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Land Rover LR3



  • Now my 2005 LR3 has an apparent wiring fault or shortcircuit, again... the left rear speaker constantly crackles very loudly and the "left rear door open" warning is on (no, it isn't open). If I turn off the light above my head, the warning and crackling stop.

    Car is in the shop - has been for three days and I just got back from the USA to find that Budds have not delivered it back.. so I shall be takiong taxis tomorrow (and for heaven knows how long). Has anyone had similar faults?
  • I just heard from the dealer: it is a short in a junction box under the dash. Took them two days to find and now we await the parts.
  • I mean when I fold that seat down, even just to the first position, the seat belt retracts (as it's supposed to) but won't release when I try to unfold the seat, thereby binding the seat in its folded position. I know it's not supposed to unfold from the completely flat mode, but from the first position the seat belt should release when unfolding. Anyway, I've brought it back to the dealer to get a new mechanism installed...

    You're right there's a lot of space back there. Love this car!
  • I ordered my LR3 with the Tow hitch receiver, and the towing electrics, but looking at it, I can't seem to find where to plug the trailer harness in...

    Also, I don't seem to see anywhere to hook up the towing backup chains to the hitch anywhere (required by law in Ontario)

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Ya, the space is what attracted me to this SUV over all the others... It has way more cargo room than even the full sized Range Rover, or RRS...

    I got mine with the 7-passenger seating, and because of that, I was worried about some of my messier hauls (like landscaping, or some other dirty task) that dirt would get into the cracks between the 3rd row seats, so I got the rubberized cargo tray.. really excellent accessory, but kind of difficult to figure out where to store it when using the 3rd row seats...

  • I now know what it is - roughly.

    - Shortciruit in the fuse box under the dash.

    - To replace this, the fuse box sensor needs replacing too.

    - This fuse box sensor needs to be programmed to my car.

    - The only tool in North America that can do this, is in the USA

    - But the software in this tool has changed, so they cannot use it to program a new fuse box sensor.

    - They therefore have to get one from the UK.

    - I am once again without my LR3 for a week.

    I am not sure why getting a part from the UK takes so long; I offered to pay for Fedex next day delivery but it does not work that way, I am told.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    I have just under 7,500 miles and 9 months of ownership. It has been smooth sailing so far. I'm still averaging about 13.9 mpg on my city/hwy driving.

    I need to read in the service manual but when did you guys have your tires rotated and balanced? Mine seem to be wearing perfectly even.

    Also, is that service covered under the bumper to bumper maintenance warranty?

    Happy Roving! Mark156 :D
  • I think the 15,000 mile service includes a tire rotation. In fact I am sure it does because I remember our service manager complaning that they should do it at 7,500 miles to help fight bad tire wear.
  • I feel for you wrt parts wait rage.

    I had to wait two weeks to pick up my 06 LR3 because the Wood Trim was back ordered - I checked eBay the first time they told me that... confirmed that the partno was the same as my dealer had ordered, and went back and let the dealer know, that I could get it from eBay with next day delivery, so I don't understand why they have problems sourcing parts???

    I guess it's all a part of owning an english car.. maybe that's why we all bond together so well at get-togethers - we've all been through the same wash with these cars...

    On the up side, the truck is fantastic, so when all this is behind you, I'm certain you'll remember why you bought the truck in the first place. Nobody buys a LR unless you love them..

  • dandrews1: The electrics are behind the cover plate just above the receiver, you have to remove a couple turn screws with a large coin. There should be both a 4 pin flat and a 7 pin round on the left side under the cover.
    I really don't recall if that's where the chains hook to also. I haven't towed with mine yet, but I installed the electrics myself so I remember where they go.
    Enjoy your new LR.
  • I like my lr3.. but having had it in the shop for oh, almost two months since I bought it a year and a half ago is wearing thin, I must admit!

    I wouldn't mind if the dealer did not make me drive a Subaru in the mean time...
  • My 05 V6 with 7M miles was broadsided by an out of control suburban last week, trashing the driver's side from front to rear and blowing out the side curtain airbags. I am about to negotiate with the driver's insurance company and wonder if any forum members have had any experience in trying to sell low mileage, late model LR's after $15M or so in body work. I am pushing for them to total it - but how bad do you think I'll get dinged when trying to resell? Carmaxx says 50% discount to NADA after repairs are made. LR dealers say they won't touch the car now.

    BTW, the side curtain airbag saved my head from going through my driver's window, although it did knock me silly. I plan to buy another LR3 after walking away from this wreck.
  • Considering you can by a brand new 2006 V6 LR3 now for about 35,000 dollars I would push them to total it. A V6 LR3 with 7,000 miles and 15,000 dollars worth of body work is totalled.
  • Well, after again reading nothing but "woe onto me" stuff about LR3's I just need to throw in a "what a great vehicle" post...I'm at 18,000 miles after 19 months and have had NO issues, complaints, or problems. Yes, the dealer perfomed two recall "repairs" and did some other things like up-date the computers - but it was nothing that was needed. This has been the absolute best vehicle I've owned (since my 2000 Discovery II) and that includes numerous Toyota's, Mercedes', BMW's, and many others. So, happy Rovering to all and may you someday experience the same bliss as me.
  • mmac1mmac1 Posts: 11
    I had a boss and a friend that were in wrecks caused by someone else. Because the value is now taken out of your car, they sued and won for the difference. Apparently insurance companies are becoming more ready to pay this and there was an article about a year ago in the WSJ. I would ask your insurance company about it and also discuss with an attorney.
  • I was searching for my towing electrics the other day (see my previous post, and I did find them, eventually) when I noticed these strange things hanging from the frame at the rear of my LR3.

    Right above each muffler exhuast, and suspended from the frame, right before it connects with the bumper mount are two large, heavy, swinging cast iron things (one on each side)- I can't for the life of me think of what they are for?

    They swing loosely from front to back, and by my estimation weigh about 25-35 lbs each. They look to be U-Shaped, like a horseshoe, with the long parts dangling down - they are about 4 to 5 inches in diameter, and appear to be made of cast iron or aluminum (I'm leaning towards iron).

    My wife guesses they may be for some kind of aspect monitor that keeps track of how high/low the truck is inclined, but I'm not sure about that... couldn't they have come up with something a bit more elegant than two cast iron weights? I also didn't see any type of electrics going to them to monitor their aspect, but I can't be certain, ans it's pretty tight above the mufflers...

    Any thoughts?

  • They have something to do with resonance prevention so you don't get funky harmonics in the vehicle.
  • Okay... that one certainly wasn't on my list of possible purposes...

    Kind of a low-tech answer to tuning the frame?

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,919
    Tidester may have to refresh my memory, but I think that's called diminution in value (a wrecked car that's been fixed isn't worth as much as one with just normal wear and tear). But the coverage isn't automatic. There's some good info over in the Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents discussion (attorney Bob/Marsha7 hangs out there a lot).
  • I think that at nearly 6000 lbs empty for a mid size SUV, by far the heaviest vehicle in its class, Land Rover decided they needed to add just a bit more weight... :confuse:

    Really I am not sure. I have seen weights like that on many different vehicles to prevent resonance harmonics. I have never seen them as large as they are on the LR3 though.
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