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Land Rover LR3



  • teldocteldoc Posts: 49
    I just had this same problem. We have 20,000 miles on the truck and tire wear up front is perfectly even but the rear camber is such that the inside edge of my rear tires have worn down to the threads coming out from under the rubber. I was shocked. The tech guy said the rear camber changes with ride height settings and is not adjustable.

    Needless to say, I'm very uphappy and have contacted LRNA with this issue. Stay tuned.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Your tech guy is, well, an idiot. The rear camber is adjustable. It, of course, should be adjusted while the vehicle is at Normal height.
  • flownerflowner Posts: 42
    Does anyone have the correct alignment settings.

    The range is off the print out from the Hunter alignment rack

    My current camber settings are

    Front Left : -0.7 Range -1.3 to 0.3
    Front Right:-0.4 Range -1.3 to 0.3

    Rear Left: -1.4 Range : -1.8 to -0.3
    Rear Right: -1.0 Range : -1.8 to -0.3
  • Hi John,
    I'm confused by this forum... I'm sure the link is right in front of me, but I couldn't figure out where to find your email address for off-forum exchange. I'm enabling my email to be set for public viewing from my profile page. If this works, would you mind sending me an email with your contact details? Thanks again, k
  • lrdriverlrdriver Posts: 6
    First - Thank you for all who responded. I have raised this subject with LRNA as well and I do belive it is related to a significant suspension or alignment issue. My LR dealer has replaced my rear tires twice under warranty and my front tires once. My alignment and camber have been adjusted 4 times! It was hard for them to argue my tear wear woes when they could clearly verify my alignment was out multiple times. I suggest you pursue warranty on tires. One thing to note - My LR3 has under 13,000 miles. A lot of tires for such little mileage! I am falling out of love with my LR3.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Front Castor: +3° 45'
    Front Camber: -0° 20'
    Front Cross Camber: +0° 45'
    Front Individual Toe: -0° 05'
    Front Total Toe: -0° 10'

    Rear Camber: -0° 10'
    Rear Cross Camber: +0° 45'
    Rear Individual Toe: +0° 03'
    Rear Total Toe :+0° 05'
    Rear Driving Axis: +0° 00'

    Those are the design targets, according some aging documentation. I think it's still accurate. Your dealer can verify.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I'm sure the link is right in front of me, but I couldn't figure out where to find your email address for off-forum exchange.

    You are looking for the member profile which you can access by clicking on the member's name in the byline of one of his or her postings. If he or she has set their email address to visible then it will be displayed there.

    tidester, host
  • kimweekimwee Posts: 2
    I am considering buying a 2006 LR3 SE7. (Hope I said that right) However, after reading some of these postings, I'm very concerned. It looks as if there are LOTS of problems with this vehicle. Including suspension, tires, etc. I have a Ford Expedition and want to downsize somewhat but still need 3 rows of seats. Please help calm my fears about the LR3 or advise another vehicle. Thanks.
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    Hey "kimwee"..As I have posted numerous times, my LR3 has been perfect for one year and 12000 miles with no issues. I have had Mercedes', Toyota's, BMW's, Fords, Chevy's, and many others and all have had problems. But my last 2 Land Rovers were perfect, so ??? It's a gamble..Good luck to you in your decision.

    Bottom line...LR3 is the BEST !!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    kimwee, I guess I'm a little prejudiced because I love this vehicle (can guys say love?) :blush: LOL! I've only had mine since December with 3,300 miles. I've been away from my 2006 LR3 HSE for almost 2 months since it's at my other house. Looking forward to getting back and driving it in a couple weeks.

    So far, I've had no real problems except a few times the suspension fault light comes on then resets when I turn the ignition off. When it's time to take it for the oil change, I'll have the dealer take a look at it to see if there is an issue.

    My brother has a 2003 LR Discovery II with almost 45,000 miles and has had no trouble at all. He uses it as a daily driver.

    I think with any auto maker, there is a risk of getting a troublesome vehicle. I think the chances are you will get a nice trouble-free LR3 so go for it!

    As a side note, my housekeeper drives a 1996 Hyundai Elantra with nearly 95,000 miles and it has been one of the most realiable cars that I have seen; who would have thought....??? :surprise:

    Good luck on what you decide.. -mark156 :)
  • kimweekimwee Posts: 2
    Thanks Mark. My brother has a Hyundai that has over 150,000 miles on it and it's still great. Never would have thought! I have driven an Expedition for the past 8 years (3 different ones) Really like the LR3 but everything I read in Consumer Reports and Edmunds are really negative when it comes to rating the vehicle. The issue of the suspension fault light is a recurring theme as is the uneven wearing of rear tires with low miles on them. Guess I need to really think this through. Don't want to be stuck with something I can't resell when I trade up in a few years. Thinking about looking at the Toyota Sequoia or Land Cruiser or the new Mercedes GL SUV. :confuse:
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Thinking about looking at the Toyota Sequoia or Land Cruiser or the new Mercedes GL SUV.

    kimwee, those are all good choices. I've had 3 Mercedes and just wanted to try something different. I traded in a 2002 ML500 in for the LR3. I like the boxy front of the LR3. The new ML500 did not offer seating for 7 of which I had in my 2002. I didn't like the R-class so that caused me to look elsewhere. The LR3 was in the running out of three SUV's.. the other two were the Volvo XC90 and the Jeep Commander. The Jeep fell quickly to the back of the line as the third seat is small and the rear floor area is raised several inches taking up valuable space.

