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Land Rover LR3



  • AdamvAdamv Posts: 8
    When I purchased my LR3 I was very unhappy with how it preformed in the snow. Turns out the psi was in the 50's for the front and the 60's for the rear! Last week I brought it in for service and they did it again! I did have a 10% improvement in gas mileage but off road and on bumpy roads it's jarring...
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    no kidding. As I was thinking about whether I would really purchase the LR3 again, I reminded myself of the very poor performance in show. I believe it is completely the fault of the tires. The 4wd system is pretty decent. The Goodyear Wrangler HP's are fantastic on the road, and equally piss poor on the snow or sand. For sand, you can drop the air pressure to 20psi, and things get much better.
    For snow, we're screwed. If you want to pay thru the nose, you can find Goodyear MT/R tires that would turn the LR3 into a powerhouse in the snow. But that's a $2500 exercise in shipping 'tyres' from the UK.

    Imagine that LR does all this great engineering, comes out with this awesome truck, then they are stuck with no good tire choices! It's equivalent to putting snow tires on a Ferrari... just defeats the purpose of the vehicle.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    just got a call from an NHTSA rep in response to my filing an incident report on my fuel leak. They are in the prelim stages of collecting data from LR3 owners reporting this fuel leak incident. He said there will probably be an investigation opened. FYI.
  • flownerflowner Posts: 42
    Did you ask them why? My dealer puts my pressure to 33psi on all 4'. I would be happy to pump them up for better tire wear and better gas. I had to replace one set or tires already because they wore out on the inside edge.
  • wt4000wt4000 Posts: 37
    Hi, I rented a 05 LR3 for a week and came away extremely impressed. The vehicle had 9500 miles as was still solid as a rock, no creaks or rattles or funny noises, even off road. As a rental, you can assume its had a hard life, but everything seemed to be holding up very well on it.

    I was showing over 21 mpg on the freeway for about 50 miles, is that possible? Mostly I got around 14.9 mpg.

    I'm thinking of the 06 because I wil probably lease it and usually the residual are better at the start of ther model year.

    Are there any changes for 06?

    thank you
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Yes, that's very near to the EPA MPG of 14/18... which is pretty accurate for most.

    RE: '06... Please search for 2006 or equivalent. In fact, it's probably mentioned a few messages back. :confuse:
  • enginoneenginone Posts: 20

    Can I ask where you were able to rent an LR3? I've been thinking of doing that for some upcoming travel. What kind of daily/weekly fee were you charged?

  • wt4000wt4000 Posts: 37
    The Hertz Prestige Collection has some at a few big city locations. I paid $95 a day, plus all the fees. Not cheap, but a great way to test drive before buying.
  • Has Anyone Had LR buy back their 2005 LR3? I have had numerous issues with my LR3 and have left it at the dealer until they tell me what they are going to do for me. They say they will work with me. Has anyone gone the same route? If so, what was the outcome.
    I love my car but too many issues for paying over $50,000.
  • wt4000wt4000 Posts: 37
    I've noticed a big price increase on the 06 HSE, ar ethey repackage the equipment, making more stuff standard on it? The LR web site still has the 05 info.
  • wt4000wt4000 Posts: 37
    Did anyone catch the Top Gear episode featuring the LR3 (Discovery3) the other night? It was great, check for the reruns. Basically the LR3 went up this Scottish mountain and thru bogs that had never been traversed by a vehicle before. Great photography and the usual dry humor from the host.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    wt4000, as I said before... use search. I even posted the full price list for 2006, which shows you the options in each trim.
  • wt4000wt4000 Posts: 37
    been there done that, but there is no clear explanation for the HSE price swing.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    LR3 HSE for MY 2006 now come standard with the Rear Seat Package that includes rear climate control. That accounts for about 2200 dollars of the price increase. There is also a general price increase to take in account the dollar to british pound fluctuation. I think a couple of other former option on the HSE are also now standard but I don't remember them all.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    grommet, "Land Rover LR3" #2416, 2 Aug 2005 4:03 am is pretty clear. It's $900 more between matched option 2005 and 2006 HSEs. 2006 HSE forces you to get Rear Seat/Climate ($2200) & PTI/Bluetooth ($400).
  • YES! My dealer called yesterday to inform me that my brand new 2005 LR3 HSE (which has been in service for 32 days waiting for an airbag replacement from England) IS BEING REPLACED BY LANDROVER. I was asked to make my choice of new car and I should take delivery again mid week. I took delivery of the original LR3 on July 5th. It was in the shop for minor problems twice in the first two weeks and then I took it back because of an AIRBAG FAULT and SUSPENSION FAULT. It took the service people almost 10 days to figure out the problem and then a new airbag and suspension cylindar were ordered from Landrover. There are evidently very few parts for the LR3 stocked in the USA. The new airbag must come by ship because it is an explosive device and can't be placed on a plane. The day it was to arrive (30 days after being placed in service) I was told that it had never been sent. I must say that though this has been a very disheartening experience (even the loaner LR3 had the suspension system and the low gear setting go haywire and had to be taken back) the loacl dealer in Huntsville Alabama have been courteous, caring, and have gone out of their way to take care of me. They even loaned me the owners new Range Rover to drive for two of the weeks! The only downside is that I fell in love with the Range Rover I was driving (and can't afford)! I must be a glutton for punishment but I still want the new LR3. They are even replacing my custom molded satellite radio system that I spent nearly $800.00 to have installed. The situation has been frustrating but the people have been great! :surprise:
  • gina6gina6 Posts: 4
    Hello all...hoping to purchase an '06 HSE and fewer first year concerns. If possible, I would like to request latest software and/or parts upgrade ie air compressor for suspension, etc. Does anyone know the reference #s for the suspension fix air compressors, stalling fault software upgrade. I would like to map them against what may be currently in the vehicle. All other fixes and reference #s please reply.

    Also any update on the recent fuel system concern...fixes, recall. Thanks.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    gina6, a new LR3 won't be fixed if it's not broken. For example, I have a very early LR3 and have had zero problems so far and I've beaten up the LR3 quite hard. There hasn't been a full recall on any part of my LR3 yet. I'm sure if/when I have a documented problem, they'll address it appropriately.

    Anyway, anything that is "required" (software updates, true recalls, etc.) will be done by your dealer when they prepare the new vehicle.
  • wt4000wt4000 Posts: 37
    no, its not clear. why are they calling a "standard" item an "option" when you don't get the "option" to choose the "option", which comes "standard."
  • You also get front park distance control.
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