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Land Rover LR3



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    ..................and if I waited a month till November, for about $15,000 I could get a left over with a fixed tank.

    Sounds like a deal to me (I wonder if he'll put that in writing?) .................put me down for two! :shades:
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Hey, it's not "72,000 defective fuel tanks" -- if you read the recall document, it's supposedly a much smaller percentage. I have a vehicle in the recall range, and have not had any problems. I haven't yet found out if I'm actually impacted... but I'm in no rush. No stalls here, even in extreme scenarios.

    Yes, sign me up for the $15K LR3s... I'll also buy a pair. Never know when you'd want a few spares around...
  • mrstacymrstacy Posts: 34
    Thanks for the info kh. My parking tag may be interferring.
  • I'm in NH with 20k plus on my HSE with no problems!
    Which LR dealer are you using?
    Maine or Mass its the same LRNA for both so you should ring his bell!
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61

    What is your source of information that dealers will begin replacing quarantined vehichles first before customers who have trucks currently? Logically I would think that this approach would only create more financial risk for LRNA.

  • Here is some interesting reading about gas. If your using Chevron Premium, I find it hard to believe that the gas is the problem.
  • LRNA is supplying tanks to dealers in this order.

    1st. LR3's that have already been sold and are having stalling/surging issues that are symptoms of the recall. We have taken care of the only two delivered LR3's we have had with stalling problems by sacrificing two of our non-quartined in stock cars to fix the customers cars. That brought us down to two non-quarantined LR3's to sell.

    2nd. Once customers that have had issues have been taken care of dealers can use tanks to bring a few of their LR3's out of quarantine. According to the information I have read we are getting enough tanks to get 20% of our instock or service loaner LR3's back into service.

    3rd. Land Rover will mail out recall notices to people and coordinate with dealers in order to set up a schedual to fix LR3's that are in the VIN range but have not had problems.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    British Rover:

    I assume you are a dealer. The logic makes a lot of sense. Not replacing tanks for cars that are out on the road did not seem like a good approach.

  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    Nice to see a dealership representative acknowledging the fuel tank issue - I appreciate it!
    I recently had my first experience with LR service. While I'm trying not to jump to any judgements until I've got a few more visits under my belt, my service manager took a couple pretty big steps toward having a dissatisfied customer. I took mine in at a little over 2500 miles for installation of tow harness and a few other accessories that weren't on hand when I got the car, as well as a host of (relatively)minor problems. I had waited an extra two weeks or so to take it in because I wanted an LR3 loaner rather than a Freelander or rental car.
    While he was writing up the repairs, I mentioned that I hadn't checked my VIN for the fuel tank recall, but asked if he could let me know if mine was affected, and if so, when they would be doing the repair. Response: "Well, there's some sort of rumor going around about a recall, but I haven't seen anything about it..." I opined that it was probably more than a rumor, as it was on the NHTSA website, but didn't push it. Step one. Please don't BS me.
    Imagine my delight when the loaner they provided was a Freelander, after I had delayed specifically so I could have an LR3. Step Two. Please follow through on what you say you'll do, or if you can't at least acknowledge the fact and let me know why.
    So I asked... The reason? "Well, all our LR3s have been pulled off the road for the fuel tank recall." Step Three. I don't have the best memory in the world, but I can usually manage at least a two-minute span, especially if I've been told something that ticked me off a bit (like a recall just being a rumor).
    The icing on the cake was when they pointed me to the first loaner. I carried my kids' car seats over to strap them in, and it didn't take too long to realize that it was a customer's Freelander in for service. Would have been kind of convenient, since it was already stocked with car seats and CDs, but...

    Here's hoping that my first visit was a fluke, and I'll get excellent (and rare) service in the future. Not an impossibility, I suppose - I've got a coworker with a Disco II who has been happy with the same service manager for a few years, so we'll see.
  • Me too! Me too! Last week during system check the low coolant message started popping up. I topped off the coolant reservoir but the message still appears. Also, after filling up the gas tank, the fuel gauge will walk down to the 3/4 mark as I begin driving and then move up closer to full as I continue driving. I will go to the dealership soon to inquire what can be done.

    That being said, my overall experience with the vehicle has been fantastic! I have an '05 SE with about 6000 miles. Primarily stop and go driving with occasional distance driving, including a 1000 mile trip a few months ago.
  • I also experienced the low coolant warning and had it checked out at my LR dealer. The problem is a faulty sensor that has plagued a number of LR3's. The dealer was familiar with the problem. They have to replace the coolant tank where the sensor is located. Mine was replaced and corrected the problem.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    I previously wrote that Armor All Leather Wipes appeared to pretty much fix the door panel hazing. However, coverage became spotty over time.

    I have since used Meguiars M4016 Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditnr. And, after 4 weeks with no re-application, it looks great.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Thanks grommet. You've been a source of good info on this board. I called LR, who gave me the NAVTEQ 800 number. I called them, and they claim they do not supply the data for the LR3, but they do for the Freelander and Discovery. I sent LR CR a note asking for new data. They claim no new data is available. Oh well. Unless I know the exact address of where I want to go, the Nav won't be very good for me to find stores or restaurants (even the LR dealer is not in the system).
  • I'm wondering also how the Pledge furniture wax is working. My panels were hazing when I bought my '05 SE about a week ago. The saleman told me the door panels would likely be recalled someday. The dealer polished mine up before delivery to me and after 1 week they look good still.
  • What a minute! I was thinking "Did I already post my message?" This is the exact same situation that happened to me.
  • Just a thought, but I was wondering if you have the correct area selected for navigation data within your area?

    You may want to check!

    My LR dealer couldn't figure why addresses were not being found out either & eventually I discovered the problem.
  • Land Rover of Bedford, NH. You are a lucky one, all we wanted was a car that worked! :lemon:
  • The $15,000. is with my trade in of a loaded 2005 LR3 that does not work and has never worked since i bought it. You want to trade in your new car plus $15,000 on the same exact car that might or might not work?
    It also says it happens in hot weather climate and I do not think New Hampshire is very hot in December and January, and that is when I got the car and started having problems. It really is not fun driving down the South East Expressway in Boston with a baby in car and losing power. There is no breakdown and you are stuck for no reason. You'll know if it happens.
    Good Luck! :lemon:
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I just went on a 600 mile trip to Dallas and have never had a more pleasant drive in my life..What a great road vehicle!! Mileage was 19.3 with the AC on and going 75. The NAV system was a miracle tool taking me exactly where I needed - and I used to think they were just a gimmick.

    I also got the steering wheel creaking fixed - they popped off the airbag, took off the nut, and removed the wheel then trimmed the plastic housing a hair with a dremel tool - fixed...took all of 10 minutes. NO other issues, 5000 miles.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Unfortunately, the area is correct (CA and NV). For some reason, the Nav system seems to like to point out stores and points of interest that are far away from the SF Bay area (LA, NV). It finds many places 300 miles away but not so much in the Bay area. Perhaps the providers of the data have a thing against SF.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the dealer verified that a brand new 06 Range Rover had the same problem, and they did replace my DVD (no improvement).
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