl/plastic cleaner. I have found Meguiars NXT protectant does ok for Walmart off the shelf stuff. If that does clean it up take it back to your dealership and have them redetail the inside of your car.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    I was in your exact same situation a few months ago. I had a 2003 Disco II that I loved. I was coming to the end of my lease and was going to purchase it and buy an extended warranty for $2800 from Land Rover. I decided, rather than buy the extended warranty for the Disco II to just lease a new LR3. After a month of driving the LR3 you will forget all the things you liked about the Disco because simply it a superior car. It rides like a lux car, has tons of power and the ergonomics have been fixed. You will love it.
  • I have had my LR3 since December 2004. It has been at the dealer 5 times for a suspension fault.

    They said vehicle was in transport mode by default. Picked up vehicle and within one day message returned. Took back and they replaced the compressor. Problem occurred again. Said battery was giving fluctuating voltage. Changed battery and within a week problem returned. Land Rover told dealer to replace compressor and relay. They said they drove vehicle for a few days and problem did not return. I picked up the vehicle and within 2 miles of leaving the dealer fault message returned. Vehicle has been at dealer for another week and I do not know what they are doing. They have been good to me in giving me quality replacement vehicles to drive, but I am concerned.

    I have been offered 2 months of lease payments for my inconvenience but have not accepted because I an concerned I could not use the CA lemon law if I accept.

    Perplexed in CA.
  • I agree, I got my LR3 on Feb29th and have been back at the dealer 1or 2 times each month since for a variety of issues. Suspension fault(new sensor and compressor), knocking/rattling noise in roof(new sunroof assembly)after 4/5 tries, chaffing side panels, warning lights going on all the time, headliner out of place(pending), leaking water through front door and headliner(new).I cannot believe that such a prestigious and expensive vehicle can be so lousy. I am looking to return the car under the :lemon: law and go elsewhere. Has anyone else had to do this.....HELP!!!!!!!
  • The oil change interval is every 7500 miles, not every 12000 miles. Your first 6 service visits are covered.
  • Try to escalate it with Land Rover Customer Care first. They are easy to deal with and can get things done quickly. Lemon law, on the other hand, takes an extremely long time (well over a year). Once you file, you can't really use customer care any more.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    LandRoverOwner, Lemon Law isn't "well over a year" (at least in California). Normally, the manufacturer will offer to do the replacement or buy-back if you clearly meet the Lemon Law requirements and follow the process... even before formal arbitration begins. With the full process, it's still not "well over a year."
  • nbarconbarco Posts: 14
    I am in Vilseck, Germany.....Bluetooth is not supposed to be standard option, so double check, as it will be expensive to install at a later date. I will be taking it in for service on the 16th. They will have to fix the rattling.......warranty..........
  • jobiejobie Posts: 47
    Regarding the interior door panel "hazing" - I don't remember seeing it when I first took delivery. I think appeared after I starting cleaning areas from time to time, and it seems to worsen when you try to clean it with a sponge & water alone. I did hit a small area with an ArmorAll wipe (non-shine type) - it did darken it up, but I'm not crazy about wiping down all the door panels.

    It's definitely different than the scuffs you get on all black interiors.
  • Well, I have a BMW lemon law case going in PA right now, and we filed April 2004 & we still haven't had our arbitration hearing, which is in August. THAT is well over a year. And we're still paying every month on a car that has caught fire 3 times & so above and beyond meets the standards of lemon law it is ridiculous. The court system is very slow, and it doesn't have to do with the manufacturer, just the court system.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    Pennsylvania's lemon law looks to be among the weaker ones from a consumer viewpoint; limited time to complain, etc. (Autopedia)

    If you think you have a lemon, it may be a good idea to get a free consultation with a lemon lawyer to make sure that time doesn't run out on your options while you are working with the dealer or manufacturer.

    Steve, Host
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Regarding the "hazing" on the inside of the doors that several people have mentioned, I also have it and have tried multiple things to remove it: dusting; wet clean rag; armor-all cleaning wipes, soap and water. All failed. The hazing came back--worse--within a day or two.

    However, about 3 weeks ago, I used armor-all LEATHER cleaning wipes; and it seems to work. This is probably not good for the plastic surface, but it looked so bad that that I was willing to chance it. And, so far, the hazing has not returned.
  • codicodi Posts: 2
    I purchased my LR3 HSE in early August 2005 from a So Cal dealership and am having the same problem with the suspension fault light. I took the car in after driving it for only 2 days; they kept the car 2 days and said they fixed it. As with you, after driving it for a short distance, the fault light came back on. They are going to try to fix it again next week.

