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Land Rover LR3



  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    Though it's the latest technology, the nav system is still kind of expensive. Most other car makers offer one for ~$2000.

    We never carry a map anymore. The NAV system is so convenient that we can't live without it. I'd say it's a personal choice. Be warned though, once you use it, you may get hooked.
  • OK, I've seen a few new LR3 owners who have turned in their (new style) Range Rover's in for the LR3. I know you haven't had the new vehicle for very long, but is there anything you miss from the RR? As a 2003 RR owner near the end of his lease looking for a new SUV, I'm wondering if I should even be considering going back to a new RR if the LR3 is just as good, if not better in some areas. There must be SOMETHING the Rangie has over the LR3 and not just 10 pieces of wood. :-)

    From what I've been reading so far, Land Rover may have shot their Range Rover sales in the foot.
  • ajn999ajn999 Posts: 16
    Regarding the tax savings that end this year:
    You get to write off $25,000 under section 179 and then you get to write off 50% of the difference of purchase price and the $25,000.
    (30,000 x 50 % = 15,000)(Bonus Depreciation) This totals over $40,000 in write offs provided the truck is used for 100% business use. In my tax bracket that equals almost $20,000 in state
    and federal tax savings. Prior to October 22 or 23 you were able to write off the entire purchase price!

    As far as missing the Range Rover: I do miss the
    body styling of the Range Rover. The shape is classically beautiful. I guess I will miss the "snob appeal" factor that came with the Range Rover but thats about it. the LR3 rides great, looks good , is more practical and so much cheaper.
  • Socalfrank, you're a savvy car guy so I wonder what your thoughts were on a Cayenne V6 vs. the Touareg? With the V6 and not many options the pricing is quite close to a an SE LR3 with perhaps better resale, better ride, etc. Having said this, in New England the Cayenne V6 units are scarce, those that do exist come in with often 8K of needless options, and the dealers can be difficult. (They get cranky from having to practice saying Por-Sha all day long).
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103

    I test drove both and I currently own a Porsche 911. Between a Cayenne V6 (VW engine) and a Touareg V8, there is no comparison, get the Touareg.

    Cayenne is not a better ride. It's more sports tuned but not more comfortable. Porsche is also dumping a large number cars into the US market. Not sure how the resale value is going to hold up. Their strategy has been mass producing their models for profits. That has hurt the resale of even the top end models like Turbo's and GT2's.

    Yes, most Porsches come with a lot of options. That's why you can't just compare the base price with other cars. The dealership get you on the options as part of their normal business.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    Does the LR3 NAV system allow the passenger to enter a new destination address while the vehicle is moving?

  • No it does not, we tried it while on a test drive and the only option was for "SOS" which included nearest police station, nearest hospital, and nearest dealership. Of course it made us wonder when the dealership we were at wasn't on the list! They said they bought the franchise six months ago.

    With all the concern about reliability, that is making us nervous to purchase the LR3, a brand new design, with a brand new dealership and mechanics if anything does go wrong.

    Also, does anyone know if there is a way to get a locking glovebox on the LR3. We couldn't find one and the dealership did not know the answer.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103

    Thanks for mentioning it. I didn't check when I test drove the LR3. It's so basic that even the Kia has one.

    Does that mean there is no valet key as well?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Probably not worth worrying about, unless you have valuables in there that might be stolen in valet parking.

    If someone breaks into your vehicle they won't hesitate to force open the glove box to see what's in there.

    My policy it to actually leave it open, so that anyone can see that there's nothing worth breaking in for.
  • I tested the LR3 and it drove quite nice. Better than any of the 4 Discos I have had. But I can't get over the ugly rear styling.

    I say wait for all this new technology to get the bugs worked out and get the new Range Rover Sport next year instead. LR is putting out information now on RR Sport on the LR web site (Great Britain site).
  • I tested the LR3 and it drove quite nice. Better than any of the 4 Discos I have had. But I can't get over the ugly rear styling.

    I say wait for all this new technology to get the bugs worked out and get the new Range Rover Sport next year instead. LR is putting out information now on RR Sport on the LR web site (Great Britain site). The styling is amazing (actually looks like a Land Rover product) and you get all the technology of the LR3.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    I own a ML320 and have an LR3 on order. I think one of the appeals of the LR3 is going to be what I consider to be the best third row seating configuration in the market.

    Until the Acura MDX/Pilot came along, Mercedes had one of the best third row seats for a mid-sized SUV. The problem with many third row seats is that there is no additional foot room. The Lexus (which does make a great car, I also own a LS430) SUVs have an absolutely terrible third row seat configuration. They basically took a 5 seat SUV with a large flat rear deck and stuck two fold down seats on top the deck - so your knees touch your chin for any adult who is foolish enough to try to get into the third row.

    Mercedes has a "cut-out" for the third row which allows a person's feet to be on the same floor level as the other two rows. The problem with the Mercedes seats is that they fold up and block the rear side windows to get out of the way (cuts visibility significantly). Or, the seats fold down in a way that most things you put on top of the third row seat back slides off to the back, and then falls out when you open the liftgate.

    The LR3 has great third row space for a mid-sized SUV. Lexus offers no decent third row, and the GX has a left opening rear door that requires a lot of clearance behind the SUV when opening the door.

    The Acura/Pilot has a decent third row configuration (but still smaller than the LR3). Volvo's third row is useless except for small children.

    So unless you are willing to "go large", like an Infiniti QX56/Nissan Armada or other large SUVs, there really isn't another product on the market that has a decent third row for large kids or adults (Acura/Honda as the other option). Fold flat seats are so much better than the Mercedes or Lexus designs.

