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Land Rover LR3



  • Hi! I purchased last month an 2006 LR3 HSE with luxury/heavy duty packages. I just turned in my 2004 Discovery SE. The 2004 and 2006 models are like night and day. The 2006 LR3 drives beautifully. It is smooth as silk and is wider, longer, etc. than the 2004. It took a while to get used to the new body type, however, I would never go back.

    Now, regarding the 2005 model, I rented one for a week on the West Coast last August. After driving that, getting back into my 2004 was strange. I felt all boxed in. I'm 6'1" and roughly 230 lbs. I am probably at the edge of comfort for Discovery II, however, I'm swimming in the 2006 LR3.

    By the way, I took excellent care of my 2004. Body and interior were immaculate, however, the 2006 LR3 HSE is like a fine gem, worth polishing, admiring, and polishing some more. Black interior/exterior is a must for this vehicle. It may be a Land Rover, though it turns heads like a Range Rover! I use the center consol refrigerator? Yes! Do I love the adaptive headlights? Yes! Do I vacuum, throw out my trash, etc. one month later? Absolutely! By the way, my full-service state-of-the-art car wash in Rockville knows me on a first name basis. The clear-coat does very well. The 2004 was the same. Never dulled.

  • roverineroverine Posts: 12
    I replaced my H/K speakers on my 2005 SE with Alpines and added an extra amp while still using the old H/K head unit for compatability's sake (with the voice recognition, phone PTI etc.) and my system sounds worlds better than the stock system. My stereo guy told me even top brands which bid for OEM deals often equip cars with cheap speakers to cut costs. I recommend a speaker/amp upgrade. And don't forget the (also cheap) subwoofer in the lower tailgate. I changed it out as well.
  • hellpiehellpie Posts: 9

    On most speakers, the tweeters are usually the first things to go bad. This might explain why your H/K system lacks any high end; the tweeters are possibly blown. A simple test to see if this is the case: play some music through the H/K at moderate volume and then put your ear up against the tweeters to verify they are working. Hope this helps.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    My stereo system seems fine. Maybe my ears are not 'fine tuned' enough to notice the difference between my OEM unit vs. and upgrade. It sounds great to me! Actually, it seems better than the Mercedes ML500 that I traded in.

    I have really cranked up the stereo in the Land Rover and I'm very pleased with it.

    One thing I've noticed "after" I bought the LR3, is that the bottom of the tailgate has a different finish on it compared to the flip-up part. It's only noticeable at night when headlights are shining on it. The bottom part has more of a dimpled finish.

    For those of you who have a Black LR3, if you don't mind taking a look at night and see if your finish is slightly different between the top and bottom pieces, I would appreciate it. Maybe mine was repainted but it only had 11 miles on it when I bought it.

    Also, I think 99.9% people would not notice the small difference, I'm very picky. :surprise:

    -mark156 :)
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Land Rover paint is far from perfect. I assume you are probably talking about a slight orange peel effect. And you'll notice everything with black paint. It happens. Anyway, it probably wasn't repainted. A repaint job can exceed factory... unless the paint shop is garbage. Times have changed.
  • I appreciate the info and will look at having that done in April. The subwoofer, however, seems to be working all too well. With the bass and subwoofer settings at their minimums, I still experience far more bass at higher volumes than I'd like. It's definitely enough to shake the windows of others vehicles on the road and alert my neighbors that I've entered the development. Is this a sign of a cheap sub or will I just need to turn the volume down when I come upon a red light....
  • The tweeters are working. Thanks hellpie!
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    justinainde, you might have a real problem. I'd suggest you visit a dealer and listen to another SE trim LR3 (the HSE is different) and compare the sound. There have been cases where the amplifier/entertainment system was misprogrammed.

    Personally, I find both the HSE and SE stereo system lacking... decent for most stock vehicles, though.
  • Hi John,
    Are you using the Multi-Connector port or the headphone jack to the AUX input? Also, what kind of cable are you using? This sounds like a great reason to trade the blackberry in for a Treo. Thanks, Katie
  • bmk007bmk007 Posts: 27
    The amber Suspension Fault light came on tday in my leased 2005 LR3. I have 4100 miles on the vehicle. It was at LR last week for it's 6 month maintenance. On the computer screen it flashes "SUSPENSION FAULT".

