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Land Rover LR3



  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    I would not want the motion sensors anyway. They always had problems with them in the Range Rovers and older discos that had them.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    lr3maybe, the fuel door locking actuator in the UK is FSG500013. "Actuator Assy, 433 Mhz Door Lock Frequency" I think there is also a clip... maybe IPN500030, but I'm not sure. You'd have to ask a UK parts dealer...

    To my knowledge, North America uses a different frequency. 315 Mhz? So, odds are it wouldn't work. But feel free to get the part and try. :) The same is probably true for the MIA motion sensors...

    As you can't siphon gas from the tank (it's blocked), a locking fuel door would only give you mild protection from "casual" vandals... it's easily broken open.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Got into my 2006 LR3 HSE and where the odometer is located, a message came up saying "Service" and "30". The next day it said "29". So, obviously, it was counting down from 30 days. Since I only have 3,900 miles, I was wondering why I needed service.

    Made an appointment at my local LR dealer and they told me it was either 7,500 miles or 6 months. Well, I've had my LR3 for six months so it was time for the regular maintenance.

    Also, there are two recalls (silent). One is for the ignition switch where in some vehicles, apparently, a person could pull the key out without the LR being in Park. I don't think I had the problem but, then again, I never checked for it. Also there was an update for the computer where they had to "flash-it" and install an updated version.

    I also had the dealer replace the sunvisor holders where they clipped at the headliner. The cover for the screws on both sides would not stay closed. So, they replace them.

    I was very pleased with my local dealer as it is not the dealer where I purchased. I'm keeping the LR3 at my other home 1,800 miles away.

    M156 :D
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Late reply... sorry. The PDC ECU logic changed late in MY2005. Originally, the PDC didn't activate until the vehicle sensed a full stop. So, for some people... it didn't always activate and seemed "buggy." That's probably what was mentioned earlier.

    After much feedback, Land Rover re-engineered the PDC logic to immediately activate when dropping below a specific speed.

    The update can be installed on vehicles that have the old logic -- customes just need to say their PDC isn't working all the time. Now, of course, some people complain it works too much... :shades:
  • adaraadara Posts: 5
    Hello. Had the same problem after the compressor replacement. I worked very hard to convince the dealer the car was leaning backwards. He kept insisting it was parked on uneven ground, etc. We compared my car with the dealer's demo on a horizontal surface and I proved, meter at hand, that his car was having about 84 cm from ground to the wheel arch both front and rear while mine had 84 in front and 81 cm (about 1 inch less) at the rear wheels. Once they accepted this, a complicated alignment procedure followed, they hooked the computer, started the engine and then the software guided them in measuring with a special instrument the height for each wheel hub and then to the joints of the chassis. The computer then raised and lowered the car, showing the differences. The procedure was repeated three times (measuring, imputing the data and then raising the car) and in the end the car was perfectly aligned...
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Thanks for the part numbers grommet.
    I guess I assumed the two wires were for the lock or unlock signal. I never considered the actuator works via radio. I'll ask my dealer about it but I suspect I won't get much of an answer. Maybe with this info, someone else who wants a locking cap more than I do, will work on it.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    Thanks for the reply adara,
    I called my service guy yesterday and he told me there was no adjustment procedure. So I have saved your reply.

    I have looked over the height again and now think that the rear chassis is at the right height but the exhaust pipes pass below it at a lower level than they need to. At the lowest point of my exhaust pipe, it is about an inch lower than the bottom of the chassis in the rear next to the pipes. It looks like there is room for them to have tucked them up higher. I need to look at a few othe LR3's, then, if they tuck higher, I'll have them adjust or replace my exhaust pipes. Do your exhaust pipes drop an inch lower than the chassis? I'm relieved that my air suspension appears to be the right height and it's just an exhaust pipe issue.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    The first week I had my LR3 the outside aire temp reading appeared to work correctly.
    Then, I pulled it out of a warm garage one morning and it began dropping to the ambient air temp. Around 39 degrees F it chimed and got the snowflake. Then continued to about 32 when I parked it. Later that day, when I restarted it, it was about 60 degrees out but the temp read 32 on startup and took hours and multiple restarts to get back to almost 60, never quite making it.

    It has repeated this sequence again, this time starting at 60, dropping to low 40's and returning to 70's.

