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Land Rover LR3



  • Not a troll here. May be a first time poster but I am a 4th time LR owner. Disco 1, Disco 2 and currently own a Defender 90 and LR3. The gas tank problem is a sersious safety issue. I have always had great service from LR local and corporate, but on this issue I am getting the run around. Maybe it is the Ford influence.
  • Got a call back today from the NHTSA about the complaint, and apparently we're not the only ones to have had this problem. Sounds like they are opening an investigation into this. The dealer also called me back and let me know that they were able to get a revised fuel tank and they're installing it today. For the record, the service we have recieved at LR of Albuquerque has been so outstanding, from the sales guide to the service department, that I've got to give them credit. The vehicle may have some quirks, (except for the fuel leak, that was a full blown problem,) but thanks to them my wife won't even consider giving up her LR3 (though I may,) even for a RR. So for any dealers that may be browsing the board, it's all about the service.
  • seattymseattym Posts: 1
    We've experienced a variation of this problem lately. We don't have the fuel leak problem, but have had the stalling problem. Each time the LR3 starts to stall, it has been after a trip to the gas station. It is at the dealer for the 2nd time for this issue. They first replaced the MAF sensor, and now they tell me that they are going to replace the fuel tank. They also told me that the replacement fuel tanks are on back order, and that our LR3 is to stay at the dealer.

    We've had the LR3 since the end of '04 and have put almost 15K miles on it. We started having this issue after about 14K miles.

    While the dependability of the car is a little questionable, the service at our dealer, Rockville Land Rover in MD, has been outstanding. Since we bought our car there, they always give us a loaner or when LR loaners are not available, they give us a rental. This time around, they gave us a pretty basic LR3.
  • ajn999ajn999 Posts: 16
    We bought 2 LR3s in December. 1 good, 1 bad. The dealer gave us a brand new replacement in March after 7 failed attempts to fix electrical bugs(Lights would turn odd at night and not come back on) Keep trying, it worked for us :lemon:
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    I have had my LR3 SE for about 3 1/2 months with about 7000 miles on it so far. Stalled once at 150 miles on the odometer, took it to the dealer, they did a software update and a removal and re-install of the fuel tank. Since then it has been flawless.

    I just got back from a trip from San Francisco to Hood River, Oregon for a windsurfing vacation. 700 miles one way and 11 1/2 hours of non-stop driving. I had a Yakima Rocket Box on the roof loaded with 50 pounds of windsurfing equipment and two windsurf boards mounted on the rack next to the box. I managed to get about 15.5 MPG for the whole trip. I think that was great mileage considering all the stuff I had on the roof.

    The 11 hour drive was very comfortable in the LR3. Outside temps averaged 90 degrees and the A/C kept us very comfortable the whole trip. Having 2000 songs on the IPOD helps the drive too!

    I am very happy so far with my LR3. I owned a 2003 Disco before getting this rig. I think the 11 hour road trip would have been a little less comfortable than the LR3.

  • speirspeir Posts: 1
    I bought my LR3 SE fully loaded back in November '04, I had it service at around 3500 miles for software glitches the suspension failed once when driving at the same time the DSC cut off and the anti-lock brakes shut down. A few days later after starting and pulling out of my driveway it wouldn't give me any power. In both cases I pulled off the side of the road shut the vehical off waited for a sec and then started it up again with no problems. also, I have the navagation which was showing just the landrover screen a few times after start up. The dealer had it for one day to install software upgrade, the nav and the power problem happen once after the upgrade around the 7500 mile mark; so what I started doing was waiting until the vehical finishes it's "system check in progress" it takes an extra 2 seconds before starting, but after 6000 miles I have yet to have even a single glitch.

  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I have had 8000+ pretty near perfect miles with the LR3 HSE. But all hell broke loose this past week.
    1) Stalling/surging problem appears all of a sudden... engine seems to die/start/die/start, over and over... if you put in neutral during this surging cycle, the tach drops to zero like a stone. This behaviour started a week ago and lasted 5 minutes, then happened again a few days later and lasted for a whole hour... not a fun drive in the mountains, a LONG way from any service station.
    2) Engine warning light goes on and stays on until just yesterday, mysteriously goes off.
    3) I have the windows open in the cool mountains. Swear I am smelling gas. Nobody else around... has to be me. I stop the vehicle... smell gas under the car... finally find gas pouring down over the righ rear exhaust... smoking... I thought the whole car was going to blow and cause a major forest fire incident. Gas was pouring out pretty steadily. I open the fuel door and remove the gas cap... sounds like gas is boiling angrily inside the tank... I mean loud. I closed the cap... didn't know what to do. Started the car again, went on, and still with the gas smell... I thought for sure I was going to leak out all the gas and be stranded in the middle of nowhere. I stopped the vehicle, turned off ignition and went off hiking for half an hour... hoping things would 'reset'... apparently they did. I restarted the car, no gas dripping, no boiling sounds from the tank, but still I had the surging business.
    4) Offroad I have tried to use the HDC to walk me down a steep hill... guess what... HDC stalls the engine!