    The rear storage in the LR3 is amazing. I have three skylights with shades (although I wish the shades were made of a solid material vs. one with perforated holes).

    The new G-glass looks rather bland to me as so many of the Mercedes do now. I still like Mercedes, but I wanted something different this time. When I trade in my E-430, I may consider the new Jaguar sedan for 2008. Then, I'll be totally british or.... FORD! :confuse:

    Again, good luck on your decision.. -mark156 :D
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    One thing to keep in mind when referenceing CR's predited relablity is that they are using the old Discovery for that. They don't reall tell you that but if you read the fine print by there little asterix saying this is a newly redesigned model then you can figure it out. Using last generations reliablity data to predict the current generation is ok if you are comparing one generation of accord or camry to the next. Those vehicles don't change very much from generation to generation but LR3 does not share a single component with the old Discovery.

    As to the tire issues. Of the 200 something LR3's our dealership has sold only one has had a major issue with tires. This guys LR3 ate up his tires in just over 20,000 miles so they lasted a little over half the time they should have. Land Rover offered to pay for half of the cost of replacing his back two tires but he is fighting with them to get all four tires replaced at 100%. :confuse:

    Something is wrong with his rear suspension in that it does not want to hold its camber setting. They still have not figured out exactly why it is happening. I guess I can kind of understand this guys complaint since Land Rover is not sure why the normal procedure to fix this problem is not working on his car and that is why he wants four new tires at 100% reimbursment.

    I would probably counter their offer with something like this. Replace my two rear tires at 100% and if I wear through two more back tires in 20,000 miles you have to replace all four of my tires at 100%.

    That would be my counter offer and I would want it on a contract.

    As to the suspension fault lights we have not had any that were not resolved fairly quickly. Sometimes a low voltage situation throws the light and if that is the case then just shutting the car off and turning it back on seems to solve it.

    All the other cases have required the replacement of the compressor with the new upgraded unit and there have not been that many of those. I don't remember the exact number but 12-14 sounds about right.

    As to the GL or Land Cruiser form a interior space to exterior size ratio the LR3 is more efficient. It is smaller overall then both vehicles but with more leg and headroom all around. I know which one I would buy.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    Basically I am in the same boat as kimwee. First post here but a regular lurker for the last 6 months. I have read this from the very beginning and have followed this thread very closely. By all accounts, this LR3 sounds like the best effort yet by the company to produce a vehicle that is reliable. Of course, I am not new to these forums and they are usually swamped by those who complain ratherthan those who praise, so of course one must take this thread with a grain of salt. I am sure Land Rover have sold more than 100 LR3s and seems like half on this thread have been perfect!

    I went to the Fairmont Chateau Montebello, a beautiful resort just an hour out of Ottawa, Canada and we did the "Land Rover Experience", which is whichever Land Rover/Range Rover you want put through a grueling off raod course andof course the LR3 was simply astonishing. The weekend we went the conditions were treacherous with a mixture of snow, ice, slush and mud it was very impressive to see how the vehicle handled every situation. What impressed me was through all the crevices and bumps and potholes the truck was as solid and quiet inside as if we were on the highway.

    It feels really heavy, though and to this driver even with the V8, didn't seem particularly quick. The interior was very nicely appointed but my wife felt it a little austere. the wood package would have to be a definite must here. All in all, even though for our needs, the LR3 would be overkill, it is more than up to the task of being a family car. Still not decided between the LR3 and XC90, but it will definitely be one of these two.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    cmnott, if you have read these posts from the start, you probably saw the picture of the wood inlays that I had installed on the dash in my LR3. I am very happy with the quality and look of the wood.

    Also, one thing about the Volvo XC90 that I didn't like was the lack of adjustable sunvisors. They are very short and once you move them to the side, it will not cover your face. The instruments in the center of the dash are hard to read in the sunlight. It just so happened on the day I was looking at the XC90 that the sun was coming in the side window and I could not read any of the readouts. I don't seem to have that problem with the LR3.

    The LR3 also does not have adjustable sun visors but they are very large and work for me. I drive across the country a couple of times a year from Tennessee to California in the winter months. At that time of year, the sun is low in the sky and it is imperative that the the sun visors adjust enough to keep the sun out of the side window. The Volvo with all of their safety, forgot about the sun visors. :confuse:

  • bamaboy2bamaboy2 Posts: 1

    I say go for it. I have a 2005 LR3SE V6 and love it. It is more than capable on and off road. I get close to 18 mpg and drive 60 miles per day. It is comfortable, quiet, and commanding all at the same time. I have had no problems after 12k miles except for a little rattle that was solved with lubricant. The LR3 is the real deal and no other SUV,SAV, etc can match its ability.

  • Grommet, just had to tell you that I took it in for service yesterday and after reprogramming the stereo, I must say it sounds exceptional. I couldn't stop smiling. I think I laughed a bit, too. On another note, my LR3 a joy to drive, and is there anybody out there that doesn't think the LR3 looks 100X better than the Mercedes ML, and for that matter, any other SUV out there? Well maybe the RR Sport Supercharged!
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Excellent. I thought that might be it!
  • Thanks again for the info!
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Hey Guys,

    I have just filled out my 4th survey about my new LR3. They are long, extensive and actually ask rather personal questions. :mad: Of course, I fill it out because I like to give my opinion. :blush: I just hope that I'm finished with them for a while!

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