    Has anyone experienced this? I need to use the vehicle this weekend for a good 50 miles or so. Am I foolish to do so without getting it checked first? I would prefer to wait until Monday as I dont have access to another vehicle.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • johnmajorjohnmajor Posts: 94
    I use the headphone jack. Buy the special plug adapter from Treo which has low impedence. The voice control on the Treo700W is impressive! Even through a bluetooth headset!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Its probably nothing. Is the amber suspension warning light on in the dash cluster? And if it is is it just on or is it flashing? Amber is probably not a bad thing, amber flashing could be bad and red is bad so call your dealer if it is red.
  • bmk007bmk007 Posts: 27
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yes, the amber suspension warning light is on. It is not red nor is it flashing. The words "SUSPENSION FAULT" do flash on dash screen though.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Couple of more questions.

    Was the car sitting for a while before the suspension fault came on?

    Did the suspension fault come on shortly after starting the vehicle?

    Sometimes a low voltage situation will generate a suspension fault. So if the fault popped up soon after starting a cold car that had sat for a while that might be the problem.
  • bmk007bmk007 Posts: 27
    The car was parked for about 90 minutes since it's last ride this morning. I drove it at 10am. At 11:30am, I went out again, and the suspension fault warning came on when I started driving.

    I have been on 3 short trips this afternoon. The suspension warning light does not come on until about 1-2 miles into the trip.
  • augustaraugustar Posts: 1
    We plan to buy a 2006 LR3 V6. My concern is whether I can safely anchore a car seat in the 3rd row seat. Please tell me how. The car seat is for my 2-yr old. The guy from the dealer didn't recommend putting a car seat in the 3rd row since it doesn't have the LATCH. I would greatly appreciate if anyone out there can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
  • this solution rocks! i picked up a $3 3.5mm-to-2.5mm adapter at radio shack and borrowed a 700W to test. so far so good.
    until there are some better reasons to mess with bluetooth, compatible phone to AUX input makes a lot more sense for 2005 owners.
    john, have you noted any serious glitches? sounds like owners with the rover retrofit have a hard time with call waiting; is this also the case with the AUX solution?
    what about other phones? i tried this first with a 7250 blackberry on sprint, and it was awful. but the 7250 really isn't much of a phone.
    any other successful AUX off-label uses? video?
    thank you for this tip!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Hmhh if it is coming on over and over even after the car shuts off then it could be a real problem and not just a glitch in the system. If you can let the car sit long enough, about two hours at least, for it to cool off so the system can do a drive cycle. I am not sure if a drive cycle will have anything to do with the suspension light but it is worth a try.

    You are probably going to have to give the dealer a call so they can at least put a computer to it and talk to the car.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Hi British Rover,
    Say I put on 4 new tires that are slightly larger than stock (1.4 inches larger diameter or about 5 percent).

    Then if I have a flat tire and put on the full size spare of the original size, I will have 3 tires of one size and 1 tire a little smaller.

    What will this do to the traction control system? It will think the smaller spare tire is slipping because it will be spinning faster. So will it try to brake that wheel? It would be unsuccessful so will it then overheat the system or will it shut itself off before damaging anything? Could I use the terrain response system to select sand or mud and ruts (not sure which one) to let the system allow wheel spin/slippage?

    The ideal solution is to have a larger spare tire, but it is a tight fit in the carrier (it might fit if I air it down slightly).

    This would be a similar situation to having 4 worn out tires, having a flat, and putting on 1 new spare tire. Then the 3 worn tires would be spinning faster.

    Do you know how much speed differential or percentage will kick in the traction control system in normal terrain response mode? If it is more than 5 percent or is based on a set mile/hour level, then maybe it won't kick in and be a problem. For example at 60 MPH, the smaller wheel would only be at 63 MPH. If it kicked in at 3 MPH differential, I could just keep the speed under 60 until the tire was repaired.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    lr3maybe, I certainly don't know the answer to your question, why not get exactly the same size wheel that is already on the LR3?

    I've always heard that larger tire/wheel will cause the speedometer to be off. I like everything to be accurate so I would keep everything "factory spec'd".

    -mark156 :D
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