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Land Rover LR3



  • Look here:

    From the website, it (aparently) looks like only the Nokia 6230 can dock in the cradle. Don't buy one from this site though - the prices are exhorbitant.. you can get a new 6230 unlocked off of ebay for less than half what they are aksing on that site.

  • sfmsfm Posts: 8
    Checking in to leave happy news:

    When I returned from my longer-than-expected-weekend-in-VT-while-waiting-for-my-replacement-tire-to-be-s- hipped-from-OHIO :mad: trip, I brought the LR3 in for service to have the suspension compressor replaced by the new model part. Note to "29 days"...I accomplished this by calling Land Rover NA in New Jersey and escalating to the VP of customer service...this got my part on a priority ship list to my dealer and earmarked for me. I encourage you to use a "polite squeaky wheel" method for these remediation issues. It works.

    About 1000 miles of metro/suburban NY driving later--no suspension faults. I'll keep you posted but I'm feeling good about it.

    As for the full-sized my gas mileage is even worse ;) The sensor read 40mph to go on the Merritt Parkway in Greenwich the other the time I got to the Westchester Airport (where I figured there'd be gas at the car rental return) I was at 0. Poor me! It was almost 10 miles up to Exit 3 on 684 to gas and I ALMOST made it. Luckily, roadside assistance was sweet and not-at-all condescending as they dispatched my rescuer and 5 gal of gas :blush: . I'm posting in public so that no one can blackmail me on this to my husband. (I won't tell him if you won't!. Yeah! Roadside assistance! I may be an idiot, but I'm an upscale, Land-Rover-driving idiot!) :)
  • I suppose an honest question to myself would be "How often am I really going off-roading?" and "What do I see as the more bang for my buck factor?"

    I think you get more options for your money for the LR3, but frankly the posts I've read here are starting to scare me away (Air suspension, front end looseness, steering wheel issues, etc) I know every car has it's ups and downs.. but the air suspension issue a lot of people are posting sounds like a scary one.

    Another issue that came up when I was talking with my wife is the selection of colours... the LR3 has only 2 interior selections... and 8 paint colours? Cayenne's got 11 exterior, and 9 interior choices.. not a big deal, but I want a brown leather interior with silver exterior - silver and Beige don't quite sit well with me (IMO).

    In either case, it's a hard decision for sure.. and I appreciate everyone's responses very much.

    Thanks to all,

  • Your off-road question is no doubt the most pertinent. Many of the additional features you get with the LR3 are off-road enhancement features. As for reliability, my wife's LR3 now has about 30k miles on it and has 3 problems, 2 were electrical in nature(I know, electrical problems and LR are nothing new), neither of which left her stranded. Beyond that the vehicle has been outstanding. But still, that Porsche had eye-popping pick-up and slightly better on-road manner's than the LR3, both of which aren't bad for suv's by any stretch of the imagination. For me, a simple folk that drives a Ford F-350 as his daily driver, both the Porsche and the LR3 seem about equal in the confussing button, knob, and interior gadgetry department. So in summary, you're right, tough call.
  • I purchased a 2005 HSE7 white w/tan interior (currently 4,500 miles)

    Go with the car the fits your lifestyle and gives you that "mmmmmmmmm" feeling when you see and drive it. We currently still have are 99 Disco II 133,000 miles. Land Rovers give me that "mmmmmmm" feeling plus with three kids under 7 years old, we camp, we explore the Sierras, or any dirt road in the west. If my LR3 has issues it goes in the shop,"under warranty", and I deal with it! ;)
  • I will probably go offroading about 5-6 times a year, and even that would be only light off-roading (provincial parks, etc.)

    Other than that, I've only got the Canadian winters and screwy road conditions to deal with...

    My wife and I have got a really hard decision ahead of us.. One of the other factors is that the LR3 is a (relatively) new body and platform, while porsche is doing a new redesign for 2007... I don't really want to get into one now, and have it look dated within a year..
    LR has an appeal because they don't overtly change body and platform styles all that much over time, so even if you have an older model, it is difficult to distinguish from a new one (for non-experts, of course.. :) )

    Does anyone have an estimate or idea of what the sales numbers are for a LR3 and Cayenne in the North American market?

  • You can go to the and look under investor information; then look for sales numbers links. I have no idea about Porsche...I think they are a private company :surprise:
  • They are private so no idea at all. I am sure that Land Rover Sells probably a little more LR3's then Porsche sells cheyenes but the car has been out long enough now that you see many more of the porsches.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    In the U.S., LR3 sold 1369 units. Range Rover Sport sold 1400. Porsche Cayenne sold 1028.
  • Grommet,

    Yesterday when my wife was pulling away (2005 HSE7, it looked like her left rear tire was not setting at a right angle to the pavement;it looked like the top of the tire was tilted-in. Do you have any thoughts or history with what I am observing? :confuse:
  • Was she in access mode when she pulled away?

    When the LR3's are sitting low because of the nature of the air suspension in the rear the tires will sometimes sit at funny angles. But they should move back when the air suspensioni goes up.
  • Wow - White car - how do you keep it clean? LOL. My wife and I have decided against the following exterior colours:
    White, Black (or anything dark for that matter), red.

    So far silver appeals to me the most (I know, EVERYONE gets silver - but when it gets dirty you really can't tell - is it silver, or just a darker silver?)

    Just curious if anyone can comment on the interior - is the black interior (carpets, leather, etc) hard to keep clean? I've got two (small) dogs that shed a lot(a lot like big dogs :surprise: ) , and the rear seat covers are looking like a good option...

  • What brand and size tyres are on the newest LR3 HSE with the 19" rims? I'm curious what a replacement is going to cost...?


  • In the quick specs on the web site, it lists the middle-range stereo as having an AUX port for iPod connectivity - but doesn't mention it in the Logic7 specs - any ideas? :confuse:

  • There's an AUX port in the rear of the center console with the Logic7(HSE) systems. The tire's on my wife's HSE are Goodyear Wrangler HP's. TireRack lists them for about $235. a piece.
  • As long as you get a SE LR3, even if it is a V6, you get the AUX port in the back.
  • I always thought white was the easiest to keep clean..LOL. I have owned silver and dark gray cars before, plus I live in California where it doesn't rain for 7 months out of the everbody his own!I have 3 girls under seven with a tan interior. To protect the interior I did the following:

    1)If you get tan then I can tell you where to get custom fitted seat covers for all seven seats because Land Rover only makes water proof seat covers that are dark gray/black (
    2) To protect the hatch area I purchased a cargo protector & tailgate cover from Love it!
    3) Also has some great options.
    4)I purchased the Land Rover rubber floor mats, then I hand cut clear car mats to cover the carpeted areas that were not covered by the Land Rover mats.
    5) I know your dogs are small, but you should check out the dog cage options that Land Rover offers..pretty trick.
  • I just realized I missed the tire size protion of your question. They're 255/55R19.
  • All very good info - esp. the link to the site..

    I appreciate it!

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