    Very disappointing. And very dangerous... imagine you running over a cigarette butt in traffic and all of a sudden you are exploding in flames.
  • I have put almost 9000 miles on my HSE since taking delivery 12/04. I have been very satisfied with the vehicle for the most part.

    Over the last couple of weeks I noticed a low coolant warning appearing when braking hard or turning a corner. I called my local LR dealer and they advised to come in and have it checked out which I did. The coolant level was normal and is a defective sensor which they have a TSB about.

    The last time I was at the dealer I asked them why the black door panels are starting to have this milky haze. They provided me with a product their detailer uses and corrected the appearance problem. While I was there today for the coolant issue I overheard the service manager talking about another LR3 with the same milky haze issue. Has anyone else noticed this condition on their vehicle with the black interior?
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Re: the milky haze

    If you search for door panels, you'll see it from last week I think. I have the same problem; although Armor-All Leather Wipes seem to work at least for a few weeks. What product did they give you?
  • I have a questions for those having the hazing problem. What color interior do you have?
    The reason I ask is that I have the black interior and have not seen any yet after two weeks, but my friend's who has the beige interior has the hazing on the black door panels where the speakers are located and he has only had his for a week.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    My interior is beige. The hazed lower-half of the door panels is, of course, black.
  • jackmacjackmac Posts: 26
    Has anyone not experienced the hazing issue?

    See previous posting #2441 for an explanation of the cause.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I have not had any hazing issue whatsoever. I do keep my car inside the garage when not driving.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I haven't. (Black interior.)
  • Just went thru the same gas issue on my LR3 with ~2000 miles. There is a design flaw with some of the gas tanks. My LR3 was in the shop for almost 4 weeks waiting for parts. You should not drive the vechicle in this condition. LR has a fix but the parts are on back order so it is a long wait.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    Thx xtreme90... good to have some heads up before I go into the shop on Mon.
  • My repair order for that same issue states that the fuel was coming out of the Purge Valve Assembly. I was lucky in that my dealership was willing to take the fuel tank and purge canister off of a newly arrived LR3 with the revised parts. So the total time out of service was 4 days including the weekend.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    exactly what I suspected to be the problem... but what the heck is causing the fuel to get to the Purge Valve??? Like I posted... it sounded as if the fuel was boiling or being pumped/percolated to the purge valve... very strange.

    Wonder if there is a negative pressure situation with the fuel, causing the engine stalling and the fuel dumping somehow in concert.
  • I have a serious problem with my LR3 that resulted with the same headache Tzo had to deal with ------ The fuel tank burst and gas leaked everywhere!

    Engine stalled 4 times while we are on the highway. All the lights on the dashboard went on. The only thing we could figure is it must be low on gas or must be power to the engine. We made it to the gas station, put in a full tank.

    Drove to get lunch. 30 minutes later, started car, just ran, then whole car "jerked" all lights came on again. We smelled gas. Looked back of car, entire fuel tank leaked out. Big hole in the fuel tank.

    I call Land Rover, the specialist told me that I was the 4th one in last week to have this problem. I was told to call the Fire and Police department of the leak. Land Rover specialist told me when the fuel in the tank gets low and yellow caution light comes on, this means the gas tank is completely empty. There is a requirement of 2-3 gallons of gas when this "yellow" light comes on, BUT! apparently not!

    The fuel intake keeps on "sucking in hot air", then coupled with the fact there is no reserve in the tank as required, extreme heat builds up and then the tank burst!

    This is a dangerous mix up to happen. I was told this has happened and will happen on all models. Right now in England, Landrover is redesigning the fuel system. What a bunch of crock for a "SUV of the year". A $50,000 vehicle shouldn't put you in harms way!.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I can sympathise with your anger. I was pretty upset as well when I saw all this gas dribbling out over my exhaust pipe. I had just finished transporting my kids to camp when the gas started leaking... I shuddered to think about what would happen if I had run over a cigarette butt and the gas flame would chase me until I stopped at a light, then BOOM.

    Well, my tank definitely did not burst, btw, I just had this strange temporal leak... after some 30-60 minutes, it seemed to go away. But I will not accept the vehicle back from LR until they give me a good explanation as to what the problem was and what the fix is.
    I will not listen to ... 'well, we couldn't find anything wrong, and it doesn't seem to be leaking now...' ... I just will leave it at the dealer. And contact my atty.

    But I am hopeful the dealer will work on this seriously.

    p.s. I was no where near empty when I had my leak. About half full.
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