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Land Rover LR3



  • A version of the Range Rover diesel V8 avaliable in Europe will go in the F-150 in 2009. I am pretty sure that means Land Rovers will get that diesel engine as well.

    Diesel in F-150
  • Just looking back through the messages as I haven't been on for a while and read your post concerning Miramar Land Rover (are you guys reading this??) and thought I'd chip in.

    I believe I've had a very similar experience in that I too had to drive up to Mission Viejo LR from San Diego to purchase my '06 LR3 HSE. Bear in mind that I had purchased a new Disco back in '01 from Miramar (unfortunately my sales rep, who was pretty good, stayed with the Porsche side of the house when they divided...Hmmm) but their best offer for me as a prior customer was close to 2K off from a number of other SoCal LR dealers including Mission Viejo. Needless to say I made the drive and experienced the best treatment purchasing a vehicle yet. I saved money, they made thiers, and I will drive to have my LR serviced at the slightest excuse (the Lakers play up in that neighborhood, don't they?)

    By the way,
    -3700 miles
    -paint flaw on tailgate
    -buzzing front speakers (both sides) problem
    -chattering windscreen fascia (at highway speed)
    -ungodly crappy transmission performance (programing, I think) at low speeds

    Other than that, I love it...

  • I have noticed some rattling in the back, near the 3rd row seats (which have always been stowed since I got the car, never used) or tailgate area. I am pretty sure it's the sound of the metal on the seat belt buckles banging up against the sides of the car when I am on bumps or rough pavement. Never had a problem with the speakers. In fact, it's hard to find a car with a better factory sound system than the Harmon Kardon Logic 7 in my LR3 HSE. I absolutely love this stereo! Now, let's talk about these totally crappy Goodyear Wrangler HP's again... I am sorry folks, now I have 6,000 miles on my LR3 and the HP's, and they are by far the worst tires I have ever seen OEM on a car. The noise, vibration, cupping, and shimmy at different speeds is ridiculous. What do you recommend for me putting some heat on the dealer to get these things replaced? I am about to go on my first long journey, I know better tires would make it so much better. No other problems with the car at all. In fact, I am really loving it now that gas is down closer to $2.00 per gallon again...not driving the Prius as much!
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    I have speaker rattling in both front speakers as well - it's not the speakers, but the speaker grilles. I have had it in twice to have them tightened up. Otherwise, the sound system sounds very comparable to the $10,000 competition system I have in my other car. (quality wise, not even close on sheer volume.)

    There's a tech notice about buzzing speakers on the web site.

  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    I would have them take each tire off and see if you haven't had a belt shift inside the tire - you should be able to inspect it visually, and see it.

    I get none of the problems you are describing on my 2006 LR3 HSE and it's tyres. It's one of the smoothest driving vehicles I've ever had - in fact my wife complains about how smooth it is, because when she's passing someone, she can get up to 90-100 mph without even feeling like she is going that fast.

  • adaraadara Posts: 5
    Hi! For the rattles in the boot there are basically 2 sources. One is the shredding of the small rubber joints of the 3rd row seats and the other one is the friction between the tailgate door guides. For more details please check this and this
  • macc24macc24 Posts: 20
    2006 HSE my fog lights will not come on (yes my low beams are on). The rear fogs work just fine. Anyone else had/having this issue? I suspect a faulty switch since I hardly use the fog lights, tried to use them tonight because of the dense fog - guess Murphy might be British.


  • Hi everybody!

    This is my first time posting on this forum :) I have been shopping around for an SUV since May 06. For the last 24 years I have owned only Ford products (2 x Escorts, 1 x Probe GT, 2 x Explorers XLT and 3 x Windstars SELs). Presently my wife has a little Ford Escape XLT and I drive around a 01 Focus SE which I bought used 2 years ago to commute to work. I never had any major problems with any of these cars except for my Probe GT. It had a re-occurfing left tail light assembly fogging problem. After getting it replaced twice on the warranty, Ford's good will ranout. I drilled 4 little holes at the bottom of the assembly with my DREMEL drill and it was the end of that....Coming back to the LR3 I have read all 402 pages of this forum over the past few weeks and overall I retain a positive impression of the LR3 despite the worrisome electrical problems that seem to plague this great SUV. I have also noticed something else. From pages 320 to 402, which coincides with the arrival of the 2006 model, the number of reported major problems appears to gradually decline. Many of the ones I have read refered to 2005 models. I hope this is a clear indication that LR is solving the earlier problems and reliability is on the rise.

    I recently test drove a 2006 LR3 V6 SE7 and simply loved it. I wanted to test drive the V6 to see if it was up to the task and generally it was excpet that I only 2 of the 4 kids in the LR and not much luggage. I will most likely settle for the V8 in the end. I am considering 2 other vehicles: The BMW X5 3.0i 2007 with third row seat and the 2007 Ford Exepedition EB or Limited. With 4 kids I need space and cargo room but two of them are teenagers and will eventulally leave the house ;) so I might not need a vehicle as large as the Expedition.

