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Land Rover LR3



  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    sean16, you are the one who needs to decide on "worth." We have no idea what your needs are.

    Will you use/need Navigation? Do you travel a lot? I already commented about the Adaptive headlights, which I do have, in the previous message; I don't think it adds much. I'm sure some think it's "cool." The HSE stereo isn't much better than the SE one; both are lacking from a "high-end" point of view. Of course, it's subjective.
  • Hello,

    I just purchased a 2005HSE7. I went for the HSE because of the Navigation (off road capabilities and I travel alot), 8 way power seat :D and memory instead of 6 way, 550watt stereo, and hopefully better resale since HSE7's are harder to find (at least right now). Mine does not have the adaptive headlights. I also prefer the 19 wheels. I do offroad alot so I hope the 19 inch wheels do not prove a mistake. I currently own a 99 DiscoII seven seat. I have 3 girls under 6 so, thats I went 7 seater
  • :confuse: So just so I do not confuse myself. Grommet I do understand that you do not see much of difference regarding the adaptive headlights in providing a better night driving experience but cosmeticaly, since I got an HSE7 without the adaptiveheadlights, can you tell the difference from and HSE with adaptive headlights? Same housings but one just does not move?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    pbrover, 2006 has 8-way drivers for non-HSE now; this was improved due to feedback.

    Right... I've driven one with non-Adaptive headlights and it doesn't seem to help that much over the Bi-Xenon. Yes, it pretty much looks the same externally just sitting there.

    I'm starting to see more HSEs, since almost all recent '06 builds for here were HSE...
  • Grommet,

    Thanks for the response. I do travel quite a bit, but typically know where I am going. My main concern is the quality of the nav in the HSE, since many factory installed models are so basic and come with a high price tag (IE I can pay 600 for a garmin with a 20 gig hard drive that reroutes me when their is traffic congestion). So if the other features that come in the HSE package are really not worth it (IE stereo, ice bucket and adap. lights) and the nav is just so so, then I would most likely opt out for an after market nav. I think I saw a post from someone who has one? any feedback appreciated.

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Also, post your '05 deal in the LR3 Prices Paid forum, if you don't mind... I assume people should be getting good deals on '05 by now!
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I like the Navigation system... personally I think it's pretty good. But you should try it yourself. I'm sure some people prefer other style interfaces. This one was designed with Denso, so it'll be similar to other brands that use Denso... Lexus, Jaguar, etc.

    It won't reroute automatically because, well, there is no way for it to know if there is congestion. That feature isn't common in North America; the cars that do have it seem to use satellite XM Radio traffic info, which is a pay service. You can tell it to reroute, though.
  • grommet, will the system re-route automatically if it detects that you have gone offcourse? A few weeks ago i had rented an LR3 (an SE) from Hertz and it had Hertz add-on nav system which i think they have on pretty much all of there fleet. That system basically re-routed me every time i decided to run errands and varied from the course a little here and there during my trip. Also, along the way came a construction zone where i had to take a detour without any clear signs, etc. That automatic re-routing feature came in very handy at that time.
  • It automatically reroutes when you go off course. Also it has an off-road setting which features topo maps, allows setting of way points and has a track back feature.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Yes, as roverine said, it will recalcuate the route if you deviate from the planned path.
  • thanks roverine and grommet.

    i might be taking the plunge within a few days, and it would probably be HSE (2006). just wondering how many miles should i expect to have on my brand new vehicle, when i drive it off the dealer's place.

    also, i haven't discussed the price etc with the dealer yet. when i did the "build your own LR3" thing on the LR site, with all the options that i want (everything) the price came up to $55,825. just wondering how much discount should i be expecting or in otherwords what woud be the fair price i should pay.

    another thing, are there more tire options for the 19" or 18" wheels... i personally like the 18" as it would be a little better than 19 for offroading but HSEs do not come with it so i am stuck with the 19s. also, i have motorolla razor v3, will i be able to use th PTI option to its full potential...

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Pricing depends on your market... and your dealer, of course. :) You can try the LR3 Price Paid forum. We only have relatively small dealers here in the S.F. Bay Area and loaded LR3s are somewhat rare. You can try Edmunds' "TMV" pricing report.

    The only way to get "full potential" of the PTI option is to use a phone that has a physical cradle. That's quite a short list. The V3/Razr won't be in the cradle plans due to it's "no dock" design. Sorry. You can answer the phone, use the # keypad, & use voice tags to dial, though. Just like any Bluetooth phone.

    Yeah, 19" wheels limit your choices... if cost is no option, importing some Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 255/55/19s from the UK is an option. :surprise: Keeping a 2nd set of smaller wheels might be smarter.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Could someone please post the recommended oil types used with the LR3?
    i.e. synthetic or regular, 5W30 etc and temperature ranges for those weights.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Both V6 and V8 engines use SAE 5W/30 and is shipped from the factory with "regular" oil. (I think it's Castrol GTX brand.) 8 and 6 quarts, respectively, for oil changes. Not sure Land Rover advertises a "temperature range" for the oil.
  • My dealer has just filled my LR3 V6 with Valvoline 5w-40 Synthetic. I specifically asked for a Synthetic Lubricant for my first oil change(3000 Miles).

  • thanks grommet. what about the mileage, how many miles should the truck have before i take i off the lot....
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Well, that's up to how much the vehicle was test driven or transported "on street." As low as 4, as much as a few hundred. No "rule" exists.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I've had my Land Rover LR3 HSE for one whole week and I have 195 miles on as of today. I drove it off the lot with 13 miles.... it had 11 miles when I test drove it.

    So far, I absolutely think this vehicle is totally awesome. I've been using the Navigation system and it is much more "user friendly" than my 2002 Mercedes ML500 (technology changes so fast).

    The only "small" issue is that the area where you step into the vehicle (threshold) is painted and can scratch. I put a piece of clear packing tape across that area as the passenger side has a small scratch already. It would be nice if that area was chrome or plastic.

    Driving my LR3 and very happy! Mark
  • In the mountains and Cities (San Fran)I hope the LR3 navigation system does better than my Garmin Rino 120 & Pocket PC Pharos/GPS solution. I always loose the signal in those enviroments and since they do not have any kind of "dead reckoning" solution, it become pretty frustrating. Grommet, does the LR3 Navigation system have some type of "dead reckoning" solution when the unit temporarily lose sat. signal? :confuse:
  • Grommet,
    My friend has a 2001 Landcruiser and he can play DVD movies when his Landcruiser is parked? Can the LR3's system do that, if the LR3 is parked? :confuse:
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