    The LR3 rear door design is also very smart.

    The visibility from the driver's seat is excellent.

    All in all, a great design. Now let's hope the quality matches the great design.

    By the way, stay away from the ML. Way too many problems to even begin to list.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Fully agree with your assessment of third row seating.

    For you, coming out of a M-class (worst reliability of any Mercedes model), the LR3 is probably a reasonable risk. However, I am comparing to the Acura and the Land Rover reliability factor is a major concern.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Thanks for the encouraging words that the LR3 should at least be better than the M-class.

    A neighbor of mine has an Acura and has a number of complaints and problems with the quality of their MDX. Even my Lexus LS430 just had a recall where they replaced the transmission (and their quality ratings across the board are excellent). I think any vehicle you get is likely to have some problems.

    But, if reliability is a key concern, I would think the Acura would be less risky than the LR3. Size-wise, the Acura is still a little on the small side if you need to use all 7 seats (about the same as the M-class). Their fold flat configuration is much better than the M-class.

    Perhaps is all the glass in the LR3, but the inside just seems much larger.

    One problem we have is with transporting kids to school. By the time they put their full backpacks in the second row, along with any musical instruments, they really cannot fit into the M-class. We actually took the backpacks and instrument cases to the Land-Rover dealer and stuffed them all into the second row - and there was still room for the kids!

    Of course, we moved the front passenger seat up quite a bit, but that seat isn't really used when the kids go to school.

    We too have a tough call between the MDX and the LR3. Since there wasn't much improved on the 2005 model MDX, we priced out a loaded 2004. The price difference is substantial between the 2004 MDX and the 2005 LR3 (I know I'm comparing a 6 vs. 8 cylinder).

    In the end, we decided a MDX is just a better configured M-class and opted for the LR3. We may end up leasing the LR3 for 2 to 3 years to minimize the downside of it being a lemon. If it turns out as well as we suspect, then we'd buy it at the end of the lease.

    Good luck on your purchase. I think that you have the "best" 2 choices out there for a good 7 seat SUV. In our case, the added space of the LR3 ended up tipping the scales in its favor.
  • Just picked up our LR3 SE after shopping the MDX, XC90 and GX470. So far we could not be happier. People continue to stop and ask "what is that" and all have positive things to say. Smooth and quiet. Just the ultimate mid size 7 seater. Not even close if you compare all the features for the price. If you don't need the NAV get the SE. Dealer is more likely to work with you on price.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    What kind of price did you get and please post your gas mileage after you have re-filled a couple of times.

    My wife appears ready to rule out the GX due to the third trow configuration. The LR3 is the best, but the MDX is acceptable. Besides reliability, fuel efficiency is a bit of a concern. Friends with a Range Rover just confirmed that they have averaged 13.1 mpg over their first 30,000 miles. Other friends with an MDX cliam they have averaged 20+/-. We don't have serious off road needs, but do need an SUV capable of handling 12-18+" of snow.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    habitat1, simply compare the official EPA MPG. That's what it's for... to compare. They go through the same test.

    MDX V6 is 17/23 [19 combined]. LR3 V8 is 14/18 [16 combined]. RR V8 is 12/16 [13 combined]. GX 470 V8 is 15/19 [16 combined].

    As I posted before, we see around 14-15 mixed on LR3... and hit the EPA highway rating (18) on, well, a very long highway drive. (Note: My MPG determined using physical gas usage, not on-board computer.)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the response.

    However, notwithstanding your experience that falls in line with the EPA estimates, my recent experience has suggested "simply comparing" EPA estimates may not be an accurate estimate of real world experience.

    My 1995 Nissan Maxima 5-speed, rated at 22/27, has averaged 23.9 mpg on 153k miles, and still gets 28-30 on the highway.

    My former Honda S2000, rated at 20/26 averaged 22.2 mpg for 18.5k miles and would get 30-32 on the highway at 75 mph.

    My current 2004 Acura TL 6-speed rated at 20/30 has averaged 18.5 mpg for 10k miles and gets 15-16 in light city driving, 28-29 on the highway. Clearly, while Maxima and S2000 achieved or substantially beat their EPA highway estimate, the Acura TL is falling well short of this "relative" rating compared to the other two.

    So, as of right now, I'm not taking the MDX's rating of 17/23 too seriously until I can validate it with real world experience. Your LR3 experience comforts me that, low as the EPA rating is, at least it's achievable.
  • Is the rear seat DVD entertainment system for the LR3 available now? Does anyone have it in their LR3? Are you happy with it?

  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    As I understand it, the DVD system is dealer installed. Our dealer suggested we get one installed by Best Buy or Circuit City instead as the cost is much less than what the dealer would charge.

    We did see the DVD in action on the MDX and immediately knew that we could not get a ceiling mounted DVD system. If you are driving while the back passengers are watching the DVD, you cannot see out of your rear-view mirror - you just see the back of the DVD screen. (You do see a little out of the sides, but imagine driving while you have something very large in the back area that obstructs your view - that's what the ceiling mounted DVD screen looks like).

    We decided to wait on the DVD. If we really want one installed, Circuit City will install 2 headrest mounted screens for $1500. Or better yet, just buy 2 portable 7" DVD systems for $300 a piece and let the rear seat folks have one screen each. They then could watch individual movies. They could also take those on airplanes or use in other cars as well. The only downside is that all the people in the back aren't watching the same movie.
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