    I am waiting to test drive the X5 and Expedition before I make up my mind but the LR3 is still the front runner. The only area of concern remains the reliability issue :confuse: I hope the 2007 models will have solved many of the major issues. I can live with small problems, all vehicles have them. I would be interested your thoughts

    Finally does anyone know if changes have been made in terms of both standard and optional equipment for the 07 model?

    Cheers from Ottawa, Canada
    The Great White North
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Hi, everyone. As you've probably noticed, we have been trying to refine the discussions into more narrowly focussed topics. Our objective is twofold. We want to make it easier for people seeking specific information about their vehicles to find it easily and without having to wade through hundreds or thousands of postings.

    To those ends, we will be shutting down the general make/model discussions and work exclusively with specific issues. This requires us to populate the make/model subsections with relevant, interesting and timely topics. Rather than having the hosts simply create boilerplate topics for each make/model, we feel that you, the owner, the make/model enthusiast and the prospective buyer can best judge what those topics should be.

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  • Thanks for the advice about the rattling noises in the back... I am going to check around the 3rd row seats, and tailgate. The rattling is not driving me crazy, as much AS THE TIRES ARE!

    I think I am just going to call the dealership and watch while they take off and inspect the tires...I know at least one or more of them has an issue, I have never had tires that sounded like this, on a car this expensive, or with only 6,000 miles. Or I might take it too Goodyear, get their advice, then take it to the dealer. I think the dealer is avoiding the issue, so they won't have to replace the tire/tires.
  • ssp1ssp1 Posts: 115
    You should temper that reading with a review of other forums for any vehicle. Forums are heavy with issues and you can spot recurring issues. check out other car/suv forums and see the same frequency of horror stories. I dont think the forums are a good place to gauge likelihood rather to learn of pattern problems. people rarely write in and say "everything is great!" 97% of owners are probably not participating or contributing in forums (thats my guess)
  • jobiejobie Posts: 47
    I just went through the tire replacement process - to make a long story short, my dealer acknowledged that my '05 was in production range that had problems with rear alignment which caused uneven wear (I had 18k miles, but the noise got bad at about 10K). LR's program is a 1 for 1 deal, they pay for every one the owner does...but the kicker is that the tires have to be OE (i.e. the terrible Goodyear Wrangler HP's). So my dealer got $299 per tire (same tire is about $255 at Tirerack) - with balancing, taxes total was $750) for 2 tires! Let's just say LR has an unhappy customer right know - a letter to them is due.
    Another interesting note about the various rattling...I never had a problem until the past couple weeks, now I have a rattle coming from both the middle seat area and front passenger door (can't pinpoint the exact place of either rattle, but I'm trying). It takes the slightest bump in the road for both these areas to rattle - very annoying.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    Well, I found my rattle, and it was in the strengest place: the dome light/headliner.

    If I hold the area right in front of the dome light up, then my rattles stop right away.

    I just got mine back from the dealer, where they did some work, and now it's back to normal.

    As for the doors, I had a loose cable behind the speakers. It was causing a rattle, as well as because it was touching the speaker, the speaker would buzz when low notes came through on the radio/cd.

    That's all fixed now too, so my truck is back to 100% quiet.

  • Morocco,

    If you haven't bought it already, go with your gut and get the LR3. The Expedition really isn't in the same class, and the X5 is so much more commonplace.

    I've had my '06 V8 SE for a few months now, and haven't had any reliability issues. No tire noise, no rattling, etc. And I've driven it over 7,000 miles already.

  • Had a couple of clients complete their 15,000 miles or 22,500 mile service recently and no issues with either one.
  • ehnjehnj Posts: 20
    I am negotating with a dealer to lease a LR3 V8 loaner/demo with 6000 miles. It is a 30 mo lease w/ 15k miles per year. I am concerned that the tire wear on the loaner is excessive, but the dealer doesn't want to put new tires on. I think I read somewhere on this forum that I should expect to change tires at about 20K miles. Given that the car already has 6k miles, and I am going to add another 37.5k, I am taking the risk of either having to replace the tires twice within my 30 mo lease period, or turn the vehicle in with little to no tread, in which case I assume I am getting dinged for it.

    Is it a good assumption that tires will need to be replaced at 20k miles? other thoughts?
  • I took my '06 LR3 V8 HSE to Goodyear today, so THEY could check the tires. They did see evidence of 'scalloping', which is most likely causing my aggravating tire noise. They said basically the LR3 just eats these tires up, because of the weight and load demands, they are just not the best suited tire for this vehicle. So, I guess I will have to live with the noise, and get some Scorpion Zeros, or Synchrones, when they are spent.
  • Killerphish

    :shades: Thank you for the advice, I am about 99% decided in favour of the LR3.
  • lr3maybelr3maybe Posts: 134
    My 06 SE V8 was new in April, and now has 5500 miles on it. There is no visible wear on any tire. If your loaner has what you consider excessive wear it was either driven very hard, or with low tire pressure, or it has an alignment issue.
  • That's an awesome story! We have a dealer with the rock course literally down the street and another 2 within a 30 minute drive.

    Have you heard about the new custom mapping feature in the Land Rover navi system? It's all up on the Land Rover website but you can plot your points of interest and generate a picture of it, for example I could enter certain points in and have it resemble the washington monument........pretty cool, let me see a Jeep do that!
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