    It seems to drop fairly quickly as the sensor cools, but does not warm up correctly. It didn't act like that the first week.

    Anybody have a similar problem that was fixed? How?
    Do you know where the sensor is?
    Is there a way to reset the system without a trip to the dealer? Thanks.
  • roverguy76roverguy76 Posts: 13
    I have this problem with the PDC in my LR3. Its an 05 HSE. Has been in service 3 times for the PDC being non functional at times. They always say "can not reproduce problem". I'll just refer them to the board.

    Another thing; I have this clicking that sounds like it is coming from the left side of the dash when driving at any speed over 40. It is a constant dull "tick". Almost like a clock. They can't reproduce this either. Anyway, I have been a Land Rover Guy for years; so quirks in the LR3 are expected.

    Any advice would be cool.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Regarding PDC, the TSB should be LA413-001 -- "Park Distance System Intermittent Operation" -- If they haven't even read this article, they aren't doing their job.

    Sorry, no idea about your dash clicking...
  • jackmacjackmac Posts: 26
    It sounds like there is a stone or some other object in the tread of your L/F tire. I've had the same experience.
  • pbroverpbrover Posts: 43

    Has Land Rover come out with a technical bulletion or offical position on the uneven tire wear yet? I took my LR3 in for 7,500 oil change/service and pointed out the strange wear on all both sides of tires on all four tires. ...."I got the blank stares dumb customer looks", "must be your not keeping your tires inflated" and "no such thing as rear camber adjustments". I was not prepared to battle that day but I will next time.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Sorry, no TSB that I know of. There is adjustment available, and they should have workshop manuals that show them how to do it. I, thankfully, haven't had any odd tire wear... main tires are still original.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    So, my early build LR3 HSE finally has been hit with numerous Suspension Failures in the last 2 days. Nothing that prevented the vehicle's use, however. (Along with the amber warning icon... it just prevented use of the height adjustment.) 99% chance it's all related to a failing air compressor, which has been sounding a bit odd in the last month or so. Until the last two days, I had only seen the error twice -- once for no reason after starting, and once doing evil things off-road. (It's the original air compressor, which some people had big issues with.)


    The air compressor is being replaced right now. Thankfully, the service department wasn't too busy. :)
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    Let me know if the air suspension feels any quicker with the updated compressor.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    My LR3 had a new air compressor installed today, along with the appropriate ECU update needed for the revised design. The new compressor seems to be less loud and it might be faster at filling the air tank. Of course, I'm probably comparing it to what my failing compessor did at the end of it's life. It might be placebo, but the suspension does feel slightly quicker when adjusting...?!

    They also applied a recall repair, a "Transfer Case Control Module" download.

    All is good so far. :shades: Let's hope my 2nd compressor lives a long life...
  • adaraadara Posts: 5
    I checked the exhaust pipes, at their lowest point they are indeed just a little lower than the chassis, maybe 1/2 inch or less.
    If you want any details upon the adjustment procedure feel free to ask, I assisted to the whole deal myself.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    It is definately not leaning to the back. The height from the floor to the wheel well arch is 84 mm at all 4 corners. This was a measurement either you mentioned or I saw it elsewhere on another forum.

    I just think that if the minimum ground clearance spec is 9.5 inches in off-road mode that the entire under carriage should be able to clear a 9.49 inch high obstacle. As it is, my exhaust pipes would hit if the obstacle was about 8.5 inches high and yours would hit at about 9 inches or so.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    we were censored - evidently the host didn't like my choice of words and suggested another

    Thanks for checking. I believe my chassis is at the right height and doesn't need adjusting but thanks for the offer of the procedure. If it isn't too involved, maybe you could post it for future reference for everyone.

    My exhaust pipes are a good inch lower than the chassis. I don't know how LR can quote a minimum ground clearance spec then have things lower than that. Maybe the exhaust pipe can be adjusted - I need to crawl under and look more closely at the front end of the pipes. There appears to be room for them to be adjusted up if there is a way.

    Yesterday, after parking in the garage for 10 minutes or so, my truck belched, and the front end lowered about 1/2 inch. I've heard it do this before, but never watched it drop. Maybe it is just relieving excess pressure. Do they all do this?
  • adaraadara Posts: 5
    My car almost always lowers when it makes the "noise". Several users reported this so it's not a fault.
    Are you sure the specified ground clearance is not the one from the pipes down?
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