    Also had the following problems:
    1. airbag fault light came on after having driven the car a whopping 2 miles. They had to replace the airbag and it seems to have fixed the problem.
    2. The ignition lock was sticking; they have ordered a new lock and will replace.

    The people at the dealership are cooperative enough, but it seems that their (or Land Rover's) quality control isn't very good and they can't fix things right the first time.

    Anyone else with a suspension light fault? What did they do to fix it?
  • lr3x3lr3x3 Posts: 2
    i had the dealer install the bluetooth set-up on my lr3. Very pricey and i get complaints that i am difficult to hear from my callers.

    is anyone else having this problem?
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    We're also in Vilseck. I think my wife knows your wife, lol..they parked next to each other by the clinic sometimes..we have the buckingham blue LR. I know it's not standard and personally i don't really care if we do have it as the less integration between devices the better (my nokias all have hands free that work just fine) Where are you heading for service? (A friend of mine says that the closest LR dealership she knows of is in Nurnberg) Let me know if they are able to take care of the speaker enclosure vibration (it's because of all that plastic and clips (no dynamat)
  • nbarconbarco Posts: 14
    I am using the dealer in Weiden. It is the same dealer that I used for my Volvo. The dealer is not great by US standards, but it does have the most experience in dealing with American spec vehicles and customers. They are good at worksmanship, but lack where the rest of the country does....customer service. I know that is the problem with the speakers, but that is something they are going to have to fix, as they do not market rattling speakers. They market a high end audio system. They may come up with that solution ultimately. Yes, I htink our wives know each other, as she told me she met the person with the other Land Rover....Tell her to get with my wife and we could discuss more...also I have the NAV DVD for Europe and a way to burn it if you are interested......
  • rea9390rea9390 Posts: 19
    LR3 fully equiped, 6K miles, 6 Mos only problems have been a loose 12 volt outlet, and a rear lift gate squeek, both of which where fixed on the first try. Sorry about everyone with a recurring problem. I think more and more on the newer high tech vehicles if you get a bad one the dealer is going to have a tough go at fixing them. I think they should have a quick exchange program for expensive high end vehicles, especialy on new model roll outs, two attempts to fix a serious problem and then if they can't get it done....Just exhange the vehicle for a new one! I know this is a big economic expense for the mfg but look at the consumer left paying big bucks for an unreliable vehicle. :)
  • rea9390rea9390 Posts: 19
    the way I see it: SE for some off road use, HSE for almost no off road use. This is with the factory tire wheel combos. The HSE wheel is actually a better size to get an off road tire for.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Well the only solution is to take the grills, surrounds and door panels, then reseat with freq. absorbing material in the door. Again, they may consider this "high end", but it's consumer grade electronics as in "not audiophile" stuff that's sold at "Best Buy" Circuit City and it's ilk ( Harmon industries, {JBL, Infinity, HarmonKardon}) (logic 7 is only a DSP matrix that is an offshoot of the old citation 7 processor,i believe and that tech was 1st generation dolby pro logic from many moons ago) so good luck..If they don't meet your satisfaction re: customer service, you have two options, confront the dealer that sold the car and lean on them to get things done (this is what i'm doing) or go through LR NA which is what i've already done, asking them to address quality control issues such as exposed wiring looms, poor quality orange peel paint and the aforementioned speaker rattle which i'm sure they're aware of from these forums.
    Thanks for the offer regarding the Nav DVD but we already have two of them (one that's used and one that's a backup) i found in Great Britain courtesy of eBay..and i got it for a tidy sum of about $5.00 so 300Euro discount from what the dealer was offering.

    Incidentally, i've never had a problem with Service here regarding cars. I have great service from the bmwautohandlers for my bimmers, here in Amberg (Koch/JB Lell), Saubersdorf (Stauner) and Regensburg (Hoffman) and they have been more than accomodating. I'm fluent in german so that may help. :) I don't feel so guarded here as the germans do the work that needs to be done and don't invent problems in the cars like they do stateside (of which i've had this happen but that's a another story) I actually had to confront a stateside honda dealer's service manager as to what the supposed problem was (of course it was at least "$700") Turned out they forgot to reconnect my ECU and tried to pull a fast one as to why the car wasn't starting saying it was a problem with the distributor and ignition.

    I am disappointed in LandRover's presence here in Germany but truly wasn't expecting much of a British Marque's influence here. I'm disappointed that we don't get the "free scheduled maintenance" but it's the standard 4.4litre jaguar engine which i'm familiar with. Besides, i can change my own oil. I even had to ask them to provide me with a loaner car and got one through our dealership as BMW does this for me without question. They even wash my car before returning it to me. :shades:
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